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For Seniors: Add Web E-Mail to iPad 2

You can send and receive e-mail on iPad 2 – through both regular and web e-mail accounts. Webmail on iPad includes Gmail, Yahoo!, or AOL accounts, and these providers typically use a web page to help you [more…]

For Seniors: Share Music Preferences through Ping on iPad

Ping is a social network for music lovers that's available right on your iPad 2. Through Ping, you can share your musical preferences with friends and colleagues, and maybe learn about an artist or two [more…]

For Seniors: Import Photos to iPad 2

You can import photos to your iPad 2 from an iPhone, digital camera, computer, or the Internet. After photos are imported to the iPad, you can view, print, and e-mail them. You can also shoot photos using [more…]

For Seniors: Capture Movies with iPad 2

iPad 2 sports two video cameras you can use to capture your own movies. You can e-mail videos you capture, or simply display your movies on the iPad screen. If you purchase the iMovie app [more…]

For Seniors: Add Friends to iPad's Game Center

Game Center is a one-stop gaming app for iPad 2. Game Center on iPad provides a place where you can add your gaming friends and play games with them online. If you want to play Game Center games with others [more…]

For Seniors: Download Games to iPad's Game Center

Game Center is a one-stop gaming app for iPad 2. Game Center on iPad 2 helps you find and download games from the App Store, add friends to play against, and track scores. [more…]

For Seniors: Playing Games in iPad's Game Center

Game Center for iPad 2 allows you to play games alone or with friends online. With iPad's Game Center, you can easily download new games and track your scores. [more…]

For Seniors: Open a Game Center Account for iPad

The Game Center app on iPad 2 is your one-stop gaming destination. To use Game Center on iPad, you must set up a free account. Game Center provides a place where you can add your gaming friends, track [more…]

For Seniors: Get Directions Using iPad's Google Maps

Using Google Maps for iPad, you can get directions to a location quickly. Directions in Maps appear as a line, marking the quickest route from one place to another, using the chosen transportation method [more…]

For Seniors: Change Views in iPad's Google Maps

Google Maps is included with iPad 2. The Maps application offers four views: Classic, Satellite, Hybrid, and Terrain. Change from view to view in Maps as often as you like. By the way, iPad displays the [more…]

For Seniors: Pin Locations in iPad's Google Maps

Google Maps for iPad allows you to pin (mark) locations on its map, such as your current location or a particular address, landmark, or business. Pin locations you want to be able to find quickly. [more…]

For Seniors: Use Street Level in Google Maps on iPad

The Street Level view in Google Maps on iPad 2 provides realistic images with a 360-degree adjustable street view of locations you search for. With Maps, you can lookup a home, business, or landmark's [more…]

For Seniors: Add Bookmarks to iPad's Google Maps

In Google Maps on iPad 2, a bookmark provides a way to save a destination permanently. Bookmarks allow you to find your favorite locations quickly, again and again. [more…]

For Seniors: Share a Google Maps Location with iPad 2

Google Maps on iPad 2 lets you quickly locate homes, businesses, or landmarks. Share the information you find via e-mail so that your friends and colleagues won't have to look it up as well. [more…]

For Seniors: Use the Compass in iPad's Google Maps

Google Maps for iPad 2 includes a Compass you can use to orient yourself with the map. Using Compass is kind of like rotating a paper map in your hands, in order to properly orient it with your actual [more…]

For Seniors: Display Current Location with iPad's Google Maps

The Google Maps app is preinstalled on iPad 2. With Google Maps, you can display your current location and discover what businesses are nearby. Using your current location, the Maps app can provide directions [more…]

For Seniors: Find Any Location with iPad's Google Maps

Google Maps is included with iPad 2. With Maps, you can search for a business, specific street address, or a landmark such as the Empire State Building. [more…]

For Seniors: View Location Information in iPad's Google Maps

iPad 2 includes the Google Maps app. Use it to lookup directions, addresses, phone numbers, and web pages for homes, businesses, and landmarks. Maps also allows you to quickly add the addresses and phone [more…]

For Seniors: Share iPad Calendars

You can sync calendar appointments from Yahoo! and Google with your iPad calendar. Using iTunes, you can also sync your computer's Outlook or iCal calendar with your iPad calendar. [more…]

For Seniors: Visit a Contact's Website on iPad 2

iPad helps you track important contact info such as addresses, phone numbers, websites, and so on. If a contact has a blog or other website for example, you can load it up in a jiffy on your iPad. [more…]

For Seniors: Send E-mail to an iPad 2 Contact

iPad helps you organize contact info so you can send e-mails, grab directions, or visit the websites of your contacts. After entering a friend's e-mail address into Contacts, for example, you can use that [more…]

For Seniors: Share iPad 2 Contacts

After you've entered contact information in iPad, you can share it with others via an e-mail message. Share your contacts so your friends and colleagues don't have to enter contact information manually [more…]

For Seniors: Map a Contact's Location on iPad 2

Using Google Maps on iPad 2, you can locate an address entered in Contacts. Maps can also provide directions to a contact's address from wherever you're currently located, or from some other location altogether [more…]

For Seniors: Delete an iPad 2 Contact

When it’s time to remove (delete) a name or two from Contacts on iPad, it’s easy to do. iPad helps you manage contact info such as names, addresses, phone numbers, and so on. Still, not all contacts prove [more…]

For Seniors: Manage Contacts with iPad 2

iPad helps you manage contact info such as names, addresses, phone numbers, and so on. Sure, you can use an address book to keep contacts, but why should you, when the iPad makes it so much fun? [more…]


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