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Internet & E-mail on the iPad

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Synchronize Your iPad Mail Accounts with Your Computer

If you choose to set up your iPad data synchronization manually, you can synchronize your iPad mail accounts with your Mac or PC. Select your iPad in the sidebar on the left side of the iTunes screen. [more…]

Synchronize Safari Bookmarks, Notes, and iPad Advanced Settings

If you choose to set up your iPad data synchronization manually, you can synchronize Safari bookmarks and notes on your iPad with your Mac or PC. Select your iPad in the sidebar on the left side of the [more…]

Explore the Web with Safari on the iPad

The Apple Safari web browser is a major reason that the ’Net on the iPad is very much like the ’Net you’ve come to expect on a more traditional computer. Come to think of it, the ’Net often looks a lot [more…]

How to Open a Webpage on the iPad

The iPad's glorious display, especially on the third-generation's new screen, in combination with the Apple-designed, dual-core A5 chip inside the machine, makes browsing the web on Apple’s tablet an absolute [more…]

How to Zoom in on a Webpage with Safari

If you know how to open a web page with your iPad using Safari, you can see how radically simple it is to zoom in on pages so that you can read what you want to read and see what you want to see, without [more…]

How to Use Bookmarks on the iPad

You already know how useful bookmarks are and how you can synchronize bookmarks from the browsers on your computer to Safari on the iPad. It’s equally simple to bookmark a web page directly on the iPad [more…]

Improve Educational Research with Safari's Reading List for iPad

Whether you're a student or a teacher, you can speed up your educational research on the iPad with Safari's Reading List. Reading List lets you save webpages without bookmarking them, to read later. Educational [more…]

Improve Educational Research with the Instapaper iPad App

Instapaper helps both students and teachers using iPads speed up educational research by enabling them to save and later read content from the web. Instapaper empowers students to use the Internet to gather [more…]

Improve Educational Research with the Diigo iPad App

Students and teachers can improve educational research on the web with Diigo. Diigo enables students and teachers to easily catalog web information for education. Diigo also works on desktop computers [more…]

Create an Education News Feed with the Flipboard iPad App

With Flipboard, teachers can create custom education news feeds on their iPads. Flipboard is an iPad app that can keep teachers up to date on education news and other developments in their field. [more…]

Share Educational Material with the Diigo iPad App

Diigo for iPad enables educators to organize and archive web content to share with students and fellow teachers. Through social bookmarking, Diigo enables teachers to share anything they find on the web [more…]

How to Create and Alter Bookmarks in Your iPad's Browser

Surfing the web from your iPad would be a real drag if you had to enter a URL every time you want to navigate from one page to another. That’s why bookmarks are so useful. [more…]

How to Clip a Web Page from Your iPad's Browser

You can use Web Clips to add a web page's icon to your Home screen on your iPad's browser. You probably frequent lots of websites, but some way more than others. You might constantly be online to consult [more…]

How to Share Your Web Experiences from Your iPad

When you find a great website from your iPad, and you feel that you just must share, Safari lets you tweet it, post it to Facebook, or — go old-school — and print it. [more…]

How to Browse Privately from Safari on Your iPad

Don’t want to leave any tracks while you surf? Turn on private browsing for a “what happens in Safari stays in Safari” tool. Those truly bent on staying private will also want to tap Clear History. [more…]

Smart Safari Settings on Your iPad

Safari on your iPad enables you to protect your privacy and maintain your security while you're surfing the 'Net. To get started, tap the Settings icon on the Home screen and then tap Safari. [more…]

Find Your Way Around Cyberspace from Your iPad

A version of the Apple Safari web browser is a major reason that the ’Net on the iPad is very much like the ’Net you’ve come to expect on a more traditional computer. Come to think of it, the Internet [more…]

How to Create a Reading List on Your iPad's Browser

When you visit a web page you’d like to read on your iPad, but just not now, the Reading List feature is sure to come in handy, including when you’re offline. Here’s how it works: [more…]

How to Launch a Mobile Search Mission from Your iPad

Most folks spend a lot of time using search engines on the Internet. And the search engines summoned most often are Google, Yahoo!, and Microsoft Bing, at least in the United States. If you’re in China [more…]

How to Read Messages in Your iPad's Mail App

To read your mail on your iPad, tap the Mail icon on the Home screen. Remember that what appears onscreen depends on whether you’re holding the iPad in landscape or portrait mode, and what was on the screen [more…]

How to Receive iMessages in Your iPad's Mail App

The Messages app on your iPad lets you exchange iMessages with anyone using an Apple i-device with iOS 5 or higher or with a Mac running OS X Mountain Lion or OS X Mavericks. First things first. Decide [more…]

How to Connect Your iPad to Facebook

The use of Facebook is integrated into iPad, typically via the Share feature in apps. When you tap Share, you can tap either the Twitter or Facebook icon. [more…]

How to Tweet from Your iPad

As of iOS 5 for iPad, the ability to tweet (post very short messages to Twitter) became integrated into several apps. You can post tweets using the Share button within Safari, Photos, Camera, and Maps. [more…]

How to Set Up an iMessage Account

iMessage support was added in iOS 5 (available through the preinstalled Messages app) and allows you to send and receive instant messages (IMs) to and from others using an Apple iOS device [more…]

Use iMessage to Address, Create, and Send Messages

iPad's iMessage is a remarkably simple process that involves typing and sending a message and then waiting while the other person types and sends a message back. This can go on for hours, so prepare a [more…]


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