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For Seniors: How to Organize iPad 2 E-mail

You can organize e-mail on iPad 2 by moving messages into particular folders and deleting the e-mails you no longer need. With the tons of e-mail you probably receive every day, you'll find it best to [more…]

For Seniors: Explore FaceTime on iPad 2

FaceTime on iPad allows you to make video calls to other FaceTime users. FaceTime is wonderful for anyone who wants to keep up with distant family members and friends and see as well as hear the latest-and-greatest [more…]

For Seniors: Make a FaceTime Call with iPad 2

Using FaceTime, you can make a video call on your iPad 2. During the FaceTime session, you'll be able to see and hear the person you call. You can chat with anyone who also has FaceTime — iPhone 4, iPad [more…]

For Seniors: Add Web E-Mail to iPad 2

You can send and receive e-mail on iPad 2 – through both regular and web e-mail accounts. Webmail on iPad includes Gmail, Yahoo!, or AOL accounts, and these providers typically use a web page to help you [more…]

For Seniors: Accept a FaceTime Call on iPad 2

FaceTime lets you make a video call to other FaceTime users. If someone calls you on your iPad 2 using FaceTime, you can accept or decline the call. If you accept, the video call begins right away. During [more…]

For Seniors: Organize Your iBooks Library on iPad 2

On the iPad 2, e-books are organized in your iBooks library. E-book in the iBooks library are normally organized so that the most recently downloaded title is displayed in the top left corner of the first [more…]

For Seniors: Share Music Preferences through Ping on iPad

Ping is a social network for music lovers that's available right on your iPad 2. Through Ping, you can share your musical preferences with friends and colleagues, and maybe learn about an artist or two [more…]

For Seniors: Use GarageBand on iPad 2

GarageBand is a music playing app that allows you to "play" musical instruments on your iPad. With enough practice playing instruments, you might start a garage band for real! You can buy GarageBand for [more…]

For Seniors: Find Books for iPad 2 at iBooks

iBooks is an e-reader (electronic reader) for iPad that you can use to purchase and download electronic books from Apple's iBookstore. iBooks is free from the App Store, but you must download and install [more…]

For Seniors: Read a Book on iPad 2

Electronic books you download from iBookstore on iTunes and other sources can be read on your iPad 2. Books you've downloaded appear on the iBooks' bookshelf where you can easily browse and read them. [more…]

For Seniors: Make Books Easy to Read on iPad 2

iBooks on iPad 2 allows you to adjust the brightness and make your book pages easier to read. You can also enlarge the text and change the font in order to improve readability. [more…]

For Seniors: Search in a Book on iPad 2

The iPad 2 is perfect for reading e-books (electronic books) in its iBooks app. Occasionally, you might want to search an e-book for a particular topic, sentence, or other reference, rather than jumping [more…]

For Seniors: Bookmark and Highlight E-Books on iPad

If you find a page in an iPad 2 e-book you want to return to, bookmark it. You can also highlight important passages in an e-book. Bookmarks and highlights in your e-books are like favorite sites you save [more…]

For Seniors: Look Up Words in iBook's Dictionary

The iBook app on iPad 2 comes with its own dictionary. As you read an e-book on your iPad, you may come across some unfamiliar words from time to time. Don’t skip over them — instead, take the opportunity [more…]

For Seniors: Delete Appointments in iPad’s Calendar

The Calendar app on iPad is an electronic datebook that helps you track activities and appointments. You can delete (remove) appointments from iPad's calendar when needed. For example, if an upcoming luncheon [more…]

For Seniors: Review Your iPad 2 Calendar

The Calendar app on iPad is an electronic datebook that helps you track activities and appointments. You can enter activities in Calendar and review events by the day, week, or month. [more…]

For Seniors: Add Appointments to iPad's Calendar

The Calendar app on iPad allows you to track all your appointments and special events. Add appointments to the calendar so you can more easily keep track of your busy schedule. [more…]

For Seniors: Set Alarms for Appointments in iPad’s Calendar

In iPad’s Calendar, you can set appointments for the events in your life, and even add alarms to remind you to attend them. If one alarm is not enough to get you to the church on time, you can even set [more…]

For Seniors: Search for Appointments in iPad’s Calendar

iPad’s Calendar helps you track your appointments and special events. If you have a busy calendar, you can search for particular appointments when needed, rather than simply flipping through the Calendar [more…]

For Seniors: Share iPad Calendars

You can sync calendar appointments from Yahoo! and Google with your iPad calendar. Using iTunes, you can also sync your computer's Outlook or iCal calendar with your iPad calendar. [more…]

For Seniors: Share iPad 2 Contacts

After you've entered contact information in iPad, you can share it with others via an e-mail message. Share your contacts so your friends and colleagues don't have to enter contact information manually [more…]

For Seniors: Map a Contact's Location on iPad 2

Using Google Maps on iPad 2, you can locate an address entered in Contacts. Maps can also provide directions to a contact's address from wherever you're currently located, or from some other location altogether [more…]

For Seniors: Delete an iPad 2 Contact

When it’s time to remove (delete) a name or two from Contacts on iPad, it’s easy to do. iPad helps you manage contact info such as names, addresses, phone numbers, and so on. Still, not all contacts prove [more…]

For Seniors: Manage Contacts with iPad 2

iPad helps you manage contact info such as names, addresses, phone numbers, and so on. Sure, you can use an address book to keep contacts, but why should you, when the iPad makes it so much fun? [more…]

For Seniors: Sync Contacts on iPad 2 with iTunes

Sync contacts from your computer or your Google or Yahoo! account using iTunes, so you can avoid manually entering contacts on your iPad. Having contacts on your iPad 2 allows you to quickly lookup addresses [more…]


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