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Using the iPhone 4S Visual Voicemail Feature

Hate waiting through voicemail after voicemail before getting to the message you really want to hear? Well, the iPhone 4S’s clever visual voicemail presents a list of your voicemail messages in the order [more…]

How to Use FaceTime with Your iPhone 4S

The promise of video calling has been around since LBJ occupied the White House, and with the introduction of FaceTime on the iPhone 4S, the reality of seeing and being seen as you talk on the phone is [more…]

FaceTime Features on Your iPhone 4S

FaceTime, Apple’s video calling feature, puts your iPhone 4S in a whole different class when it comes to making phone calls. Plus, FaceTime comes with at least two major benefits, [more…]

iCloud Basics for Your iPhone 4S

Apple’s iCloud service, which comes free with your iPhone 4S, is more than just a wireless hard drive in the sky. Rather, iCloud is a complete wireless storage and data synchronization solution. In a nutshell [more…]

How to Sync Your iPhone 4S with Your Computer

To sync your iPhone 4S with your computer, you use either the included dock connector–to–USB cable or connect wirelessly over Wi-Fi. However, if you want to sync wirelessly, you’ll still have to connect [more…]

How to Sync Address Book Contacts with Your iPhone 4S

The Sync Address Book Contacts section of the Info pane of your iPhone 4S determines how synchronization is handled for your contacts. One method is to synchronize all your contacts, as shown in the following [more…]

How to Sync E-mail Accounts with Your iPhone 4S

You can sync account settings for your e-mail accounts in the Sync Mail Accounts section of the Info pane of your iPhone 4S. You can synchronize all your e-mail accounts [more…]

How to Sync Music, Movies, TV Shows, and Ringtones with Your iPhone 4S

Your iPhone 4S has a variety of panes you use to specify the media that you want to copy from your computer to your iPhone. To view any of these panes, make sure that your iPhone is still selected in the [more…]

How to Sync Podcasts, E-books, and iTunes U Content with Your iPhone 4S

With your iPhone 4S, you can sync podcasts, educational content from iTunes U, and two types of books — e-books for reading and audiobooks for listening: [more…]

How to Sync Photos with Your iPhone 4S

Syncing photos to your iPhone 4S is a little different from syncing other media because your iPhone has a built-in camera — two cameras, actually — and you may want to copy pictures or videos you take [more…]

Cellular Carriers for Your iPhone 4S

AT&T, Verizon Wireless, Sprint, and most recently C Spire have started selling versions of the iPhone 4S. Sprint and C Spire offer unlimited data plans starting at around [more…]

How to Use the iPhone 4S Voice Recorder

With your new iPhone 4S, Apple includes a built-in digital voice recorder, which is handy for recording lectures, notes to yourself, your spouse snoring — whatever audio you find interesting. [more…]

How to Use the iPhone 4S Reminder App

The Reminders app on the iOS 5 software on your iPhone 4S isn’t just any ordinary to-do list: Reminders on the iPhone can be tagged to your location, and it also works nicely with iCal, Outlook, and iCloud [more…]

How to Activate Siri on Your iPhone 4S

When you first set up the iPhone 4S, you have the option of turning on Siri. If you did so, you’re good to go. If you didn’t, tap Setting→General→Siri and flip the switch so that On is showing. [more…]

The iPhone 4S: What Siri Can Do

The beauty of using Siri on your iPhone 4S is that there’s no designated protocol you must follow when talking to her. Asking, “Will I need an umbrella tomorrow?” [more…]

Dictating to Siri on Your iPhone 4S

In many instances where you’d otherwise use the iPhone 4S touchscreen keyboard, you can now use Siri instead. Instead of typing, tap the microphone icon on the keyboard and speak. Tap Done when you’re [more…]

How to Correct Siri’s Mistakes on Your iPhone 4S

As good as Siri is, she doesn’t get everything right the first time. Fortunately, your iPhone 4S makes it easy to correct her mistakes. The simplest way is to tap the microphone icon and try your query [more…]

How to Make Siri Smarter with Your iPhone 4S

From settings on your iPhone 4S, you can tell Siri which language you want to converse in. Out of the gate, Siri was available in English (United States, United Kingdom, or Australian), French, and German [more…]

How to Search the Web with Your iPhone 4S

Searching the web with your iPhone 4S usually involves accessing a search engine, the most commonly used being Google, Yahoo!, and Microsoft Bing. Although you can certainly use the virtual keyboard to [more…]

How to Set Up E-mail on Your iPhone 4S

First things first: To use Mail on your iPhone 4S, you need an e-mail address. If you don’t have an e-mail account yet, you can sign up for a free one from [more…]

How to Download Apps to Your iPhone 4S

Your iPhone 4S gives you a third option for downloading apps. In addition to getting and installing apps on your computer and on your iPhone, you can use the Automatic Downloads feature. After you switch [more…]

How to Download Periodicals to Your iPhone 4S with Newsstand

You can easily download magazines and newspapers to your iPhone 4S with iOS 5’s new Newsstand. Don’t look for periodicals in the iBooks app’s iBookstore. The handy Newsstand icon on your Home screen is [more…]

How to Create a Safari Home Page on Your iPhone 4S

You may have noticed that there’s no home page website on the iPhone 4S version of Safari. Instead, when you tap the Safari icon, you return to the last site you visited. However, if you want a home page [more…]

How to Use GarageBand to Create Free Ringtones for Your iPhone 4S

If you have a Mac, you have Apple’s GarageBand application and with that, you can create free ringtones for your iPhone 4S. iOS 5, the system that runs your iPhone 4S, lets you use ringtones as text tones [more…]

How to Activate Your iPhone 4S

Instead of activating your iPhone 4S all alone in your own home, as original iPhone owners did, you’re now supposed to activate the iPhone where you bought the thing, just as you do with other cell phones [more…]

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