Setting Up iTunes & an iPod

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Install iTunes on a Windows PC

It’s easy to install iTunes on a Windows PC. You can download iTunes for Windows for free at the Apple Web site.

To install iTunes for Windows, follow these steps: [more…]

Power Your iPod

All iPods require power. Fortunately, each iPod also comes with a battery and a way of charging it (powering it), either directly from your computer or by using a cable and an AC power adapter that works [more…]

How to See if Your iPod or iPhone Has the Latest Software

Your iPod (or iPhone) works best with the latest or newest software installed. iTunes tells you whether your iPod or iPhone contains the newest software. Connect the iPod or iPhone to your computer and [more…]

How to Buy an iTunes Gift Certificate or Monthly Allowance

If you have trouble coming up with gifts, Apple iTunes may be your salvation. You can give the gift of music through Apple iTunes gift certificates, in amounts ranging from [more…]

How to Use a Picture as Wallpaper on Your iPhone

You can grab any photo that you have saved on your iPhone and use it as wallpaper. The iPhone's wallpaper is similar to the wallpaper you would use on your PC; it’s the background picture or photo on which [more…]

How to Synchronize Your iPhone with Your Computer

Synchronizing your iPhone with your computer is a lot like syncing an iPod with your computer. If you’re an iPod user, the process will be a piece of cake. But it’s not too difficult even for those who’ve [more…]

How to Restore Your iPhone

Sometimes, you must restore your iPhone to make it behave. To restore your iPhone, connect it to your computer as though you were about to sync. But when the iPhone appears in the iTunes source list, click [more…]

How to Add Cover Art to iTunes

iTunes displays the cover art for your albums, videos, movies, podcasts, audio books, and TV shows in the Cover Flow browser. Color-display iPods, iPod touch, Apple TV, and the iPhone also display the [more…]

How to Install iTunes on a Windows PC

Although it's designed by Apple, iTunes runs just fine on a Windows PC. To install iTunes on a PC, start at the download page for the free iTunes for Windows software at the [more…]

How to Install or Upgrade iTunes on a Mac

iTunes comes preinstalled on every new Mac that's been sold since 2003. But if you have an older Mac, installing iTunes is easy. To manually install iTunes onto a Mac or manually upgrade the version you [more…]

How to Upgrade the Software for iTunes, an iPod, and an iPhone

The best way to stay updated with the latest version of iTunes and iPod software is to download upgrades over the Internet and install them. Apple updates iTunes and the built-in iPod software regularly [more…]

How to Set Up an iTunes Store Account

iTunes makes buying music and videos easy. But before you can purchase your first song or video, you need to set up an iTunes Store account. Follow these steps to get your Store Account situated: [more…]

How to Assign Equalizer Presets in iTunes

You set equalizer presets to assign them to your iTunes content. Equalizer presets are settings made in advance and saved by name. You can quickly switch settings without having to make changes to each [more…]

How to Adjust Frequencies in iTunes

You adjust frequencies in iTunes using the equalizer. You can adjust frequencies in the iTunes equalizer by clicking and dragging sliders that look like mixing-board faders. The equalizer is shown here [more…]

How to Maintain the Life of Your iPod Battery

There are ways to keep your iPod battery healthy. Most important is a lean diet of topping off your battery whenever it is convenient. Using and recharging 100 percent of battery capacity is called a [more…]

How to Set Up an iPod Touch

After adding power, a new iPod touch comes alive and displays “iPod” and a slider with the word “Configure” or “Set Up.” Follow these steps to set up your device: [more…]

How to Use iTunes to Set Up Any iPod

You can set up any iPod model using iTunes, whether or not you are connected to a Wi-Fi network. With iTunes, you can set up your iPod touch from an iTunes backup and also customize the name of your iPod [more…]

How to Organize iPod Touch Apps into Folders

With the current version of iOS, you can organize your app icons into folders on your Home screens so that you can find them more easily.

The iPod touch comes with three apps already organized into a folder [more…]

How to Set the Time and Date on Your iPod Touch

The iPod touch sets the time and date automatically after you connect it to your computer or the Internet. Other iPod models set the time and date when you set them up on your computer. [more…]

How to Set the Time and Date on Your iPod Nano

If you need to change the time zone, time, or date, you can do that yourself at any time (sorry for the pun). You can even set how the time appears in the status bar at the top of the screen. [more…]

How to Set the Time and Date on Your iPod Classic

Your iPod may already be set to the correct time, date, and time zone, depending on where you bought it (except, of course, the iPod shuffle, which doesn’t offer these features). If not, you can set them [more…]

How to Set Up Mail Accounts on Your iPod Touch

To set up a Mail account on your iPod touch — including an iCloud e-mail account (with contacts, calendars, and bookmarks) or a Microsoft Exchange account — follow these steps: [more…]

How to Get Online with an iPod Touch

Going online means connecting your iPod touch to the Internet using a Wi-Fi network. To surf the web, check e-mail, use the iTunes Store or App Store (or any other app that uses the Internet), or use Location [more…]

How to Set Up an Account at the iTunes Store

Setting up an iTunes account puts you in store for music. After creating an account with a credit card or gift certificate, you can browse and buy music - whole albums or song by song. Opening an iTunes [more…]

How to Set Up Your iPod

Setting up an iPod Shuffle or iPod Nano is easy; iTunes helps after you plug in your USB cable. This video shows you how to set up and listen to music on your Apple iPod. [more…]

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