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How to Unjam CD and DVD Drives and Trays

Unless your home has air purifiers, the dust raised by you and your children and pets gravitates to everything that’s plugged in. Look at the TV a few days after you dust it; it’s coated again. CD and [more…]

How to Maintain Your DVD Player

CD and DVD players have a laser lens that needs to be cleaned periodically. To maintain your DVD player, occasionally unscrew the player’s case, so you can get at the lens to clean it. You need a screwdriver [more…]

What Is Google Chromecast?

Chromecast is a wireless display casting device developed by Google Inc. Chromecast enables the stream functionality of Chromebooks, Linux desktops, Android devices, and Google Chrome web browsers on in-home [more…]

How To Buy and Use a Roku Streaming Device

Roku is a music, photo, and video streaming device. If you are looking for a way to “cut the cord” with your local cable provider, then look no further. Roku offers thousands of public and private channels [more…]

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