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How to Use Your Voice to Control Music on Your iPhone

Here’s something cool: You can boss around your music on your iPhone by using nothing but your voice, even if you don’t have an iPhone with Siri. Just press and hold down the Home button [more…]

How to Shop with the iTunes App from Your iPhone

Last but certainly not least, the iTunes app lets you use your iPhone to download, buy, or rent just about anything you can download, buy, or rent with the iTunes application on your Mac or PC, including [more…]

How to Take Photos with Your iPhone

As with many apps on the iPhone, you find the Camera app icon on the Home screen. Unless you moved things around, the Camera app is positioned on the upper row of icons, all the way to the right and adjacent [more…]

Stream Music, Photos, and Video with AirPlay on Your iPhone

AirPlay is a wicked cool bit of technology baked into every copy of iOS (version 4.2 or higher). It allows you to wirelessly stream music, photos, and video to AirPlay-enabled devices such as Apple’s AirPort [more…]

How to Sync Your iPhone and iTunes

Now, you're ready to connect your iPhone to your computer and iTunes. You can set up a daily wireless sync, which is called iTunes Wi-Fi Sync, or you can physically connect your iPhone to your computer [more…]

How to Take Photos with Your iPhone’s iSight Camera

The iSight camera is located on the back of your iPhone. This is a handy feature for those times you want to capture the moment. Here's how to take a photo with it: [more…]

How to Use Panorama on the iPhone Camera

A fun Camera feature on your iPhone is the possibility of taking 240 degree panoramic photos so you can capture the full width, or height, of your subject at hand. This feature comes in handy when you [more…]

How to Create Photo Albums on Your iPhone

You can create albums on your iPhone to make finding and viewing photos easier. You can place photos in an album from Camera Roll as well as from Photo Stream or from Collections, which include the photos [more…]

How to Edit Pictures on Your iPhone

The quality of the photos you take with your iPhone is pretty good, but you may want to edit your photos to make them even better. Here's how to use Photos’ editing options: [more…]

How to Share Pictures with Your iPhone

After you're happy with your photos on your iPhone, you might want to share one or more electronically or as an old-fashioned print. Photos lets you copy, print, and send photos and videos to others by [more…]

How to Upload Batches of Pictures with an iPhone

Sometimes you have more than one photo that you'd like to print or e-mail, or even delete from your iPhone. Photos lets you choose a group of photos and then take the same action for all of them at once [more…]

How to Connect an iPhone to a Monitor or TV

Your iPhone, especially if you have a version with 32 or 64 gigabytes of memory, is a portable video warehouse, and iPhone 5 and later versions have a larger screen and Retina display that make watching [more…]

How to Stream a Video from a Computer to an iPhone

If there's a video stored on iTunes on your computer that you would like to watch on your iPhone, you can access the video with Home Sharing. You have to have iTunes 10.2 or later and both the computer [more…]

How to Use an iPhone’s Voice Control or Siri for Music Playback

Voice Control and Siri are great on an iPhone, especially when used along with the headset for an almost hands-free command center. Remember to speak slowly and clearly. If you find that Voice Control [more…]

How to Watch Videos on an iPhone

After you have a video on your iPhone or as soon as you begin downloading from the iTunes Store, tap Videos on the Home screen, and then tap the button in the Browse Bar for the type of video you want [more…]

How to Take Videos on an iPhone

Watching movies and TV shows on your iPhone is fun, but there's nothing like the satisfaction of making your own video and then watching and sharing it with your people you know. [more…]

How to Create a Custom iTunes Store Menu Bar

Just like the Music app on your iPhone, the iTunes Store also presents you with a series of browse buttons, each one of which represents a section or feature of the mobile version of the iTunes Store. [more…]

For Seniors: How to Set Up Family Sharing on Your iPhone 6

Family Sharing is a new feature on the iPhone 6 that allows as many as six people in your family to share whatever anybody in the group has purchased from the iTunes, iBooks, and App Stores even though [more…]

For Seniors: How to Use iTunes Radio on Your iPhone 6

Among the many options for listening to music on your iPhone 6, you can also listen to the radio. You can also add stations of your favorite music and view your listening history, in case you have trouble [more…]

For Seniors: How to Share iPhone 6 Photos with Mail, Twitter, or Facebook

You can easily share photos stored on your iPhone by sending them as email attachments, via iMessage or MMS (text message), by posting them to Facebook, sharing them via iCloud Photo Sharing or Flickr, [more…]

For Seniors: How to Play Movies or TV Shows on Your iPhone 6 with Videos

When you first open the Videos app on your iPhone 6, you may see relatively blank screens with a note that you don’t own any videos and a link to the iTunes Store. After you’ve purchased TV shows and movies [more…]

How to Set Up Family Sharing on Your iPhone

Your iPhone offers many options for sharing pictures and information with your loved ones. With iOS 8, Apple offers a function within iCloud called Family Sharing, which allows you to: [more…]

How to View Slide Shows on Your iPhone

With its larger Retina display, both iPhone 5 and later models show off your photos beautifully, but earlier iPhones are nothing to sneeze at. You can also connect to a television or monitor to play your [more…]

How to Create a Shared Album on Your iPhone with iCloud Photo Sharing

On your iPhone, you can create an album in iCloud Photo Sharing, choose whom to share it with, and then add or select photos, select the album to put them in, and then share the album. Make sure Photo [more…]

How to Share Photos on Your iPhone with iCloud Photo Sharing

Passing your iPhone around the table from friend to friend isn’t the only way to share photos. iCloud Photo Sharing lets you invite people to view albums you create and keep on iCloud. You create an album [more…]


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