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iPad Accessories: Cases

The thing about iPad accessories is that half the time, you wish they weren’t accessories at all. You wish they came in the box. Among the things you may have liked to have seen included with the iPad [more…]

iPad Accessories: The Apple iPad Keyboard Dock

The Apple iPad Keyboard Dock combines a full-size anodized aluminum keyboard with a built-in Dock that you can use to sync, charge, or connect other accessories to the iPad. Actually this keyboard has [more…]

iPad Accessories: The Apple Wireless Keyboard

The Apple Wireless Keyboard, as shown, is a way to use a top-notch aluminum physical keyboard without tethering it to the iPad. It operates from up to 30 feet away from the iPad via Bluetooth, the wireless [more…]

iPad Accessories: Camera Connections

The iPad doesn’t include a USB port or SD memory card slot for connecting a digital camera or memory card, which happen to be the most popular methods for getting pictures [more…]

iPad Accessories: Connections for a TV or Projector

The iPad has a pretty big screen for a tablet computer, and when it comes to the Retina display, you can't help but give it high praise.. But that display is still not nearly as large as a TV or a monitor [more…]

Wired Headphones, Earphones, and Headsets for Your iPad

Search Amazon for headphones, earphones, or headsets for your iPad and you’ll find thousands of each are available at prices ranging from around $10 to more than [more…]

iPad Accessories: Bluetooth Stereo Headphones, Earphones, and Headsets

The idea is that with Bluetooth stereo headphones/earphones/headsets, you can listen to music wirelessly up to 33 feet away from your iPad. If this sounds good to you, we suggest that you look for reviews [more…]

Protect Your iPad Screen with Film

Some people prefer not to use a case with their iPad, and that’s okay, too. But if you’re one of those people (or even if you’re not), you might want to consider protective film for the iPad screen or [more…]

iPad Accessories: Speakers

You can connect just about any speakers to your iPad, but if you want decent sound, look only at powered speakers and not passive (unpowered) ones. The difference is that powered speakers contain their [more…]

iPad Accessories: 2-into-1 Stereo Adapter

If two people have only one iPad you can imagine the tug-of-war. No worries: A 2-into-1 stereo adapter is a handy little device that lets two people plug their headphones/earphones/headsets into one iPad [more…]

Stand Up Your iPad with Griffin A-Frame

The Griffin A-Frame is a unique, multi-purpose tabletop stand for your iPad. The Griffin A-Frame is such an unusual iPad accessory, you should check it out and see if it's for you. You can find the A-frame [more…]

Virtual Keyboard Alternatives for the iPad mini

The various virtual keyboards that pop up just as you need them on the iPad mini are perfectly fine for shorter typing tasks, whether it’s composing e-mails or tapping a few notes. For most longer assignments [more…]

Basics of the iPad mini’s Lightning-to-USB Camera Adaptor

The iPad mini doesn’t include a USB port or an SD memory card slot, which happen to be the most popular methods for getting pictures (and videos) from a digital camera onto a computer. [more…]

Accessories to Connect the iPad mini to a TV

The iPad mini has a decent screen for what it is, a small tablet computer. But its display is nowhere near the size of a living room TV or even a computer monitor that you might find in a conference room [more…]

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