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How to Keep iPhone Documents in iCloud

Documents in the Cloud lets you save documents directly in iCloud and then access them from all your devices, like your iPhone, that have the same app installed, and from your computer either in the app [more…]

How to Sync Your iPhone with Multiple Devices

Technology is constantly changing. The relationship between iPhones and computers is no different. Used to be that you had one computer every two and a half households and the only music you heard through [more…]

How to Sync Your iPhone and iTunes

Now, you're ready to connect your iPhone to your computer and iTunes. You can set up a daily wireless sync, which is called iTunes Wi-Fi Sync, or you can physically connect your iPhone to your computer [more…]

How to Load Your iPhone’s Backup

Sooner or later the backup you created using iCloud or iTunes might come in handy. You may have to erase and reset your iPhone because it's gone haywire or maybe you had to send your iPhone in for repairs [more…]

How to Review Apps with Your iPhone

When you look at new apps for your iPhone you may want to look at reviews. Purchase decisions today are often based more on what someone else has to say about a product than on what the company says about [more…]

How to Reinstall Apps on Your iPhone

Mistakes happen. Computers crash. iPhones fall out of windows of moving cars. The result may be that you accidentally lose an app, could be a favorite game that you purchased or your online banking app [more…]

How to Use iPhone to Check in with Passbook

In the ongoing effort to eliminate paper, you iPhone’s Passbook steps in to provide electronic versions of boarding passes, movie tickets, coupons, and store cards. [more…]

How to Check Your iPhone's Storage Capacity

When you're ready to sync, make sure you have enough room on your iPhone before actually hitting the Sync button. Your iPhone's storage capacity depends on which version of iPhone you have. [more…]

How to Make Calls with Siri on Your iPhone

Both iPhone's Voice Control and Siri (iPhone 4s or later) features are all ears when it comes to using your voice to make your iPhone do things for you — including making phone calls. [more…]

How to Make Dual and Conference Calls on Your iPhone

While you're engaged in an active call on your iPhone, you can make a second call, or you can answer an incoming call. If you have a GSM (Global System for Mobile)-model iPhone, you can also initiate a [more…]

Basics of iPhone Voicemail

For the times when you can't respond to a call on your iPhone, voicemail is a great way for your caller to let you know what she wants so you can respond when it's convenient for you. This article helps [more…]

Talking on Your iPhone: How to Use FaceTime

With iOS 7, FaceTime got its own app button on the Home screen of the iPhone along with the capability to make audio-only calls as well as video calls. [more…]

How to Change Message Settings on Your iPhone

By now, you're probably familiar with the Settings app on your iPhone. It's where you turn the features for the other iPhone apps on or off. The settings for Messages let you personalize the way iPhone [more…]

Basics of Multimedia Messages on Your iPhone

You can take stunning photos and video with your iPhone, but what fun is it to keep them to yourself? MMS is a quick way to share your artistic expression and memories with the folks you know. [more…]

How to Revisit Web History on Your iPhone

Sometimes you want to go back in time to a web page you viewed on your iPhone a few hours ago or even a few days or weeks ago. Thanks to Safari's History feature, you can do just that. [more…]

How to Use AutoFill on Your iPhone

For information about you such as name and address that remains constant, you iPhone’s Safari app’s AutoFill feature automatically fills in common fields with your personal information with a single tap [more…]

Basics of Bookmarks on Your iPhone

Much like their paper counterparts save your place in a book, electronic bookmarks on your iPhone save your place, or places, on the web — it's a way of easily returning to a website or specific web page [more…]

How to Access Websites from the iPhone’s Home Screen

Instead of bookmarking sites you visit frequently, you can have a button on your iPhone’s Home screen that taps in directly to the website or web page. There are two ways to go about this: web apps and [more…]

How to Adjust Basic Internet Settings on Your iPhone

Most people will use their iPhone to access the internet. The app used for that is Safari, which comes with many different features. Here is a complete rundown of Safari's settings and feature options. [more…]

How to Compose E-Mail Messages on the iPhone

iPhone makes e-mailing much more convenient, keeping it at your fingertips even when you’re on the go. To create and send an e-mail message, just follow these steps: [more…]

How to Add VIP Status to an iPhone E-Mail Contact

If you send and receive a lot of e-mail on your iPhone, there may be communications with Very Important Persons that you don't want to get lost in the electronic slush pile. Mail lets you identify people [more…]

Basic E-Mail Actions to Use on Your iPhone

iPhone has several ways of letting you know you've received a message. If Badge App Icon is turned on in Settings→Notifications→Mail, the Mail icon on the Home screen wears a badge showing the number of [more…]

How to Manage Multiple E-Mails on Your iPhone

When you are on your iPhone, you may want to delete multiple messages, move several from the inbox to another folder, or flag a selection of messages or mark them as unread, all at once. Here's the way [more…]

Basics of E-Mail on Your iPhone

Your iPhone’s Mail app works like most e-mail programs. Terms we're familiar with for printed material delivered to our homes and offices — mail, inbox, carbon copy — are used to describe electronic material [more…]

How to Set Up E-Mail Accounts on an iPhone

You configure your e-mail account directly on your iPhone with a series of taps. Apple has been kind enough to insert the technical stuff needed to access some of the most used e-mail services. For the [more…]

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