Calling, Texting & E-mailing with an iPhone

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Basic E-Mail Actions to Use on Your iPhone

iPhone has several ways of letting you know you've received a message. If Badge App Icon is turned on in Settings→Notifications→Mail, the Mail icon on the Home screen wears a badge showing the number of [more…]

How to Manage Multiple E-Mails on Your iPhone

When you are on your iPhone, you may want to delete multiple messages, move several from the inbox to another folder, or flag a selection of messages or mark them as unread, all at once. Here's the way [more…]

Basics of E-Mail on Your iPhone

Your iPhone’s Mail app works like most e-mail programs. Terms we're familiar with for printed material delivered to our homes and offices — mail, inbox, carbon copy — are used to describe electronic material [more…]

How to Set Up E-Mail Accounts on an iPhone

You configure your e-mail account directly on your iPhone with a series of taps. Apple has been kind enough to insert the technical stuff needed to access some of the most used e-mail services. For the [more…]

How to Edit Text on Your iPhone

The longer you have your iPhone, chances are the more you'll find yourself using it for written communications that you used to create on a computer: e-mail, notes, to do lists, appointments, status updates [more…]

How to Use Push and Fetch for E-Mail on iPhone

Going to the Mail, Contacts, Calendars screen on your iPhone, you see a button called Fetch New Data. Think of the Mail app as the dog and your incoming e-mail messages as the ball. The mail server throws [more…]

How to Add Photos to Your iPhone Contacts

The first thing you see on the New Contact screen is a field in the upper left corner called Add Photo. This lets you add a photo of the contact and when a call comes in from any of the phone numbers of [more…]

How to Unify Contacts on Your iPhone

When you import or access contacts from different sources on your iPhone, the result could be multiple information records for one contact. Unify a contact by linking multiple records that have the same [more…]

How to Add and Sync Microsoft Exchange Contacts for Your iPhone

You probably want all of your contacts in your new iPhone, but don't want to have to go through the process of creating new contacts in your phone. Don't worry – you can import them! Particularly in a [more…]

Import Google, Yahoo!, AOL, and Outlook Contacts to an iPhone

Apple has made importing your contacts from the most frequently used e-mail service providers simple. By configuring your iPhone to recognize your account from one or more of these providers, you can access [more…]

How to Configure LDAP or CardDAV Contacts Accounts for Your iPhone

With an iPhone, you can import contacts from many sources, including shared information from business and other organization settings. iPhone has a way for you to easily access LDAP and CardDAV accounts [more…]

How to Add Social Network Contacts to an iPhone

Both Twitter and Facebook have been integrated for the iPhone since iOS 6 and Flickr and Vimeo have been added in iOS 7. Instead of opening the profile of each member of your high school class to copy [more…]

How to Access Your Contacts from iCloud on Your iPhone

To transfer your contacts from an old iPhone to a new iPhone simply sign in to your iCloud, Gmail, Yahoo!, or Exchange account on the new iPhone. Your new iPhone accesses anything you already have saved [more…]

How to Add New Contacts to Your iPhone

You will certainly need to add new contacts directly to your iPhone. Fortunately, Apple made this a simple process. Follow these steps to fill in basic information about your contacts: [more…]

iPhone Contact Fields: Phone, E-Mail, URL, Ringtone, and More

With the iPhone, Contacts allows you to add many details in many fields within one person’s contact information. Here are the details of some of the basic fields: [more…]

iPhone Contact Fields: Related Name, Social Profiles, Notes, and Custom Fields

The iPhone's Contacts allows you to include all sorts of details about any person in your phone book, from their relationship to you, job title, or social media addresses. Here are some details of the [more…]

How to Automatically Dial Extensions or Menu Options on Your iPhone

If you’re using your iPhone to call a family member or friend at work, or if you’re phoning a particular department or person in a company, chances are you have to dial an extension after the main number [more…]

How to Place Mac Calls on Your iPhone with the Handoff Feature

The Handoff feature in iOS 8 means that you can use your Mac to place a phone call using your iPhone. For this to work, your Mac must be running OS X Yosemite, your iPhone must be running iOS 8, both machines [more…]

How to Disable Call Waiting on Your iPhone

Your iPhone is incredibly smart. It can do all kinds of wonderful tasks simultaneously. For example, you probably already know that it will alert you if you have a call coming in while you are already [more…]

How to Temporarily Disable an Email Account on Your iPhone

The Mail app on your iPhone checks for new messages at a regular interval. If you have several accounts configured in Mail, this incessant checking can put quite a strain on your iPhone battery. To ease [more…]

How to Fix Outgoing Email Problems on Your iPhone by Using a Different Server Port

Having problems with email on your iPhone? For security reasons, some Internet service providers (ISPs) insist that all their customers’ outgoing mail must be routed through the ISP’s Simple Mail Transport [more…]

How to Prevent Mail on Your iPhone from Organizing Messages by Thread

In your iPhone’s Mail app, your messages get grouped by thread, which means the original message and all the replies you’ve received are grouped together in the account’s Inbox folder. This is usually [more…]

For Seniors: How to Return a Recent Call on Your iPhone 6

A notification pops up on your iPhone to tell you that someone has called you recently. There is no need to go scrolling through your contacts. You can simply return the recent call by following these [more…]

For Seniors: How to Use the iPhone’s Do Not Disturb Function

Do Not Disturb is a feature that has iPhone silence incoming calls when iPhone is locked, displaying only a moon-shaped icon to let you know that a call is coming in. [more…]

For Seniors: How to Designate Related People in iPhone 6 Contacts

With iOS 8, you can quickly designate relationships in a contact record if those people are saved to Contacts. One great use for this feature is using Siri to simply say “Call Manager” to call someone [more…]


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