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Online Features for iTunes, iPod & iPhone

How to Browse and Preview iPod Games at the iTunes Store

The iTunes Store offers colorful games to play on your iPod — all kinds of games, from Mini Golf and Mahjong to the classic Tetris and Cubis 2. You can even play the wildly popular Japanese game Sudoku [more…]

Managing Content with iTunes, iPod & iPhone

Store Music Online with Mac's iTunes Match

You will want all of your music to be available on your Mac. You probably didn't get all your music from iTunes. You may have ripped CDs. You may have purchased music from another online service. And you [more…]

Adding Content with iTunes, iPod & iPhone

7 Cool Things You Can Get through iTunes for Your Mac

iTunes has lots of great stuff for your Mac. It was inevitable that the iTunes Music Store would become just the iTunes Store because, as you know by now, you can purchase a lot more than just music and [more…]

Managing Content with iTunes, iPod & iPhone

Create Manual, Genius, or Smart iTunes '11 Playlists on a Mac

You listen to music on your Mac under a variety of circumstances, such as entertaining at a dinner party, soothing a crying baby, setting a romantic mood, or drowning in your sorrows after a painful breakup [more…]

Understanding iTunes & iPod

Your iPod’s Hold Switch

Your iPod has a Hold switch on the top, near the headphones jack. The hold switch locks the iPod buttons, this preventing the volume from changing (and bursting your eardrums) if you accidentally brush [more…]