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iBooks Author

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How to Add a Hyperlinked Cross-Reference in iBooks Author

You may want to create a cross-reference to text or figures in your e-book. In iBooks Author, cross-references take the form of hyperlinks that make a text selection into a tappable item that can then [more…]

How to Edit Hyperlinks in iBooks Author

There are many reasons to add hyperlinks to your e-book. You might want to link to something outside your book or you might want to create cross-references to content inside your e-book. In iBooks Author [more…]

How to Create a Table of Contents in iBooks Author

iBooks Author creates a table of contents (TOC) for your book automatically. You tell iBooks Author which paragraph styles’ text should be used to create the TOC, and it builds the TOC automatically, keeping [more…]

How to Create a Glossary in iBooks Author

One of the advances in e-books brought by iBooks Author is its glossary capability. A glossary is a list of terms with definitions — essentially, a custom mini-dictionary at the end of a book. iBooks Author [more…]

How to Find and Mark Glossary Terms in iBooks Author

Once you create a glossary for your e-book using iBooks Author, you need to be able to search the glossary to find a term. You must also mark the terms so your readers know that definitions exist in a [more…]

Create and Edit Custom Number Types in iBooks Author Tables and Charts

When you are formatting chart and table values, iBooks Author offers pop-up menus that provide options for creating your own custom value presentation styles, known as custom values. For several kinds [more…]

Help Students Create Educational E-Books with iBooks Author iPad App

Using iBooks Author, students can create and publish e-books for iPad. iBooks Author enables students to write e-books for iPads that integrate media, interactive elements, 3D objects, and more. Educators [more…]


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