Getting Started with iBooks Author

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What Is iBooks Author?

iBooks Author brings visual richness to e-books that you read on an iPad. iBooks Author supports a wide range of dynamic content that can make an e-book feel as much like an app as a book. That rich approach [more…]

How to Set a Default Template in iBooks Author

To create a new iBooks Author project, you start by selecting a template, which you do by choosing File→New or pressing Command+N to open the Template Chooser. If you use the same template over and over [more…]

Creating a Fit Page View Shortcut in iBooks Author

Managing views and layouts is easy in iBooks Author. Unfortunately, each time you switch to a different layout, iBooks Author resets the view to Actual Size instead of remembering your last setting, so [more…]

How to Insert Placeholders in Your iBooks Author Text

When creating an ebook in iBooks Author, you often want to have placeholder objects in your layout. You’ll replace these placeholders with specific content in the e-book’s actual pages. For example, when [more…]

How to Preview Your E-Book in iBooks Author

While you work on your layout and/or your book’s pages, you can preview the book simply by looking at your screen: iBooks Author displays a good facsimile of your book while you work on it, whether in [more…]

Keyboard Shortcuts for Inserting Special Characters in iBooks Author

Many books — especially the textbooks that Apple has suggested iBooks Author be used to create — use special characters, such as accented letters. You can add special characters to your text by using keyboard [more…]

How to Set Chapter Titles in iBooks Author

When you create chapters in your iBooks Author e-book, the opening page shows Untitled as its title or — for chapters imported from Microsoft Word or Apple Pages — the filename of the imported file. You [more…]

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