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For Seniors: Send E-mail to an iPad 2 Contact

iPad helps you organize contact info so you can send e-mails, grab directions, or visit the websites of your contacts. After entering a friend's e-mail address into Contacts, for example, you can use that [more…]

For Seniors: Share iPad 2 Contacts

After you've entered contact information in iPad, you can share it with others via an e-mail message. Share your contacts so your friends and colleagues don't have to enter contact information manually [more…]

For Seniors: Map a Contact's Location on iPad 2

Using Google Maps on iPad 2, you can locate an address entered in Contacts. Maps can also provide directions to a contact's address from wherever you're currently located, or from some other location altogether [more…]

For Seniors: Delete an iPad 2 Contact

When it’s time to remove (delete) a name or two from Contacts on iPad, it’s easy to do. iPad helps you manage contact info such as names, addresses, phone numbers, and so on. Still, not all contacts prove [more…]

For Seniors: Manage Contacts with iPad 2

iPad helps you manage contact info such as names, addresses, phone numbers, and so on. Sure, you can use an address book to keep contacts, but why should you, when the iPad makes it so much fun? [more…]

For Seniors: Sync Contacts on iPad 2 with iTunes

Sync contacts from your computer or your Google or Yahoo! account using iTunes, so you can avoid manually entering contacts on your iPad. Having contacts on your iPad 2 allows you to quickly lookup addresses [more…]

For Seniors: Assign a Photo to an iPad 2 Contact

One of the fun things about having your contacts on iPad is that you can associate photos to them. Photos help you recall exactly who a contact is, whether business, family, or friend, and besides, they [more…]

For Seniors: Search for an iPad 2 Contact

Keep contact information on your iPad so that you can quickly locate important phone numbers and addresses when needed. You can search for a contact whenever you like, rather than browsing through your [more…]

For Seniors: Browse Notes on iPad 2

The Notes app on iPad 2 allows you to take short notes such as to-do lists and books you want to read. Browse notes after you create them to find the one you want to read, add to, or e-mail to someone. [more…]

For Seniors: Search for an iPad 2 Note

The iPad 2 Notes app lets you record short notes. To locate a specific note, search its text for keywords. Your search examines a note's title and the text it contains, and produces a list of matching [more…]

For Seniors: E-Mail a Note from iPad 2

If you want to share what you wrote with a friend or colleague, you can easily e-mail the contents of an iPad 2 note. Share notes from a meeting, a list of favorite books or movies, favorite recipe, and [more…]

For Seniors: Delete Notes on iPad 2

Deleting notes on your iPad when you’re done with them frees up room for the information you want to keep. There’s no sense in letting your iPad 2 notes list get cluttered, making it harder to find the [more…]

For Seniors: Take Notes on iPad 2

Notes is an iPad 2 application that you can use to do everything from jotting down notes at meetings to keeping to-do lists. Notes isn’t a robust word processor like Apple Pages or Microsoft Word, but [more…]

For Seniors: Edit Notes on iPad 2

After creating a note on iPad 2, you can edit its text. For example, you can copy text and paste it elsewhere. You can also delete text.

Editing notes on iPad is similar to using a word processor or other [more…]

For Seniors: Clean Your iPad Screen

iPad has fingerprint-resistant screen. Still, fingerprints will collect on the iPad's screen despite your best efforts, so be sure to clean the screen from time to time as fingerprints accumulate. [more…]

For Seniors: Protect Your iPad 2 with a Case

Your iPad has an exposed screen that can be damaged if you accidentally drop it or scratch it. Protect your iPad with a case so that you can carry it around the house or around town safely. Besides providing [more…]

For Seniors: Extend Your iPad’s Battery Life

Running out of battery life when using your iPad 2 is painful, especially if you are in the middle of something important. The 10-hour battery life of the iPad is much touted, but you can do some things [more…]

For Seniors: Dealing with an Unresponsive iPad

An unresponsive iPad can be a pretty frustrating thing. Whether the problem is an iPad that won’t turn on, freezes in the middle of an app, or loses sound, you don’t have to pound your fists in frustration [more…]

For Seniors: Update iPad 2 Software

Apple occasionally updates the iPad system software to fix problems or offer enhanced features. Check for updates to your iPad system software about once a month or so, and you'll keep your iPad running [more…]

For Seniors: Find Help for Your iPad

Apple is known for its easy-to-use products and helpful customer support. Apple makes help available through various outlets. Apple employees are very knowledgeable about all things Apple, so they should [more…]

For Seniors: Find a Missing iPad

The FindMyiPad feature can find a missing iPad whether you simply mislay it or someone steals it. FindMyiPad not only tracks down your iPad but also lets you wipe out the data contained in it if you have [more…]

The iPad Big Picture: What It Does

The iPad has many best-of-class features, but perhaps its most unusual feature is the lack of a physical keyboard or stylus. Instead, it has a 9.7-inch super-high-resolution touchscreen that you operate [more…]

The iPad’s Home Screen Icons

The original iPad's Home screen displayed 17 icons, with each icon representing a different built-in application or function. If you have a second- or third-generation iPad, you have three additional apps [more…]

How to Tap, Flick, Pinch, and Conrol the iPad Display

The iPad, like the iPhone, dispenses with a physical mouse and keyboard. Apple is once again living up to an old company advertising slogan to “Think Different.” [more…]

Navigate beyond the iPad Home Screen

The Home screen is not the only screen of icons on your iPad tablet. After you start adding apps from the iTunes App Store, you may see two or more tiny dots among the Safari, Mail, Photos, and Music icons [more…]

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