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How to Use iPhone Maps' Recents and Contacts Lists

iPhone's Maps app offers tools that can save you from having to type the same locations over and over, including the Recents and Contacts lists. At the bottom of the Bookmarks screen, which appears when [more…]

How to Use the iPhone Maps App to Get Driving Directions

iPhone's Maps app gets where you need to go by providing driving directions and giving you the latest traffic info. You can get route maps and driving directions to any location from any other location [more…]

How to Use the iPhone Maps App to Get Traffic Conditions

iPhone's Maps app gets where you need to go by providing driving directions and giving you the latest traffic info. If traffic is bad, the quickest route might not be the most direct. iPhone's Maps app [more…]

How to Use an iPhone International Keyboard Layouts

Apple continues to expand the iPhone's global reach by supplying international keyboard layouts for more than 50 languages. You can access a keyboard that isn't customized for Americanized English: [more…]

How to Send and Receive MMS Messages on Your iPhone

Your iPhone's Messages app lets you exchange MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service protocol) messages, so you can use your iPhone to exchange pictures, contacts, videos, ringtones, other audio recordings, [more…]

How to Add Calendar Entries from Your iPhone

In plenty of real-world situations, you want to enter appointments to your Calendar on the fly, directly from your iPhone (rather than waiting till you get back to the office and your computer). Adding [more…]

How to Sync Your iPhone Calendar with Microsoft Exchange

If you work for a company that uses Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync, calendar entries and meeting invitations from coworkers can be pushed to your iPhone, showing up on that iPhone's screen moments after [more…]

How to Focus Your iPhone Camera

If you have an iPhone 3GS or 4, you can take advantage of the Tap to Focus camera feature. By using this feature, changing the default focus area is as easy as tapping. [more…]

Using the Nook App for iPhone/iPod touch and iPad

Do you want to buy and read books electronically without having to pay hundreds of extra dollars for an e-reader? Consider downloading the free Nook app for either iPhone/iPod touch or iPad. This creation [more…]

How to Use the iPhone Compass

The iPhone Compass app, available only on the iPhone 3GS and 4, works like a magnetic needle compass. Launch the Compass app by tapping its icon in the Utilities folder on your Home screen, and it shows [more…]

What Your iPhone's Usage Setting Can Tell You

Think of your iPhone's Usage setting as one of the places to go for statistics about how you employ that iPhone. You can access the Usage setting from the Settings screen. [more…]

How to Restart or Reset Your iPhone

Sometimes, you may need to restart your iPhone. And if that doesn't work, you can try resetting it. If your iPhone acts up on you — if it freezes, doesn't wake up from sleep, doesn't do something it used [more…]

How to Reset Settings and Content on Your iPhone

If your iPhone isn't working properly, you can try resetting your iPhone settings, which resets every iPhone setting to its default — the way it was when you took it out of the box. Resetting the iPhone's [more…]

How to Write Notes on Your iPhone with the Notes App

On your iPhone, Notes is an app that creates text notes that you can save or send through e-mail. You can create as many notes as you want on your iPhone and e-mail them to any e-mail account that includes [more…]

How to Access and Clear Your iPhone's Web Browsing History

You may want to revisit a Web site that you failed to bookmark on your iPhone, and Safari on the iPhone provides a Web page history to help you do just that. Safari records the pages you visit and keeps [more…]

How Search the Web on Your iPhone

Although you can use your iPhone's virtual keyboard to type google.com, yahoo.com, or bing.com in the Safari address field, Apple doesn't require that tedious effort. Instead, you tap into Google, Yahoo [more…]

How to Find a Public Transportation Route with the iPhone Maps App

If you want to find out how to get somewhere by using public transportation, your iPhone Maps app can help. The Maps app can tell you not only what buses to take, but also how to walk to and from the appropriate [more…]

How to Get Walking Directions with the iPhone Maps App

The iPhone Maps app can help you get from here to there, whether you're walking, driving, or using public transportation. If you're ready to stretch your legs, follow these instructions for finding walking [more…]

How to Find a Song on Your iPhone by Title

By using your iPhone, with its iPod app, you can find a song by its title and play that song. Tap the Songs icon at the bottom of the iPhone's iPod screen, and a list of songs appears. [more…]

How to Read E-Mail Messages on Your iPhone

After you set up an e-mail account on your iPhone, you can tell when you have unread mail by looking at the Mail icon at the bottom of the iPhone's Home screen. The cumulative number of unread messages [more…]

How to Make a Conference Call with Your iPhone

On an iPhone, you can make conference calls in which you and the people you're speaking to can all hear and be heard. Setting up a conference call might seem like a daunting task, but the iPhone makes [more…]

Speed-Dialing Your Favorites with Your iPhone

On your iPhone, you can keep a list of the people and numbers you dial most often in Favorites. Consider Favorites the iPhone equivalent of speed-dialing. Merely tap the person's name in Favorites, and [more…]

How to Take Pictures with Your iPhone

You can use the Camera app to take pictures with your iPhone. The iPhone Camera app icon appears on the Home screen, and unless you moved things around, it's positioned on the upper row of icons, all the [more…]

How to Use iPod Playlists on Your iPhone

The iPhone has an iPod app that allows you to play music, including any playlists you've created. If you've used playlists on an iPod or iTunes, you know the basic iPhone playlist procedure. [more…]

How to Browse YouTube Videos from Your iPhone

Apple has afforded YouTube its own cherished icon on the iPhone Home screen. Many millions of videos are available on the iPhone — nearly the complete YouTube catalog. So where exactly do YouTubers find [more…]

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