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How to Adjust iPhone Settings

Let’s explore the non-app customize-your-iPhone button: Settings. Here you adjust iPhone's numerous settings to suit your style, including date and time, screen brightness, default ringtone, and background [more…]

iPhone Modes: Sleep, Wake, Lock, and Unlocked

You may not want your iPhone turned on all the time. You can certainly turn the phone off, but you can also put it to sleep and keep it locked or unlocked. Here are a few terms regarding your iPhone's [more…]

How to Charge Your iPhone Battery

Like all battery-powered gadgets, your iPhone is useless with an uncharged battery. The good news is that iPhone recharges in less than an hour, and you can charge the battery in several ways. [more…]

Basics of iPhone Status Bar Icons

The status bar runs across the very top of your iPhone in either portrait or landscape view, in apps that support landscape view. Its icons give you information about your cellular and/or wireless network [more…]

How to Tether Your iPhone or Make a Personal Hotspot

When another device uses your iPhone’s Internet connection to connect to the Internet, that's called tethering. Tethering essentially turns your iPhone into a miniature Wi-Fi router that broadcasts a signal [more…]

How to Use AirDrop on Your iPhone

AirDrop creates a connection between your iPhone and one or more iOS devices such as iPhones (5 or later), iPads (fourth generation or Mini), or iPod touches [more…]

9 Finger Movements to Use on an iPhone Touchscreen

Your iPhone's touchscreen is similar to other touchscreens you may have used, such as an ATM or the custom sandwich selector at your local minimarket. You need just a few good moves to make iPhone do all [more…]

How to Activate Your iPhone

Even though your iPhone has lots of other applications besides calling, many of them don't work until you activate your iPhone: You must connect the phone to a cellular network through your cellular service [more…]

How to Print from Your iPhone

The utopian idea of a paperless society may be near, but it hasn't arrived yet. AirPrint enables your iPhone to print directly to an AirPrint-enabled printer. [more…]

How to Use Spotlight Searches on Your iPhone

Spotlight is iPhone’s search feature for finding things stored on your iPhone or on the web. To access Spotlight from any Home screen, flick down from the middle of the screen. Spotlight Search opens on [more…]

How to Enable Restrictions on Your iPhone

If you share your iPhone with another person (or you're a parent or guardian who holds the keys to iPhone's kingdom), you can allow or restrict access to apps and features, or block access to content, [more…]

How to Use Passcode & Fingerprint on your iPhone

You may have set up Touch ID when you set up your iPhone. If not, follow these steps to add your fingerprint or that of someone else, like a child or significant other. [more…]

How to Use Voice Control on Your iPhone

If you have an iPhone 4 or are in an area without adequate Internet service, you can still instruct your iPhone to do simple tasks with Voice Control. Voice Control doesn't work if Siri is turned on; to [more…]

How to Copy SIM Card Contents to an iPhone

Although your iPhone doesn't store information on the SIM card, if you are transferring to iPhone from another cellular phone, you may have contact information on the old SIM card that you want to transfer [more…]

How to Lock the Data on Your Lost iPhone

If you can’t find your iPhone right away by playing a sound, your next step should be to ensure that some other person who finds the phone can’t rummage around in your stuff. You do that by putting your [more…]

How to Delete the Data on Your Lost iPhone

If you lose your iPhone, what are your options? Well, hopefully a good Samaritan has found your phone and will return it. If you can’t get that other person to return your iPhone and it contains sensitive [more…]

How to Configure Parental Controls on Your iPhone

If your children have access to your iPhone, or if they have iPhones of their own, then you might be a bit worried about some of the content they might be exposed to on the web, on YouTube, or in iTunes [more…]

What’s New for Seniors in iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, and iOS 8

Apple’s iPhone gets its features from a combination of hardware and its software operating system. The most current operating system is iOS 8. New features in iPhone 6 and 6 Plus include [more…]

How to Choose the Right iPhone as a Senior

iPhone 6, measuring 4.7" diagonally and 6.9 mm thick, is bigger and thinner than previous iPhones with their 4" screen. iPhone 6 Plus is even bigger at 5.5 [more…]

The iPhone 6 Multi-Touch Screen

The iPhone is a very versatile piece of equipment. You can use several methods for getting around and getting things done in iPhone using its Multi-Touch screen, including the following: [more…]

iPhone 6 Camera Basics

iPhones have front and back-facing cameras. You can use the cameras to take still photos or shoot videos. For now, take a quick look at your camera by tapping the Camera app icon on the Home screen. The [more…]

For Seniors: How to Make iCloud Sync Settings

iCloud is a great advantage when you have an iPhone. It allows you to store lots of information and have a backup of the information on your phone which can be accessed from other devices. Here’s how to [more…]

For Seniors: How to Manage Hearing Settings on Your iPhone 6

You will want to know how to manage the hearing settings on your iPhone. They are simple to use and make using your new phone much easier. Several hearing accessibility settings are simple On/Off settings [more…]

For Seniors: How to Turn On Additional Physical and Motor Settings on Your iPhone 6

You may want to adjust the physical and motor settings on your iPhone to meet your individual needs. Use these On/Off settings in the Accessibility settings to help you deal with how fast you click and [more…]

For Seniors: Focus Learning with iPhone Guided Access

Guided Access is a feature that you can use to limit a user’s access to iPhone to a single app, and even limit access in that app to certain features. This feature is useful in several settings, ranging [more…]


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