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The Virtual iPad Keyboard

Instead of a physical keyboard, several “soft” or “virtual” English-language keyboard layouts slide up from the bottom of the iPad screen, all variations on the alphabetical keyboard, the numeric and punctuation [more…]

International Keyboard Layouts for iPad

Apple is expanding the iPad’s reach globally with international keyboard layouts on the iPad for dozens of languages. To access a keyboard that isn’t customized for Americanized English, tap Settings→General→Keyboard→International [more…]

The iPad's Airplane Mode Settings

Your iPad offers settings to keep you on the good side of air-traffic communications systems. However, the settings for the iPad Wi-Fi + 3G and Wi-Fi + 4G models differ from those of the Wi-Fi-only model [more…]

iPad: Control Wi-Fi Connections

Wi-Fi is typically the fastest wireless network that you can use to surf the web and send e-mail on the iPad. You use the Wi-Fi setting to determine which Wi-Fi networks are available to you and which [more…]

Cellular Data Options for Your iPad

Cellular data options are found under Settings→General on your iPad. When you first open Settings on your iPad, you see a display that looks something like this figure, with a scrollable list on the left [more…]

iPad: How to Manage App Notifications

Through Apple’s Push Notification service, app developers can send you alerts related to programs you’ve installed on your iPad. Such alerts are typically in text form but may include sounds as well. [more…]

Wallpaper for Your iPad

Choosing wallpaper is a neat way to dress up the iPad home screen according to your aesthetic preferences. You can sample the pretty patterns and designs that the iPad has already chosen for you as follows [more…]

Sounds Settings on the iPad

Consider the Sounds settings area of your iPad settings — found after you highlight General in the Settings list to the left — the iPad’s soundstage. There, you can turn audio alerts on or off for a variety [more…]

iPad: Usage Settings

The General Settings section of the iPad gives you a lot of information about your device. Here you can find other settings for statistics on iPad usage: [more…]

iPad: Lock Settings

The iPad's General Settings area contains certain locks and restriction settings, including auto-lock, passcode lock, and cover lock. Here’s a closer look at these iPad lock options. [more…]

The iPad's Restrictions Tools and Settings

Parents and bosses may love the iPad's Restrictions tools, but kids and employees usually think otherwise. You can provide proper parental guidance to your children by preventing them at least some of [more…]

The iPad's Date & Time Settings

The iPad allows you to choose date and time settings. In some places, the time is reported as 11:32 p.m. (or whatever time it happens to be). But in some circles, it’s reported as 23:32. If you prefer [more…]

The iPad's Keyboard Settings

These Keyboard settings are found under the iPad's General settings area, and can help you with capitalization, auto-correction, spelling, and more. Under Keyboard settings, you have the following options [more…]

The iPad's VoiceOver Feature

The iPad's VoiceOver feature is found under General Settings→Accessibility. This screen reader describes aloud what’s on the screen. It can read e-mail messages, web pages, and more. With VoiceOver active [more…]

How to Reset Your iPad

The Reset settings on the iPad are one big do-over. Now that you’re (presumably) grown up, think long and hard about the consequences before implementing do-over settings. Regardless, you may encounter [more…]

How to Find Your Lost iPad

May you never have to use the Find My iPad feature to locate a lost iPad — though it is pretty darn cool. If you inadvertently leave your iPad in a taxi or restaurant, Find My iPad may just help you retrieve [more…]

How to Set Up Your iPad without a Computer

You can set up and use your iPad without involving a computer. If you choose to use your iPad “computer free,” these steps comprise the entire setup process. Follow these steps to set up a new iPad without [more…]

The iPad Exterior Buttons and Controls

The iPad is a harmonious combination of hardware and software. Here is a brief look at the hardware — the jacks, buttons, and connectors on the outside. [more…]

The iPad Status Bar Icons

The iPad status bar, which is at the top of the screen, displays tiny icons that provide a variety of information about the current state of your iPad: [more…]

iPad Keyboard Special-Use Keys

The third-generation iPad keyboard, like the keyboards of earlier iPad versions, contains several keys that don’t actually type a character. Keyboards on the iPad more closely resemble the keyboard layout [more…]

iPad: The About Tab in General Settings

The iPad's About tab, as shown in this figure, is found under General Settings. And About is full of information about the device. What you find here is straightforward: [more…]

iPad Settings: Bluetooth

On the iPad, you can use Bluetooth to communicate wirelessly with a compatible Bluetooth headset or to use an optional wireless keyboard. Such accessories are made by Apple and many others. To ensure that [more…]

Accessibility Features for the Hearing Impaired on Your iPad

The Accessibility or Universal Access Features tools on your iPad are targeted at helping people with certain disabilities. For the hearing impaired, the iPad offers VoiceOver , mono audio, Speak Selection [more…]

Print Student Documents in the Classroom with AirPrint

Using AirPrint wireless technology, students can easily print documents from their classroom iPads. AirPrint prints from the iPad to AirPrint-enabled printers without the aid of extra apps, drivers, or [more…]

Print Student Documents in the Classroom with Printopia

AirPrint on iPads allows students to print wirelessly to AirPrint-enabled printers. Printopia turns a Mac into an Airprint server, enabling students to print to any of its shared printers, whether or not [more…]

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