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How to Find a Song on Your iPhone by Artist

In your iPhone's iPod app, you can find and play a song ordered by artist name. The iPhone allows you to search for an artist or browse to their listings by first letter of the artist's or band's name. [more…]

When to Use Subclassing in iPhone and iPad Game Development

Subclassing is one of the mechanisms you use to customize behaviors while you develop your iPhone or iPad game. Subclassing involves the following two stages: [more…]

Using Block Objects in iPhone and iPad Game Development

Blocks are an extension of the C language and are fully supported by Objective-C, the underlying programming language for all things Mac. In the new iOS 4, blocks are used more and more instead of [more…]

Building a Game Loop in iPhone and iPad Game Development

A game loop gets your code to update the game world on your iPhone or iPad many times a second — fast enough to make it look like fluid motion to the player. [more…]

iPhone and iPad Game Development For Dummies Cheat Sheet

iPad and iPhone game programming requires several special elements. These essential steps give your program the action and interactivity that today's gamers demand, regardless of the platform where they [more…]

How to Use Your iPhone's Accessibility Features

iPhone's Accessibility tools (available on the 3GS and 4 only) are targeted at people with certain disabilities. If you are hearing or visually impaired, the iPhone offers solutions so that you can easily [more…]

How to Find a Lost iPhone

The Find My iPhone feature is pretty darn cool. If you inadvertently leave your iPhone in a taxi or restaurant, Find My iPhone may just help you retrieve it. The feature requires a MobileMe subscription [more…]

How to Track Your Workout with Your iPhone

You can use your iPhone to give yourself workout goals and track your progress. The Nike+ app for the iPhone can help you meet your fitness goals. Apple has teamed with the folks at Nike on a wireless [more…]

How to Remove Content from Your iPhone

If you're having problems with your iPhone and haven't been able to fix them by turning the iPhone off and back on, you can try removing some or all of your data to see whether it's the cause of your troubles [more…]

How to Specify Keyboard Settings on Your iPhone

You can customize your iPhone keyboard settings to suit yourself. By accessing the iPhone's Keyboard Settings screen (tap Settings→General→Keyboard), you can adjust a variety of settings related to how [more…]

How to Shoot and Edit Video on Your iPhone

The iPhone 3GS was the first iPhone to let you shoot video, and then the iPhone 4 joined the video party. When you shoot video on a 3GS or 4 iPhone, you can capture it in portrait or landscape mode: [more…]

What You Need to Know before You Buy an iPhone

When you purchase the iPhone 4, you're supposed to activate that new iPhone in the Apple, AT&T Wireless, Best Buy, RadioShack, or Wal-Mart store where you buy the thing, just like you do with other cell [more…]

How to Sync Your iPhone with Your Computer

Synchronizing your iPhone with your computer is a lot like syncing an iPod with your computer. But even if you’ve never used an iPod or iTunes, syncing your iPhone with your computer isn’t difficult. [more…]

How to Share (Or Block) YouTube Videos on Your iPhone

You can put your iPhone's color screen to good use by watching YouTube videos on it and, even better, sharing those YouTube videos while you're watching them. Your iPhone makes it easy. While you're watching [more…]

How to Transfer PDFs to an iPhone

Although it isn't obvious, you can read PDFs on your Apple iPhone. Of course, you first have to learn how to copy your personal PDFs to the iPhone from your computer. Luckily, it only takes a few easy [more…]

Tapping, Flicking, Pinching, and Dragging on Your iPhone 4S

Rice Krispies has Snap! Crackle! Pop! Apple’s response for the iPhone 4S is Tap! Flick! Pinch! And, oh yeah, add Drag! Fortunately, tapping, flicking, pinching, and dragging are not challenging gestures [more…]

Virtual Keyboards and the iPhone 4S Multitouch Interface

Like other iPhones, the iPhone 4S dispenses with the physical dialing keypad and more complete QWERTY-style keyboard in favor of a multitouch display. This display is the heart of many things you do on [more…]

The iPhone 4S Special Use Keys

The virtual keyboard of the iPhone 4S contains five keys that don’t actually type a character. Along with using the Shift key to type capital letters, you can press a key to activate Siri and start dictating [more…]

How to Cut, Copy, and Paste on Your iPhone 4S

With the iPhone 4S you finally have the ability to copy and paste text (or images) from one place to another. This right granted to every computer user took awhile to make it to the iPhone, but Apple has [more…]

Multitasking Features of Your iPhone 4S

The software in your iPhone 4S offers a bevy of important features, with the long-overdue multitasking feature arguably the most significant. So, you can play music from a third-party app such as Slacker [more…]

Organizing Your iPhone 4S Apps with Folders

Finding the single app you want to use on your iPhone 4S among apps spread out over 11 screens is a daunting task. But Apple felt your pain, and with iOS 4, the company introduced a handy organization [more…]

Getting Notifications on Your iPhone 4S

When you stop to think about it, a smartphone is smart because of all the things it can communicate. Your iPhone 4S has a Notification Center that gives you an at-a-glance, timely view of everything you [more…]

How to Set Up Your New iPhone 4S

Your iPhone 4S runs iOS 5, which doesn’t requireyou to connect your iPhone to a computer — PC or Mac — running iTunes. However, certain tasks — such as rearranging icons on your Home screens and managing [more…]

How to Accept and Reject Calls on Your iPhone 4S

When someone calls you on your iPhone 4S, you can choose to take the call or choose not to take it and send the caller directly to voicemail.

You have three options for accepting a call: [more…]

How to Make a Call with Your iPhone 4S

With everything else you can do with your iPhone 4S, you may forget that you can actually make calls. To call someone, start by tapping the Phone icon on the Home screen. Choose your method by tapping [more…]

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