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How to Add Keyboard Input to the All-Seeing Eye

You can use keyboard input to set the exact time delay value for your all-seeing eye, which controls how fast you want your eye to move back and forth. You can use the same technique to add numerical keyboard [more…]

LED Cube Pattern Generator

For the LED cube, you have to write the correct code to generate the animation. But writing all of those 1s and 0s can be really tedious. To make things easier, use the LED Cube pattern generator to create [more…]

Ten Links to Online Arduino Learning Resources

If you are interested in learning about Arduino projects, there are loads of things you can discover through some online resources. Check out the following links, which are some favorite online resources [more…]

Add the RFID Reader to Your Keypad Entry System

Both the keypad entry system and the RFID reader are connected to a relay that closes the circuit to whatever is attached. For example, it might be attached to an electronic door strike. But what if you [more…]

Arduino Projects For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Before you begin creating electronics projects with Arduino, get to know the symbols used in schematics; go over a color code chart to help you decipher resistor values; and explore some hardware and software [more…]

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