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How to Send Photos with Text Messages from Your iPhone

When a picture is worth a thousand words, you need to know how to send an e-mail message with a photo enclosed from your iPhone.

Apple made this process simpler with the iOS 6 upgrade. After addressing [more…]

Customize Your Settings for Sending E-mail from Your iPhone

You can customize the mail you send and receive on your iPhone in lots of ways. Here, you explore settings for sending e-mail. Start by tapping Settings on the Home screen. [more…]

Settings That Affect Checking and Viewing E-mail on Your iPhone

Several settings affect the way you check and view e-mail on your iPhone. You might want to modify one or more, so here are descriptions of what they do and where to find them: [more…]

How to Alter E-mail Account Settings on Your iPhone

You can change several settings for your e-mail accounts on your iPhone. You may never need to make adjustments to any of these settings, but better to know how if you need to: [more…]

How to Find Songs by Artist on Your iPhone

You can find and play a song ordered by artist name rather than by playlist on your iPhone. Tap the Artists icon at the bottom of the screen and an alphabetical list of artists appears. [more…]

The iPhone Music App's Cover Flow Feature

Finding tracks on your iPhone by playlist, artist, or song is cool, but finding them with Cover Flow is even cooler. Cover Flow lets you browse your music collection by its album artwork. To use Cover [more…]

Music App Controls on Your iPhone

When you’re listening to music on your iPhone, the controls you see are different depending on which way you hold your iPhone. When you hold your iPhone vertically, you see controls that don’t appear when [more…]

Customize Your iPhone as an iPod

You can change a few preference settings on your iPhone to customize your iPhone-as-an-iPod experience. You can play all songs at the same volume level, equalize the sound, or even set a volume limit. [more…]

How to Create a Playlist on Your iPhone

Of course you can make playlists in iTunes and sync them with your iPhone, but you can also create playlists on your iPhone when you’re out and about. Here’s how: [more…]

How to Set a Sleep Timer on Your iPhone

If you like to fall asleep with music playing but don’t want to leave your iPhone playing music all night long, you can turn on its sleep timer.

Here’s how: [more…]

How to Use Your Voice to Control Music on Your iPhone

Here’s something cool: You can boss around your music on your iPhone by using nothing but your voice, even if you don’t have an iPhone with Siri. Just press and hold down the Home button [more…]

How to Shop with the iTunes App from Your iPhone

Last but certainly not least, the iTunes app lets you use your iPhone to download, buy, or rent just about anything you can download, buy, or rent with the iTunes application on your Mac or PC, including [more…]

How to Take Photos with Your iPhone

As with many apps on the iPhone, you find the Camera app icon on the Home screen. Unless you moved things around, the Camera app is positioned on the upper row of icons, all the way to the right and adjacent [more…]

How to Bookmark Web Pages in Safari on Your iPhone

It’s simple to bookmark a web page directly on the iPhone. You already know how useful bookmarks are and how you can synchronize bookmarks from the browsers on your computer. [more…]

Stream Music, Photos, and Video with AirPlay on Your iPhone

AirPlay is a wicked cool bit of technology baked into every copy of iOS (version 4.2 or higher). It allows you to wirelessly stream music, photos, and video to AirPlay-enabled devices such as Apple’s AirPort [more…]

Get to Know the Icons on the iPhone Status Bar

The iPhone status bar, which is at the top of every Home screen and displayed by many (if not most) apps, displays tiny icons that provide a variety of information about the current state of your iPhone [more…]

How to Use Your iPhone to Find Apps

Finding apps with your iPhone is almost as easy as finding them by using iTunes. The only requirement is that you have an Internet connection of some sort — Wi-Fi or wireless data network — to browse, [more…]

The New Maps App for iPhone 5

Unlike the old Maps apps for your iPhone, the Maps app in iOS 6 doesn’t offer information about traveling via public transportation, though it seems likely this feature will be added sometime in the future [more…]

Features of the iPhone Maps App

The iPhone Maps app offers some really cool features and capabilities. With the Maps app, you can find your current location; find a person, place, or thing; check out places from four different views; [more…]

Timesaving iPhone Map Tools: Bookmarks, Recents, and Contacts

The Maps app on your iPhone offers three tools that can save you from having to type the same locations over and over. All three are in the Bookmarks screen, which appears when you tap the little gray [more…]

Smart Tricks of the iPhone Maps App

The Maps app on your iPhone has lots of tricks up its sleeve, including a few nifty features you may find useful. With Maps, you can get more than directions to your destination. [more…]

The iPhone Compass App

The Compass app on your iPhone works like a magnetic needle compass. Launch the Compass app by tapping its icon in the Utilities folder on the second Home screen. You see the direction you’re facing. [more…]

Take Stock with the iPhone Stocks App

Stocks is another Internet-enabled app on your iPhone. It’s kind of a one-trick pony, but if you need its trick — information about specific stocks — it’s a winner. [more…]

The iPhone Weather App

Weather is a simple app on your iPhone that provides you with the current weather forecast for the city or cities of your choice. By default, you see a five-day forecast at the bottom of the screen with [more…]

Your iPhone's Settings Menu Options

When you first open Settings on your iPhone, you see the scrollable list. In all but airplane mode (at the top of the list), a greater-than symbol (>) appears to the right of each listing. This symbol [more…]

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