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How to Create a New Table in the Numbers App for iPad

Tables contain the data for your spreadsheets and charts in the Numbers app for iPad. They can be relatively small and focused, and you can use formulas to link them together —that's a much better strategy [more…]

Start a New Presentation with the Keynote App for iPad

You can start your Keynote presentation on your iPad by creating a blank slide or by choosing from a variety of Keynote's templates. Between adding any text that you need onto the slides and using animated [more…]

iWork for Mac: Formatting with the Keyboard

Using iWork for Mac, you can apply formatting using the keyboard. These formatting commands are available in the Format menu. Using the commands listed in the following tables, you can change the formatting [more…]

iWork for iOS: Basic iWork Gestures

When you use iWork for iOS, you don't have a menu bar, but you do have a touch screen with basic multitouch commands – gestures as they're called. Most of these iWork gestures apply to other iOS apps as [more…]

iWork for Mac: Toggling Interface Elements with the Keyboard

iWork for Mac lets you switch between interface elements using the keyboard. These commands and more are in the View menu for iWork applications, as well as in the drop-down menu available by clicking [more…]

iWork For Dummies Cheat Sheet

In iWork, the basic commands for page layout, charts and tables, and graphic objects are the same for all six iWork applications — Pages, Keynote, and Presentations on Mac and iOS [more…]

How to Create an Educational Presentation with Keynote iPad App

Create presentations for your classroom with Keynote iPad app. Your students create Keynote presentations on their iPads for class assignments as well. Keynote presentations can later be displayed on your [more…]

Migrate Educational PowerPoint Presentations to Keynote on iPad

Teachers who prefer to create their educational presentations with PowerPoint can export them to Keynote on the iPad when needed. Teachers often prefer PowerPoint because it is feature rich and they are [more…]


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