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For Seniors: Twitter on Your iPhone 4S

You can use Twitter on you iPhone 4S. Twitter is a social networking service for microblogging, which involves posting very short messages (limited to 140 characters) online so your friends can see what [more…]

For Seniors: Set Up an iMessage Account on Your iPhone 4S

iMessage is a feature of the iPhone 4S available through the preinstalled Messages app for instant messaging (IM). IM involves sending a text message to somebody’s iPhone [more…]

For Seniors: How to Use iMessage on Your iPhone 4S

You can use iMessage on your iPhone 4S to address, create, and send messages. You also need to know how to clear the conversation afterwards to reduce clutter. To use iMessage on your iPhone 4S, you first [more…]

For Seniors: Connect to the Internet on Your iPhone 4S

Getting on the Internet with your iPhone 4S is easy, using its Wi-Fi or 3G capabilities. How you connect to the Internet depends on what connections are available: [more…]

For Seniors: Safari on the iPhone 4S

Your iPhone 4S's built-in browser, Safari, is your ticket to a wide world of information, entertainment, education, and more. Safari will look familiar to you if you’ve used it on a PC or Mac device before [more…]

For Seniors: Navigate among Web Pages on Your iPhone 4S

You can go online with your iPhone 4S and navigate among web pages. You use the built-in browser, Safari, to go from page to page. Here's how: [more…]

For Seniors: How to Use Multi-Page Browsing on Your iPhone 4S

Multi-page browsing is a feature of your iPhone 4S that allows you to have several websites open at once so you can move easily among those sites. You also can view your browsing history. [more…]

For Seniors: How to Search the Web on iPhone 4S

You can search the web with the built-in browser, Safari, on your iPhone 4S. If you don’t know the address of a site (or you want to research a topic or find other information online), get acquainted with [more…]

For Seniors: Add and Use Bookmarks on Your iPhone 4S

When you're searching the web on your iPhone 4S with the Safari browser, you can use bookmarks just like using a browser on your PC. Bookmarks are a way to save favorite sites so you can easily visit them [more…]

For Seniors: The Safari Reading List on Your iPhone 4S

The Safari Reading List, available on your iPhone 4S browser, provides a way to save websites that contain content you want to read at a later time so you can easily visit them again. [more…]

For Seniors: Private Browsing and Cookie Settings on Your iPhone 4S

Apple has provided some privacy settings for Safari on your iPhone 4S that you should consider using — Private Browsing and Accept Cookies. Private Browsing automatically removes items from the download [more…]

For Seniors: Print a Web Page from Your iPhone 4S

You can print web content from your iPhone 4S if you have a wireless printer that supports Apple’s AirPrint technology (Hewlett-Packard is the only manufacturer that makes these at present). You can print [more…]

For Seniors: Add an E-Mail Account to Your iPhone 4S

You can add an iCloud, Gmail, Yahoo!, AOL, or Windows Live Hotmail account to your iPhone 4S. You can add one or more e-mail accounts, including the e-mail account associated with your iCloud account, [more…]

For Seniors: Set Up a POP3 E-mail Account on Your iPhone 4S

You can set up most popular e-mail accounts on your iPhone 4S, such as those available through Earthlink or a cable provider’s service, by obtaining the host name from the provider. To set up an existing [more…]

For Seniors: Open Mail and Read Messages on Your iPhone 4S

You can use any e-mail or messaging program, including iCloud, Gmail, Yahoo!, AOL, or Windows Live Hotmail, from your iPhone 4S to open and read messages. [more…]

For Seniors: Reply to or Forward E-mail from Your iPhone 4S

You can use the Mail app supplied with your iPhone 4S to reply to and forward messages from the Mail account or by signing in to your e-mail account using the Safari browser. [more…]

For Seniors: Create and Send New Messages from Your iPhone 4S

You can accomplish all typical e-mail functions including creating and sending new messages from your iPhone 4S by using the Mail app that comes installed in your iPhone. [more…]

For Seniors: Format E-Mail Text on Your iPhone 4S

A new feature that comes with iOS 5 on your iPhone 4S is the capability to apply formatting to e-mail text. You can use bold, underline, and italic formats, and indent text using the Quote Level feature [more…]

For Seniors: Search E-mail on Your iPhone 4S

On your iPhone 4S, you can use the Mail app’s handy Search feature to find specific e-mails. For example, say you want to find all messages from a certain person or containing a certain word in the Subject [more…]

For Seniors: Delete and Organize E-mail on Your iPhone 4S

On your iPhone 4S, you can delete and organize your e-mail, much as you can on a desktop, by using the Mail app. When you no longer want an e-mail cluttering your Inbox, you can delete it. You can move [more…]

For Seniors: The iTunes App on Your iPhone 4S

The iTunes app that comes preinstalled in your iPhone 4S lets you easily shop for music, movies, TV shows, audiobooks, podcasts, and even online classes at Apple’s iTunes Store. Visiting the iTunes Store [more…]

For Seniors: Find a Selection in the iTunes Store from iPhone 4S

When shopping from your iPhone 4S, you have several ways to look for a selection in the iTunes Store. You can use the Search feature, search by genre or category, or view artists’ pages. Here’s how these [more…]

For Seniors: Preview Music, Video, or Audiobook from iPhone 4S

You might want to use your iPhone 4S to preview a song, video, or audiobook before you buy it from the iTunes Store. Assuming you've already set up an iTunes account, when you choose to buy an item it’s [more…]

For Senior: Use iPhone 4S to Buy from the iTunes Store

You can search the iTunes Store from your iPhone 4S and even preview selections before you buy music, video, or audiobooks. You just have to find what you want and make a selection to purchase. [more…]

For Seniors: Rent Movies from the iTunes Store and Your iTunes 4S

When shopping on your iTunes 4S in the iTunes Store for movies, you can either rent or buy content. If you rent, which is less expensive, you have 30 days from the time you rent the item to begin to watch [more…]


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