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iBooks Author’s Object Keyboard Shortcuts

iBooks Author lets you easily work with objects by offering certain shortcuts for common tasks. These shortcuts allow you to control how objects are arranged, as well as how they look. [more…]

iBooks Author’s Formatting Keyboard Shortcuts

When you’re formatting text and objects in iBooks Author, certain keyboard shortcuts make the job a snap. You can adjust style, text layout, and more with these iBooks Author shortcuts. [more…]

Distributing E-Books from iBooks Author

Apple provides multiple ways for you to distribute the books you create in iBooks Author. But it can be confusing to understand your options — and it’s critical to understand them upfront so that you don’t [more…]

Exporting from iBooks Author

In addition to creating an e-book for use on the iPad, you may want to use your iBooks Author e-book’s text elsewhere, such as to create versions of your book for distribution as Kindle e-books or as ePub [more…]

Importing into iBooks Author

iBooks Author lets you work with lots of content items to create your dynamic e-book. But it’s particular about some file types, so use this quick guide to figure out whether your files are ones that iBooks [more…]

iBooks Author’s Views and Interface Keyboard Shortcuts

iBooks Author has many handy shortcuts that you can take advantage of. This table lists shortcuts specific to adjusting the iBooks Author views and interface. [more…]

iBooks Author For Dummies Cheat Sheet

With Apple’s free iBooks Author software, you can create dynamic, interactive e-books for distribution on the iPad. These iBooks Author articles offer keyboard shortcuts, supported file formats, and ways [more…]

What Is iBooks Author?

iBooks Author brings visual richness to e-books that you read on an iPad. iBooks Author supports a wide range of dynamic content that can make an e-book feel as much like an app as a book. That rich approach [more…]

Tips for Styling Imported Text in iBooks Author

If you're importing Microsoft Word documents into your iBooks Author text, you may lose all your nice formatting. Typically, when you do your text editing in a program such as Word or Pages, you format [more…]

How to Format Fonts in iBooks Author

iBooks Author supports a variety of typefaces (popularly called fonts) for your text. iBooks Author can use only the fonts in its Fonts menu, which are the fonts available in iBooks on the iPad. [more…]

How to Tweak Text Spacing and Position in iBooks Author

Print publishing uses four specialized types of typographic formatting that iBooks Author also supports —just choose Format→Font to access these formats through the submenu that appears. The first two [more…]

How to Set Line Spacing in iBooks Author

Known as leading (rhyme with bedding) to publishers, line spacing controls how close lines of text are to each other within a column or text box. In iBooks Author, you set line spacing in increments of [more…]

How to Set Alignment and Indentation in iBooks Author

iBooks Author provides formatting options for paragraphs that help you control alignment and indentation in your e-book; these options apply to the entire paragraph, no matter what text you may have selected [more…]

How to Define Styles in iBooks Author

Using styles in iBook Author ensures consistent formatting across the entire book. Rather than apply each of the desired local formats to text, you apply a single style that contains all that formatting [more…]

Techniques for Searching Your iBooks Author Text

iBooks Author provides a typical Find & Replace dialog box where you enter your find-and-replace terms, and then replace them all at the same time or go through each occurrence to selectively replace the [more…]

How to Replace Styles in iBooks Author

When you are writing an entire book, formatting it consistently can be a challenge. iBooks Author makes it easy for you find and replace styles you used throughout your e-book by using the typical Find [more…]

How to Control Text Flow in iBooks Author

iBooks Author doesn’t handle text flow in the same way that a traditional desktop publishing program does: You can’t link existing text boxes however you want to specify the order in which text flows from [more…]

How to Define Colors in iBooks Author

To define a color in iBooks Author, go to any of the Color panel’s panes. All the panes have one common feature: The Sampler tool (the magnifying glass icon). Click it, then move the Sampler tool to an [more…]

How to Apply Colors to Text in iBooks Author

You can apply colors to objects’ backgrounds and boundaries, as well as to text. But how do you get those colors? You use the Colors panel, which you open by clicking the Colors icon button in the toolbar [more…]

How to Apply Colors to Objects in iBooks Author

Tables, charts, and other objects you insert in your e-book look their best if you add a little color. iBooks Author lets you add fill colors, background colors, and stroke colors to make you objects pop [more…]

Rounding Corners and Adding Drop Shadows in iBooks Author

When you are creating a book in iBooks Author, you can insert boxes, charts, and graphs and then use the iBooks Author formatting tools to give them a sophisticated look with rounded corners or drop shadows [more…]

How to Crop Images in iBooks Author

Most programs let you crop an image by choosing its selection handles (sometimes you need to choose a cropping tool first) and move those handles into the image. Whatever appears outside the selection [more…]

Tips for Selecting Objects in iBooks Author

iBooks Author lets you lay out your book and illustrate it with tables, charts, and graphics. Selecting objects can be tricky, however, if you have created multiple layers. After you get your elements [more…]

How to Resize Objects in iBooks Author

The process for resizing objects should be familiar in iBooks. When you select an object, eight selection handles appear, one on each corner and one midway along each side. You drag the handles to resize [more…]

Turning Off Alignment and Size Indicators in iBooks Author

When you drag an object or resize it in iBooks Author, alignment and size indicators appear. When iBooks Author detects that one or more of your boundaries is close to that of another object, it displays [more…]


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