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For Seniors: Sync Contacts on iPad 2 with iTunes

Sync contacts from your computer or your Google or Yahoo! account using iTunes, so you can avoid manually entering contacts on your iPad. Having contacts on your iPad 2 allows you to quickly lookup addresses [more…]

For Seniors: Assign a Photo to an iPad 2 Contact

One of the fun things about having your contacts on iPad is that you can associate photos to them. Photos help you recall exactly who a contact is, whether business, family, or friend, and besides, they [more…]

For Seniors: Search for an iPad 2 Contact

Keep contact information on your iPad so that you can quickly locate important phone numbers and addresses when needed. You can search for a contact whenever you like, rather than browsing through your [more…]

For Seniors: E-Mail a Note from iPad 2

If you want to share what you wrote with a friend or colleague, you can easily e-mail the contents of an iPad 2 note. Share notes from a meeting, a list of favorite books or movies, favorite recipe, and [more…]

How to Manage E-mail on Your iPad

Managing e-mail messages on your iPad typically involves either moving the messages to a folder or deleting them. To herd your messages into folders, you have the following options: [more…]

Wi-Fi Options for the iPad

Wi-Fi is the chief way to browse the web (or send e-mail, access the App Store or iTunes Store, or check out YouTube) on the iPad. But for all the places you can find an Internet [more…]

How to Look at Web Links with Safari

Surfing the web on the iPad would be a real drag if you had to enter a URL in Safari every time you want to navigate from one page to another. That’s why bookmarks are so useful and why handy links are [more…]

How to Open Flash on the iPad

The iPad's lack of support for Adobe Flash video for web pages is a void that is unlikely to ever get addressed. Even Adobe is no longer embracing Flash for mobile devices. But because Flash has been the [more…]

Tabbed Browsing on the iPad

Safari on the iPad lets you open up to nine pages simultaneously, but the iOS 5 and 5.1 versions dump the awkward multipage interface and gain instead a brilliant rendition of tabbed browsing similar to [more…]

How to Change and Manage Bookmarks on the iPad

If you decide a website you previously bookmarked with Safari on your iPad is no longer meaningful, you can change it or get rid of it: [more…]

How to Use Safari's Reading List on the iPad

When you visit a web page on your iPad you’d like to read, but just not now, the Reading List feature is sure to come in handy. Here’s how it works: [more…]

How to Clip a Web Page on the iPad

In their infinite wisdom, the folks at Apple let you use Safari on your iPad to bestow special privileges on your most frequently visited websites, a process called clipping. [more…]

How to Use Safari's History Option

The Safari web browser on the iPad records the web pages you visit and keeps the logs on hand for several days. Sometimes, you want to revisit a site that you failed to bookmark, but you can’t remember [more…]

How to Do a Web Search in Safari

Conducting a search with Safari on your iPad is quite simple. The figure shows a Google search about iPads on the iPad. The default search engine on the iPad is Google [more…]

How to Save Web Pictures on the iPad

You can capture most pictures you come across on a website when you are surfing the web with Safari on your iPad. However, be mindful of any potential copyright violations, depending on what you plan to [more…]

Smart Safari Settings for the iPad

When you want to take action to protect your privacy and maintain your security, tap the Settings icon on the Home screen and then tap Safari. Along with the riches galore found on the Internet are places [more…]

Set Up Your E-mail Account on the iPad

If you don’t want to sync the e-mail accounts on your Mac or PC, you can set up an e-mail account on your iPad manually. It’s not quite as easy as clicking a box and syncing your iPad, but it’s not rocket [more…]

Set Up an IMAP or POP E-mail Account on Your iPad

If your e-mail account that you want to use on your iPad is with a provider other than iCloud, Gmail (Google), Yahoo!, AOL, Microsoft Hotmail, or MobileMe, you have a bit more work ahead of you. You need [more…]

Set Up Corporate E-mail on Your iPad

The iPad makes nice with the Microsoft Exchange servers that are a staple in large enterprises, as well as many smaller businesses.

What’s more, if your company supports Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync, you [more…]

How to Read E-mail on Your iPad

To read your iPad mail, tap the Mail icon on the Home screen. Remember that what appears on the screen depends on whether you’re holding the iPad in landscape or portrait mode, and what was on the screen [more…]

Synchronize Your iPad Contacts with Your Computer

If you choose to set up your iPad data synchronization manually, you can synchronize your iPad contacts with your Mac or PC. Select your iPad in the sidebar on the left side of the iTunes screen. Then [more…]

iPad: Control Wi-Fi Connections

Wi-Fi is typically the fastest wireless network that you can use to surf the web and send e-mail on the iPad. You use the Wi-Fi setting to determine which Wi-Fi networks are available to you and which [more…]

Cellular Data Options for Your iPad

Cellular data options are found under Settings→General on your iPad. When you first open Settings on your iPad, you see a display that looks something like this figure, with a scrollable list on the left [more…]

The iPad's VPN Settings

After you tap Network on the General settings screen of your iPad, you see two controls: Wi-Fi and VPN. Here are the VPN settings. A virtual private network, [more…]

Synchronize Your iPad Calendars with Your Computer

If you choose to set up your iPad data synchronization manually, you can synchronize your iPad calendars with your Mac or PC. Select your iPad in the sidebar on the left side of the iTunes screen. Then [more…]


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