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For Seniors: Delete Apps from Your iPad 2

You can delete (remove) iPad 2 apps if you decide that you no longer need them. Deleting unwanted applications from your iPad saves precise space for the apps you actually do use. You can only delete apps [more…]

For Seniors: Clean Your iPad Screen

iPad has fingerprint-resistant screen. Still, fingerprints will collect on the iPad's screen despite your best efforts, so be sure to clean the screen from time to time as fingerprints accumulate. [more…]

For Seniors: Protect Your iPad 2 with a Case

Your iPad has an exposed screen that can be damaged if you accidentally drop it or scratch it. Protect your iPad with a case so that you can carry it around the house or around town safely. Besides providing [more…]

For Seniors: Extend Your iPad’s Battery Life

Running out of battery life when using your iPad 2 is painful, especially if you are in the middle of something important. The 10-hour battery life of the iPad is much touted, but you can do some things [more…]

For Seniors: Dealing with an Unresponsive iPad

An unresponsive iPad can be a pretty frustrating thing. Whether the problem is an iPad that won’t turn on, freezes in the middle of an app, or loses sound, you don’t have to pound your fists in frustration [more…]

For Seniors: Update iPad 2 Software

Apple occasionally updates the iPad system software to fix problems or offer enhanced features. Check for updates to your iPad system software about once a month or so, and you'll keep your iPad running [more…]

For Seniors: Find Help for Your iPad

Apple is known for its easy-to-use products and helpful customer support. Apple makes help available through various outlets. Apple employees are very knowledgeable about all things Apple, so they should [more…]

For Seniors: Find a Missing iPad

The FindMyiPad feature can find a missing iPad whether you simply mislay it or someone steals it. FindMyiPad not only tracks down your iPad but also lets you wipe out the data contained in it if you have [more…]

How to Manage iPad Backups to iCloud

Whether you know it or not, your iPad backs up your settings, app data, and other information on your iPad whenever you connect to a computer and use iTunes to: [more…]

Troubleshoot Your iPad: Restore

Fixing your iPad's issues can often by solved by simple measures, but sometimes recharging, restarting, and restting don't take care of the problem. Before you give up the ghost on your poor, sick iPad [more…]

Reset an iPad with Issues

The first category of iPad troubleshooting techniques applies to an iPad that’s frozen or otherwise acting up. The very first steps Apple recommends you take are these: [more…]

Troubleshoot Your iPad: Recharge

If your iPad acts up in any way, shape, or form, the first thing you should try for troubleshooting is to give its battery a full recharge before you proceed. [more…]

Troubleshoot Your iPad: Restart

If you recharge your iPad and it still misbehaves, freezes up, or won't work right, the next thing to try in troubleshooting is restarting it. Just as restarting a computer often fixes problems, restarting [more…]

Troubleshoot Your iPad: Reset Your iPad

The seven steps for troubleshooting your iPad are: Recharge, Restart, Reset your iPad, Remove your content, Reset settings and content, Restore, and Recovery mode. [more…]

Troubleshoot Your iPad: Remove Content

Removing content from your iPad is one troubleshooting technique to use if you’ve already tried recharging, restarting, and resetting. Removing some or all of your data to see if it’s causing your iPad [more…]

Troubleshoot Your iPad: Reset Settings and Content

Resetting your iPad involves two methods: resetting iPad settings and erasing all content and settings. The first approach, resetting your iPad settings, resets every iPad [more…]

Troubleshoot Your iPad: Recovery Mode

Recovery mode is your last resort when troubleshooting a problematic iPad. If you've tried everything else or couldn't try other fixes because your iPad is so messed up, cross your fingers and go into [more…]

Troubleshoot Your iPad: Problems with Networks

If you’re having problems with Wi-Fi or your wireless carrier’s data network (Wi-Fi + 3G or + 4G models only) on your iPad, this information may help. The techniques here are short and sweet — except for [more…]

Troubleshoot Your iPad: Sync, Computer, or iTunes Issues

One category of troubleshooting techniques for the iPad applies to issues that involve synchronization and computer–iPad relations. If you’re having problems syncing or if your computer doesn’t recognize [more…]

Help for Your iPad on the Apple Website

If you try everything you can think of for troubleshooting and still have problems with your iPad, don’t give up just yet. Check out some or all of these places for help before you throw in the towel and [more…]

How to Get Your iPad Repaired by Apple

If you tried every troubleshooting trick in the book and still have a malfunctioning iPad, consider shipping it off to the iPad hospital (better known as Apple, Inc.). The repair is free if your iPad is [more…]

Synchronize Safari Bookmarks, Notes, and iPad Advanced Settings

If you choose to set up your iPad data synchronization manually, you can synchronize Safari bookmarks and notes on your iPad with your Mac or PC. Select your iPad in the sidebar on the left side of the [more…]

Problems with Your iPad and Networks

If you’re having problems with Wi-Fi or your wireless carrier’s data network (Wi-Fi + 3G or 4G models only), try the techniques here, which are short and sweet. Restoring your iPad, however, is inconvenient [more…]

Guide to iPad Education Deployment in Schools

After deciding to use iPads in the classroom, start by developing a strategy for the iPad deployment. Base your deployment strategy on the number of iPads you want to introduce. Are you setting up a few [more…]

How to Setup iPads for Classroom Use with Apple Configurator

Assuming you want to setup a manageable group of iPads for classroom use (from 10 to 150 iPads), your best option is Apple Configurator. Use Configurator to setup new iPads, install iPad apps, and manage [more…]


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