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Monitor Stocks from Your iPad with the StockWatch App

StockWatch for iPad is an app for people who want to monitor one or more stock portfolios and follow news pertaining to those stocks or the broader markets. It can be particularly handy for those with [more…]

Get Financial News with the Bloomberg App for iPad

The Bloomberg app for iPad offers instant access to news coverage, and it provides stock and index data like you'd expect. It also provides currency, commodities, and bond data. For some icing on this [more…]

Manage Your Budget with the SplashMoney App for iPad

SplashMoney HD is a money-management app for the iPad that lets you monitor online bank accounts and credit cards, create budgets, and track your actual spending. You can sync data between the iPad app [more…]

Calculate Loans on Your iPad with the PowerOne Financial Calculator App

The PowerOne Financial Calculator does super-complex finance-related calculations for you, like mortgages and auto loans, on your iPad, but with the included templates, you don't have to really know what [more…]

Use the Daily Stocks App to Check the Markets from Your iPad

The Daily Stocks app for iPad can provide you with technical scans of the market and is designed to highlight trends in the marketplace based on some highly technical analytical techniques. This kind of [more…]

Use Your iPad with Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync Calendars

If you use your iPad for a company that uses Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync, calendar entries and meeting invitations from coworkers can be pushed to your device so that they show up on the screen moments [more…]

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