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Setup Virtual Printers for Student iPads Using Printopia

Printopia offers virtual printers that allow students to send iPad content to a folder on a teacher's Mac, Dropbox, or Evernote account. Printopia's virtual printers are great solutions for classroom workflows [more…]

Ten Keys to Successful iPad Implementation in the Classroom

Don't let the rush to get iPads into your classrooms precede the careful planning that’s so crucial to iPad implementation and their success as educational tools. Instead, iPad use needs to be integrated [more…]

Print Student Documents in the Classroom with Epson iPrint

Printing directly from your iPad can be accomplished using Epson iPrint. Employ Epson iPrint to print documents in situations where an AirPrint-enabled printer is not available, and Printopia won't work [more…]

iPad’s Many Features and Functions

The iPad is a combination of a killer audio and video iPod, an e-book reader, a powerful Internet communications device, a superb handheld gaming device, a still and video camera, and a platform for over [more…]

What Do You Need to Use an iPad?

The iPad can operate as a standalone device, or it can work with your computer. To actually use your iPad, only a few simple things are required. Here’s a list of everything you need: [more…]

Comparing Wi-Fi, 4G, LTE, 3G, GPRS, and EDGE for Your iPad

Wireless (that is, cellular) carriers may offer one of three data networks relevant to the iPad as of this writing. For now anyway, only the third-generation and later iPads can take advantage of the speediest [more…]

How to Extend the Life of Your iPad's Battery

Sometimes, it's critical that you know how to extend the life of your iPad's battery. First and foremost: If you use a carrying case, charging the iPad while it’s in that case may generate more heat than [more…]

How to Turn On and Set Up the iPad

Unless your iPad is brand-spanking-new and fresh out of the box, chances are good that you’ve performed the steps that follow. If you choose to use your iPad computer-free, these steps comprise the entire [more…]

How to Lock and Unlock Your iPad

Although the iPad is not a phone, and you're not likely to inadvertently call someone at 2 a.m., you still have sound reasons for locking an iPad: [more…]

Train Your Digits to Work with the iPad's Multitouch Interface

The iPad, like the iPhone, dispenses with a physical mouse and keyboard. The designers of the iPad (and iPhone and iPod touch) removed the usual physical buttons in favor of a [more…]

How to Navigate among the iPad's Screens

The Home screen is not the only screen of icons on your iPad tablet. After you start adding apps from the iTunes App Store, you may see a row of two or more tiny dots just above the main apps you have [more…]

How to Organize Your iPad's Icons into Folders

Finding the single app that you want to use among apps spread out over 15 iPad screens may seem like a daunting task. But Apple felt your pain and added a handy organizational tool: folders. The Folders [more…]

How to Print from Your iPad with AirPrint

Apple didn’t include built-in printer functionality with the original iPad. A variety of third-party apps helped fill the bill to some degree, but still the faithful waited for Apple to come up with a [more…]

How to Back Up Your iPad

Whether you know it or not, your iPad backs up your settings, app data, photos and videos you shoot, and other information on your iPad whenever you connect to a computer and use iTunes to: [more…]

The 4 Sides of Your iPad's Exterior

The iPad is a harmonious combination of hardware and software. Here, you can take a brief look at the hardware — what’s on all four sides. [more…]

10 iPad Hints, Tips, and Shortcuts

After spending some quality time with your iPad, you might be in need of a few helpful hints, tips, and shortcuts. Following are ten of the most useful. [more…]

How to Select, Cut, Copy, and Paste on Your iPad

The iPad, like most computer products before it, enables you to select and then copy and paste from one place to another. You can copy and paste (and cut) with pizzazz. [more…]

Multitasking on the iPad

Multitasking on the iPad was introduced way back in iOS 4, and it has gotten better ever since, most dramatically with the iOS7 upgrade. Through multitasking, you run numerous apps in the background simultaneously [more…]

Search for Content on Your iPad with Spotlight

Searching across the iPad is based on the powerful Spotlight feature familiar to Mac owners. Using the Safari browser on your iPad, you can search the web via the Google, Yahoo!, Bing, or [more…]

Finger-Typing on the iPad's Virtual Keyboards

The virtual keyboards in the iPad's multitouch interface just might be considered a stroke of genius. And (equally) they just might drive you nuts. If you’re patient and trusting, in a week or so, you’ll [more…]

How to Disconnect the iPad from a Computer

When a connected iPad is syncing with your computer, you see the eject icon to the right of its name in the Devices drop-down menu (and in the sidebar, if it’s visible) turn into a sync icon and spin around [more…]

For Seniors: Use a Tablet Touchscreen and Keyboard

You interact with a tablet through its touchscreen and onscreen keyboard. Using a tablet’s touchscreen or onscreen keyboard, you provide input with your finger or a stylus rather than a mouse. [more…]

Your iPad's Restrictions Tools

Parents and bosses may love the iPad's Restrictions tools, but kids and employees usually think otherwise. You can clamp down, er, provide proper parental guidance to your children by preventing them [more…]

Accessibility Features for the Visually Impaired and Autistic on Your iPad

The Accessibility or Universal Access Features tools on your iPad are targeted at helping people with certain disabilities. Following are some of the features that will help the visually impaired and those [more…]

Your iPad's Airplane Mode

Your iPad offers settings to keep you on the good side of air-traffic communications systems. No matter which iPad you have — Wi-Fi only or 3G and 4G — you have Airplane mode. [more…]

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