Using iPad in the Classroom

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Learn with iTunes U on Your iPad or iPad mini

iTunes U is a free app for watching lessons and courses on your iPad or other iOS device. You can download a wide variety of lessons and courses for free from the iTunes Store and study them on your iPad [more…]

iPad4G or mini: Force an Unresponsive App to Close

When an iPad app stops responding (freezes up), you can force it to close so that you can regain control of your device. Usually, you can tell easily when an app has stopped responding — the screen doesn't [more…]

Digital Storytelling with the iPad

Digital storytelling is the modern form of the ancient art of telling stories. Storytelling is how we make sense of the world around us. It's how we pass knowledge, cultural traditions, narratives, and [more…]

10 iPad Apps for Educational Fun

Here are casual, fun games children and parents can enjoy. These aren't games with specific curriculum-based objectives, and they won't necessarily help students master long division or prepare for a geography [more…]

iPad in Education For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Kids jump right in when given an iPad, and within minutes they start drawing, reading, or finding some other activity that motivates and engages them. With the freedom to explore and express themselves [more…]

How to Take and Create Courses with iTunes U

iTunes U is the largest repository of educational course material in the world, and it offers amazing opportunities for anyone to learn from the world's leading teachers and institutions. More than 1,200 [more…]

How to Learn Collaboratively with iPads

You've heard "collaboration" repeatedly referenced as an important 21st-century skill. With built-in interfaces for connectivity, mobile devices such as iPads offer a variety of alternatives for people [more…]

10 iPad Accessories for the Educator

You can maximize the educational impact of iPads with the addition of a few simple accessories. Consider the following list of 10 valuable iPad accessories for educators. [more…]


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