Calling, Texting & E-mailing with an iPhone

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How to Transfer PDFs to an iPhone

Although it isn't obvious, you can read PDFs on your Apple iPhone. Of course, you first have to learn how to copy your personal PDFs to the iPhone from your computer. Luckily, it only takes a few easy [more…]

How to Accept and Reject Calls on Your iPhone 4S

When someone calls you on your iPhone 4S, you can choose to take the call or choose not to take it and send the caller directly to voicemail.

You have three options for accepting a call: [more…]

How to Make a Call with Your iPhone 4S

With everything else you can do with your iPhone 4S, you may forget that you can actually make calls. To call someone, start by tapping the Phone icon on the Home screen. Choose your method by tapping [more…]

Using the iPhone 4S Visual Voicemail Feature

Hate waiting through voicemail after voicemail before getting to the message you really want to hear? Well, the iPhone 4S’s clever visual voicemail presents a list of your voicemail messages in the order [more…]

How to Set Up E-mail on Your iPhone 4S

First things first: To use Mail on your iPhone 4S, you need an e-mail address. If you don’t have an e-mail account yet, you can sign up for a free one from [more…]

How to Send Text Messages on Your iPhone 5

Without the ability to text, you can bet that so-called smartphone would be an instant failure in today's market. On your iPhone 5, you have the option to either send a standard SMS/MMS message [more…]

How Your iPhone Alerts You About Messages

Your iPhone can alert you to new messages with an audio alert, an on-screen alert, neither, or both. If you want to hear a sound when a message arrives, go to the Home screen and tap Settings→Sounds→Text [more…]

Nine Smart iPhone Messaging Tricks

The Messages app on your iPhone lets you exchange short text messages with any cell phone that supports the SMS protocol. You can also send and receive MMS messages, which means you can exchange pictures [more…]

How to Set Up Corporate E-mail on Your iPhone

The iPhone is friendly for business users, in large measure because it makes nice with the Microsoft Exchange servers that are a staple in large enterprises. [more…]

How to Set Up E-mail Accounts on Your iPhone

To use the Mail app on your iPhone, you need an e-mail address. If you have broadband Internet access (that is, a cable modem, FiOS, or DSL), you probably received one or more e-mail addresses when you [more…]

How to Get Messages on Your iPhone

To get your mail messages on your iPhone, tap the Mail icon to summon the Mailboxes screen. At the top of the Inboxes section is the All Inboxes inbox, which as its name suggests is a repository for all [more…]

How to Manage Messages on Your iPhone

When a message is on your iPhone screen, you can do many tasks in addition to reading it. Check out the figure for the location of the controls. [more…]

How Threaded Messages Work on Your iPhone

Apple lets you thread messages on your iPhone, or have Mail automatically group related missives. The beauty of this arrangement is that you can easily trace back an e-mail conversation. [more…]

How to Send an All-Text Message from Your iPhone

To compose a new e-mail message on your iPhone, tap Mail on the Home screen to open the Mailboxes screen or whichever screen was up when you last left the app. To create a new message, follow these steps [more…]

How to Send Photos with Text Messages from Your iPhone

When a picture is worth a thousand words, you need to know how to send an e-mail message with a photo enclosed from your iPhone.

Apple made this process simpler with the iOS 6 upgrade. After addressing [more…]

Customize Your Settings for Sending E-mail from Your iPhone

You can customize the mail you send and receive on your iPhone in lots of ways. Here, you explore settings for sending e-mail. Start by tapping Settings on the Home screen. [more…]

Settings That Affect Checking and Viewing E-mail on Your iPhone

Several settings affect the way you check and view e-mail on your iPhone. You might want to modify one or more, so here are descriptions of what they do and where to find them: [more…]

How to Alter E-mail Account Settings on Your iPhone

You can change several settings for your e-mail accounts on your iPhone. You may never need to make adjustments to any of these settings, but better to know how if you need to: [more…]

Create iPhone Ringtones for Free in GarageBand

The capability to create free iPhone ringtones with Apple’s GarageBand application (which is bundled with every Mac) is relatively easy. Start by launching GarageBand on your Mac and creating a new iPhone [more…]

How to Make Dual and Conference Calls on Your iPhone

While you're engaged in an active call on your iPhone, you can make a second call, or you can answer an incoming call. If you have a GSM (Global System for Mobile)-model iPhone, you can also initiate a [more…]

Basics of iPhone Voicemail

For the times when you can't respond to a call on your iPhone, voicemail is a great way for your caller to let you know what she wants so you can respond when it's convenient for you. This article helps [more…]

Talking on Your iPhone: How to Use FaceTime

With iOS 7, FaceTime got its own app button on the Home screen of the iPhone along with the capability to make audio-only calls as well as video calls. [more…]

How to Change Message Settings on Your iPhone

By now, you're probably familiar with the Settings app on your iPhone. It's where you turn the features for the other iPhone apps on or off. The settings for Messages let you personalize the way iPhone [more…]

Basics of Multimedia Messages on Your iPhone

You can take stunning photos and video with your iPhone, but what fun is it to keep them to yourself? MMS is a quick way to share your artistic expression and memories with the folks you know. [more…]

How to Add VIP Status to an iPhone E-Mail Contact

If you send and receive a lot of e-mail on your iPhone, there may be communications with Very Important Persons that you don't want to get lost in the electronic slush pile. Mail lets you identify people [more…]


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