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How to Insert Placeholders in Your iBooks Author Text

When creating an ebook in iBooks Author, you often want to have placeholder objects in your layout. You’ll replace these placeholders with specific content in the e-book’s actual pages. For example, when [more…]

How to Preview Your E-Book in iBooks Author

While you work on your layout and/or your book’s pages, you can preview the book simply by looking at your screen: iBooks Author displays a good facsimile of your book while you work on it, whether in [more…]

How to Add a Video, Audio, or Image Intro to Your eBook

Normally, when a reader on the iPad opens an iBooks Author e-book for the first time, the table of contents appears. But you can have a video or audio file play or an image appear first. [more…]

How to Import Word or Pages Documents into Your iBooks Author e-Book

If you want to use Word or Pages files in your e-book, iBooks Author can open Microsoft Word files (both the .doc and .docxversions) and Apple Pages files. You can also drag RTF [more…]

How to Control Hyphenation and Line Breaks in iBooks Author

Poor hyphenation and line breaks make your e-book look unprofessional. iBooks Author provides tools that help you control hyphenation and manage line breaks to give your book a polished look. By default [more…]

Keyboard Shortcuts for Inserting Special Characters in iBooks Author

Many books — especially the textbooks that Apple has suggested iBooks Author be used to create — use special characters, such as accented letters. You can add special characters to your text by using keyboard [more…]

How to Add Special and Hidden Characters in iBooks Author

When you’re writing and editing text in iBooks Author, you use several invisible characters, such as paragraph returns and spaces. However, you may want to see them while you’re working on a book because [more…]

How to Create Columns in iBooks Author

By default, iBooks Author runs your text across the entire page width in one column, but you can create columns and even change margins and alignment in the Layout inspector’s Layout pane. Just follow [more…]

How to Apply Line Styles to Objects in iBooks Author

A stroke is a line, whether a border around an object, a border around a table cell or chart element, or an actual line. In iBooks Author, the Graphic inspector’s controls for strokes are simple to use [more…]

How to Enhance Bitmapped Images in iBooks Author

When working with bitmapped images in iBooks Author (that is, all supported images except for Adobe Illustrator and PDF files), you can apply a variety of enhancements and effects. To apply image enhancements [more…]

How to Modify Gallery Images in iBooks Author

iBooks Author lets you adjust several aspects of the images in your gallery object: their order in the gallery, their size and position within the gallery’s image frame, and the shape of the image frame’s [more…]

How to Add Interactive Images in iBooks Author

A popular way to help people understand a diagram or elements in a photo on the web is to use rollovers, where a title and description appear when the pointer rolls over a certain spot. The interactive [more…]

How Adjust Image Zoom Settings in iBooks Author

iBooks Author lets you set the zoom level and focus for the overall image in the default view. You can also set the zoom level and focus of the image in each image view to change the image focus so that [more…]

How to Export Your iBooks Author e-Book through iTunes Producer

After you finish creating your e-book in iBooks Author, you need to export it to prepare it for distribution through the iBookstore or elsewhere. If you don’t charge for the e-book, you can both make it [more…]

How to Create a Preview of Your iBooks Author e-Book

If you used iBooks Author to create your book and plan to distribute it, you can do so in the iBookstore. First you create an account. After that is set up, you must prepare a preview version of your e-book [more…]

How to Submit Your iBooks Author E-Book to the iBookstore

To distribute your e-books via the iBookstore, you need to set up a publisher account with Apple. Click the Online Application link to open the Create an Account screen in Apple’s iTunes Connect service [more…]

How to Distribute Your iBooks Author E-Book outside the iBookstore

After you perfect the content and design of your e-book in iBooks Author, you want to have people read it, of course. You can distribute your e-book directly to readers or via the Apple iBookstore, the [more…]

How to Add 3D Images in iBooks Author

A very compelling capability in iBooks Author is its support of 3D objects that your e-book readers can rotate on their iPads. You need to create such a file in the Collada 3D model format [more…]

Add Video or Audio to iBooks Author Files with the Movie Object

Sometimes, the best way to present information is to show it in action or to hear someone talk about it. That’s why the ability to include video and audio files in iBooks Author’s movie object is so powerful [more…]

How to Add a Keynote Slideshow in iBooks Author

Slideshows are a time-honored presentation method in meetings, so why not include them in an e-book? That’s the thinking behind iBooks Author’s support for them. Keynote is Apple’s slideshow editor, and [more…]

How to Add Review Questions to Your iBooks Author Text

As any student knows, textbooks typically have chapter review questions to test what the student has learned from that chapter. iBooks Author lets you add such chapter reviews to your e-books, with the [more…]

How to Edit Multiple-Choice Answers in iBooks Author

iBooks author doesn’t limit you to just simple multiple-choice questions in your chapter reviews. You can present the multiple-choice questions in any of several sophisticated ways, which you determine [more…]

How to Test a Review Quiz in iBooks Author

You need to know how review quizzes actually work in iBooks if you want to create effective ones in your iBooks Author e-books. To ensure that your tests work properly, you have to test them on your iPad [more…]

How to Create Web Widgets for iBooks Author

iBooks Author provides HTML objects that can contain HTML snippets (what Apple calls web widgets), which let you run website-like functionality from an e-book. You can’t just copy the HTML code for a standard [more…]

How to Set Chapter Titles in iBooks Author

When you create chapters in your iBooks Author e-book, the opening page shows Untitled as its title or — for chapters imported from Microsoft Word or Apple Pages — the filename of the imported file. You [more…]


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