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Control Your iPad's Wi-Fi Connections

Wi-Fi is typically the fastest wireless network that you can use to surf the web, send e-mail, and perform other Internet tricks on the iPad. You use the Wi-Fi setting to determine which Wi-Fi networks [more…]

Your iPad and Bluetooth Devices

On the iPad, you can use Bluetooth to communicate wirelessly with a compatible Bluetooth headset or to use an optional wireless keyboard. Such accessories are made by Apple and many others. [more…]

Your iPad's About Setting

The About setting on your iPad is full of trivial (and not-so-trivial) information about the iPad itself. What you find on this screen is straightforward. [more…]

Siri Settings and How to Shut Her Up

Siri, the chatty personal digital assistant who can remind you whether to take an umbrella or clue you in on how the Giants are faring in the NFL, has found her way to the iPad from her original hangout [more…]

Settings That Control How Your iPad Looks and Sounds

The iPad offers several settings that enable you to control what it looks like and sounds like. You can adjust the screen brightness, the wallpaper, and the volume of audio signals easily from the Settings [more…]

Visit the iTunes Store from Your iPad

Using the iTunes Store from your iPad is easy with the preinstalled iTunes Store app. You just tap the iTunes Store app on the Home screen.

Now you can roam around trying different options. You have music [more…]

Find a Music Selection for Your iPad

You can use your iPad to look for a selection in the iTunes Store in several ways. You can use the Search feature, search by genres or categories, or view artists’ pages. Here's how these work: [more…]

Preview Music, a Movie, or an Audiobook on Your iPad

Because you've already set up an iTunes Store account (if you haven't done so yet, do that first!), when you choose to buy an item, it's automatically charged to the credit card or PayPal account you have [more…]

How to Rent Movies on Your iPad

In the case of movies, you can either rent or buy content. If you rent, which is less expensive but makes the content yours for only a short time, you have 30 days from the time you rent the item to begin [more…]

Shop for TV Shows and Movies on Your iPad

One feature that's missing from iPad is support for Flash, a format of video playback that many online video-on-demand services use. Many content stores are hurriedly adding iPad-friendly videos to their [more…]

Enable Autodownloads of Purchases on Your iPad

With iCloud, after you set up an iCloud account, either during the initial setup of your device or through iPad Settings, you can make a purchase or download free content on any of your Apple devices and [more…]

Look over Your iPad's Library of Music

After you have some audio content on your iPad in the form of music, podcasts, or audiobooks, it's organized into collections, and you can find that content by categories such as artist or genre with predefined [more…]

Create Music Playlists on Your iPad

You can easily create your own playlists with the Music app to put tracks from various sources into collections of your choosing. Everybody loves playlists. [more…]

Play Music and Other Audio on the iPad

You have all that music and other audio content to listen to on your iPad, and beyond downloading and organizing your selections, that's what Music is mainly for. You'll find the typical playback tools [more…]

Searching, Shuffling, and Volume on the iPad

You have all that music and other audio content to listen to, and beyond downloading and organizing your selections, that's what Music is mainly for. You'll find the typical playback tools in the Music [more…]

How to Print Photos from Your iPad

iPads (except for the original iPad) come with cameras — two, to be exact. These cameras allow you to capture video and photos. And because one camera is front-facing and the other is rear-facing, you [more…]

Capture Your Own Videos with the iPad's Built-in Cameras

In iPads, two video cameras that can capture video from either the front or rear of the device make it possible for you to take videos that you can then share with others. [more…]

Play around with the iPad's Photo Booth

Photo Booth is a photo-manipulation app that goes hand in hand with the still camera built into the iPad (except for the original iPad) hardware. You can use this app to capture photos using various fun [more…]

How to Make a FaceTime Call with Your iPad

You can make and receive calls with FaceTime using a phone number (iPhone 4/4s/5/5s/5c) or an e-mail account (iPad 2 or later, iPod touch fourth-generation or later, or a Mac running OS X 10.6.6 or later [more…]

How to Share Photos from Your iPad

Part of the fun of taking photos with your iPad is sharing those images with others. It's easy to share photos stored on your iPad by posting them to Facebook, tweeting, sending via iMessage, posting them [more…]

Run a Photo Slideshow from Your iPad

You can use your iPad to run a slideshow of your images in Photos and even play music and choose transition effects for the show. This is a great way to give a presentation to a client on your easy-to-carry [more…]

Import Photos from an iPhone, iPod, or Digital Camera

Your iPad camera and a computer aren't the only sources of photos. You can import photos from a digital camera and photos or videos from your iPhone/iPod touch if you buy the iPad Camera Connection Kit [more…]

Save Photos from the Web to Your iPad

The web offers a wealth of images that you can download to your Photos library on the iPad. The built-in Safari browser makes it simple to save any image you come across to your iPad. [more…]

Access iPad Photos by Years and Location

New with Photos and iOS 7 comes the ability to view your photos in logical categories such as Years and Moments. These so-called smart groupings let you, for example, view all photos taken this year or [more…]

How to Organize Your iBooks Library

Your iBooks Library on iPad looks like a bookshelf with all downloaded books stored on it, with the most recently downloaded title in the top-left corner. You can drag titles around on this bookshelf, [more…]

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