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How to Set Up E-Mail on the iPad mini

If you don't want to sync the e-mail accounts on your Mac or PC, you can set up an e-mail account on your iPad mini manually. It's not quite as easy as clicking a box and syncing your iPad mini, but it's [more…]

How to Set Up Corporate E-Mail on the iPad mini

The iPad mini makes nice with the Microsoft Exchange servers that are a staple in large enterprises, as well as many smaller businesses. What's more, if your company supports Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync [more…]

Basics of E-Mail Account Setting on the iPad mini

The email app on the iPad mini has account settings allowing you to interact with your email. You most likely will never need most of these settings. So here they are, whether you need ’em or not: [more…]

iPad 4G or mini: Organize and Read E-Mail by Threads

If you have a fourth-generation iPad or an iPad mini and tend to have long e-mail discussions, you can use threads to organize and read your messages. The iPad Mail app enables you to view e-mail messages [more…]

Browsing the Internet on Your iPad with Safari

The iPad comes with the Safari web browser preinstalled. But before you hook in to a Wi-Fi network and start surfing the Internet, watch this video to find out the basics of how to use Safari and how to [more…]

Using Hyperlinks on the iPad

The iPad makes it easy to start an e-mail or go to a website by automatically interpreting links. [more…]

Using Your iPad to Send and Receive E-Mail

You can send and receive e-mail from your iPad. The mail icon displays unread messages, and your iPad lets you manage multiple e-mail accounts. [more…]

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