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How to Add Special and Hidden Characters in iBooks Author

When you’re writing and editing text in iBooks Author, you use several invisible characters, such as paragraph returns and spaces. However, you may want to see them while you’re working on a book because [more…]

How to Create Columns in iBooks Author

By default, iBooks Author runs your text across the entire page width in one column, but you can create columns and even change margins and alignment in the Layout inspector’s Layout pane. Just follow [more…]

How to Export Your iBooks Author e-Book through iTunes Producer

After you finish creating your e-book in iBooks Author, you need to export it to prepare it for distribution through the iBookstore or elsewhere. If you don’t charge for the e-book, you can both make it [more…]

How to Create a Preview of Your iBooks Author e-Book

If you used iBooks Author to create your book and plan to distribute it, you can do so in the iBookstore. First you create an account. After that is set up, you must prepare a preview version of your e-book [more…]

How to Submit Your iBooks Author E-Book to the iBookstore

To distribute your e-books via the iBookstore, you need to set up a publisher account with Apple. Click the Online Application link to open the Create an Account screen in Apple’s iTunes Connect service [more…]

How to Distribute Your iBooks Author E-Book outside the iBookstore

After you perfect the content and design of your e-book in iBooks Author, you want to have people read it, of course. You can distribute your e-book directly to readers or via the Apple iBookstore, the [more…]

How to Add Review Questions to Your iBooks Author Text

As any student knows, textbooks typically have chapter review questions to test what the student has learned from that chapter. iBooks Author lets you add such chapter reviews to your e-books, with the [more…]

How to Edit Multiple-Choice Answers in iBooks Author

iBooks author doesn’t limit you to just simple multiple-choice questions in your chapter reviews. You can present the multiple-choice questions in any of several sophisticated ways, which you determine [more…]

How to Test a Review Quiz in iBooks Author

You need to know how review quizzes actually work in iBooks if you want to create effective ones in your iBooks Author e-books. To ensure that your tests work properly, you have to test them on your iPad [more…]

How to Add a Hyperlinked Cross-Reference in iBooks Author

You may want to create a cross-reference to text or figures in your e-book. In iBooks Author, cross-references take the form of hyperlinks that make a text selection into a tappable item that can then [more…]

How to Edit Hyperlinks in iBooks Author

There are many reasons to add hyperlinks to your e-book. You might want to link to something outside your book or you might want to create cross-references to content inside your e-book. In iBooks Author [more…]

How to Create a Table of Contents in iBooks Author

iBooks Author creates a table of contents (TOC) for your book automatically. You tell iBooks Author which paragraph styles’ text should be used to create the TOC, and it builds the TOC automatically, keeping [more…]

How to Create a Glossary in iBooks Author

One of the advances in e-books brought by iBooks Author is its glossary capability. A glossary is a list of terms with definitions — essentially, a custom mini-dictionary at the end of a book. iBooks Author [more…]

How to Find and Mark Glossary Terms in iBooks Author

Once you create a glossary for your e-book using iBooks Author, you need to be able to search the glossary to find a term. You must also mark the terms so your readers know that definitions exist in a [more…]

Create and Edit Custom Number Types in iBooks Author Tables and Charts

When you are formatting chart and table values, iBooks Author offers pop-up menus that provide options for creating your own custom value presentation styles, known as custom values. For several kinds [more…]


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