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Upgrading Your iPhone: What's New in iOS 7

Apple's flagship iPhone 5s and colorful iPhone 5c come loaded with iOS 7. If you plan to upgrade your iPhone to iOS 7, here are the new features you can expect to find. [more…]

What the iPhone 5 Offers: Phone, Camera, Music, Internet

The iPhone has many best-of-class features, but perhaps its most unusual feature is the lack of a physical keyboard or stylus. Instead, it has a super-high-resolution touchscreen [more…]

iPhone 5's Automated Backups on a Computer or iCloud

Whether you know it or not, your iPhone 5 backs up your settings, app data, and other information on your iPhone whenever you connect to a computer and use iTunes to: [more…]

How to Organize iPhone Icons into Folders

If you have a big appetite for iPhone apps, keep them organized in folders to prevent agita. Finding the single app you want to use among 15 screens of apps is daunting, but Apple felt your pain and added [more…]

What Is iCloud and How Do You Sync It to an iPhone?

Apple's iCloud service is more than just a wireless hard drive in the sky. iCloud is a complete wireless storage and data synchronization solution. In a nutshell, iCloud is designed to store and manage [more…]

Syncing Your Data to Your iPhone 5

You have to tell iTunes what data you want to synchronize between your iPhone 5 and your computer. You start this process by clicking the Info tab, which is to the right of the Summary tab. [more…]

Synchronize Media from Your Computer to Your iPhone 5

When you sync (synchronize) media from your computer to your iPhone 5, you're ensuring that the media that's downloaded (or deleted) on your computer gets copied [more…]

Make Video Calls with FaceTime on Your iPhone 5

Think of all the people who will want to see you, such as an old college roommate living halfway around the world or grandparents living miles away. Using FaceTime is as easy as making a regular call on [more…]

The 5 Views of the iPhone 5 Calendar App

The Calendar app lets you keep on top of your appointments and events (birthdays, anniversaries, and the like). You open it by tapping the Calendar icon on the Home screen. The icon is smart in its own [more…]

AirDrop and Your iPhone 5

AirDrop is a fast, safe, and secure (through encryption) wireless method of sharing photos, videos, contacts, documents, and more with people you are close to physically. You just tap the share icon [more…]

The Outside of Your iPhone 4 and iPhone 5

The iPhone 4 and iPhone 5 are sleek devices with a few buttons, windows, and connectors on the top, sides, and bottom of the device. Here's a brief look at what each of them does. [more…]

iPhone 5's Fingerprint Lock

If you have the iPhone 5s, you should at least try Touch ID, the clever new fingerprint authentication scheme that not only lets you bypass the Lock screen by pressing your thumb or another finger against [more…]

Basics of Bookmarks on Your iPhone

Much like their paper counterparts save your place in a book, electronic bookmarks on your iPhone save your place, or places, on the web — it's a way of easily returning to a website or specific web page [more…]


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