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Using the Nook App for iPhone/iPod touch and iPad

Do you want to buy and read books electronically without having to pay hundreds of extra dollars for an e-reader? Consider downloading the free Nook app for either iPhone/iPod touch or iPad. This creation [more…]

How to Use the iPhone Compass

The iPhone Compass app, available only on the iPhone 3GS and 4, works like a magnetic needle compass. Launch the Compass app by tapping its icon in the Utilities folder on your Home screen, and it shows [more…]

How to Write Notes on Your iPhone with the Notes App

On your iPhone, Notes is an app that creates text notes that you can save or send through e-mail. You can create as many notes as you want on your iPhone and e-mail them to any e-mail account that includes [more…]

How to Find a Public Transportation Route with the iPhone Maps App

If you want to find out how to get somewhere by using public transportation, your iPhone Maps app can help. The Maps app can tell you not only what buses to take, but also how to walk to and from the appropriate [more…]

How to Get Walking Directions with the iPhone Maps App

The iPhone Maps app can help you get from here to there, whether you're walking, driving, or using public transportation. If you're ready to stretch your legs, follow these instructions for finding walking [more…]

How to Track Your Workout with Your iPhone

You can use your iPhone to give yourself workout goals and track your progress. The Nike+ app for the iPhone can help you meet your fitness goals. Apple has teamed with the folks at Nike on a wireless [more…]

How to Use FaceTime with Your iPhone 4S

The promise of video calling has been around since LBJ occupied the White House, and with the introduction of FaceTime on the iPhone 4S, the reality of seeing and being seen as you talk on the phone is [more…]

FaceTime Features on Your iPhone 4S

FaceTime, Apple’s video calling feature, puts your iPhone 4S in a whole different class when it comes to making phone calls. Plus, FaceTime comes with at least two major benefits, [more…]

How to Use the iPhone 4S Voice Recorder

With your new iPhone 4S, Apple includes a built-in digital voice recorder, which is handy for recording lectures, notes to yourself, your spouse snoring — whatever audio you find interesting. [more…]

How to Use the iPhone 4S Reminder App

The Reminders app on the iOS 5 software on your iPhone 4S isn’t just any ordinary to-do list: Reminders on the iPhone can be tagged to your location, and it also works nicely with iCal, Outlook, and iCloud [more…]

How to Activate Siri on Your iPhone 4S

When you first set up the iPhone 4S, you have the option of turning on Siri. If you did so, you’re good to go. If you didn’t, tap Setting→General→Siri and flip the switch so that On is showing. [more…]

The iPhone 4S: What Siri Can Do

The beauty of using Siri on your iPhone 4S is that there’s no designated protocol you must follow when talking to her. Asking, “Will I need an umbrella tomorrow?” [more…]

Dictating to Siri on Your iPhone 4S

In many instances where you’d otherwise use the iPhone 4S touchscreen keyboard, you can now use Siri instead. Instead of typing, tap the microphone icon on the keyboard and speak. Tap Done when you’re [more…]

How to Correct Siri’s Mistakes on Your iPhone 4S

As good as Siri is, she doesn’t get everything right the first time. Fortunately, your iPhone 4S makes it easy to correct her mistakes. The simplest way is to tap the microphone icon and try your query [more…]

How to Make Siri Smarter with Your iPhone 4S

From settings on your iPhone 4S, you can tell Siri which language you want to converse in. Out of the gate, Siri was available in English (United States, United Kingdom, or Australian), French, and German [more…]

How to Download Apps to Your iPhone 4S

Your iPhone 4S gives you a third option for downloading apps. In addition to getting and installing apps on your computer and on your iPhone, you can use the Automatic Downloads feature. After you switch [more…]

How to Download Periodicals to Your iPhone 4S with Newsstand

You can easily download magazines and newspapers to your iPhone 4S with iOS 5’s new Newsstand. Don’t look for periodicals in the iBooks app’s iBookstore. The handy Newsstand icon on your Home screen is [more…]

How to Use GarageBand to Create Free Ringtones for Your iPhone 4S

If you have a Mac, you have Apple’s GarageBand application and with that, you can create free ringtones for your iPhone 4S. iOS 5, the system that runs your iPhone 4S, lets you use ringtones as text tones [more…]

Install the Mobile Bookmarklet with the Pinterest iPhone App

The Pinterest bookmarklet — which is similar to the Pin It button you use on your home computer — allows you to pin something on Pinterest from your iPhone’s Safari browser. Using this bookmarklet is currently [more…]

The Following Tab in the Pinterest iPhone App

In Pinterest's iPhone app, the icon on the far left of the menu on the bottom of the screen is the Following tab. This is the default tab that you see when you launch the app. The Following tab shows you [more…]

The Profile Tab of the Pinterest iPhone App

From the Pinterest iPhone app, you can view your number of followers and the number of people you follow, and you can browse your boards, latest pins, and likes. You can also find instructions for pinning [more…]

Jog Your Memory with Reminders on Your iPhone 5

Reminders on your iPhone 5 act as an old-fashioned to-do list, but with 90 features that pen and paper don’t have. You can share reminders between your Apple devices and your Mac via iCloud, but reminders [more…]

The Basics of the iPhone Notes App

The Notes app on your iPhone creates text notes that you can save or send through e-mail. To create a note, first tap the Notes icon on the Home screen, and then tap the + button in the top-right corner [more…]

How to Add Calendar Entries on Your iPhone 5

As part of the Facebook integration that came as part of iOS 6 on your iPhone 5, any calendar entries on the popular social network can automatically show up in the Calendar app. You will have to visit [more…]

The iPhone Calculator App

Your handy iPhone calculator does just fine for adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing. Numbers and symbols (such as C for clear, and M+ for memory) are large and easy to see. [more…]


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