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Juicing Up Your Robot with Batteries

When you're ready to make your robot move, it's time to consider the full battery of options. Size, strength, and lasting power are all factors to take into account when making your selection. Not to mention [more…]

Putting Your Television to Work

What's all the big fuss about over TiVo?

TiVo works as your robotic television manager, constantly scanning upcoming show listings to separate your favorites from the trash. It juggles the recordings to [more…]

Navigating Street Atlas USA

The first thing that you notice about Street Atlas USA is that it doesn't use a familiar Windows, menu-based user interface. Instead, it uses a unique user interface with its mapping programs; after you [more…]

Selecting a Geocache to Look For

After you get all your gear together, ready to venture out into the wilds, comes this one small detail: How do you know where to look for a geocache?

Like most other modern-day searches for information, [more…]

Getting Wired with Nanowires

Nanowires are simply very tiny wires. They are composed of metals such as silver, gold, or iron, or semiconductors such as silicon, zinc oxide, and germanium. Nanoparticles are used to create these little [more…]

Enhancing and Managing Digital Photos with Roxio PhotoSuite 8

Roxio PhotoSuite 8 provides multipurpose editing for your digital photos. In addition to being able to make enhancements that fix flaws such as red eye, over- and underexposure, and blurriness, you can [more…]

Picking a Radio Club

The easiest way to get in touch with other hams is through the local radio club. Radio clubs have been around as long as radio. The first clubs were just groups of like-minded experimenters who collaborated [more…]

Understanding Warranties and Returns on Car Audio Equipment

Like any consumer product, car audio equipment usually comes with a manufacturer's warranty. But unlike most consumer products, car audio equipment has to be installed in a vehicle for it to work. Some [more…]

Units of Measure for Electronics and More

These units of measure are used in many different areas, not just electronics. Note that in science and engineering, though, an upper case 'M' represents a million and a lower case 'm' represents a millionth [more…]

Electronics Calculations Using Ohm’s Law and Joule’s Law

These equations, using Ohm’s Law and Joule’s Law, are the most useful you’ll find in electronics. They come in handy all the time for checking what's going on in your circuits. [more…]

Resistor and Capacitor Colour Code

Use this table to decipher the colour code on your resistors and capacitors. Distinguishing some colours from others can be tricky, so examine small parts really closely – perhaps with a magnifying glass [more…]

Capacitor Tolerance Code

Capacitor ratings aren't all that precise, but you can at least work out how imprecise the ratings are by deciphering the following letter tolerance codes. [more…]

Capacitor Value Reference

The first two digits of a capacitor value reference give you a number that you then divide or multiply by factors of ten according to the value of the third digit. [more…]

Electronic Component Abbreviations

This table lists the abbreviations for some standard international units named after famous scientists and engineers. The symbol for the ohm is the upper case omega, which is the last letter of the Greek [more…]

Electronics For Dummies Cheat Sheet (UK Edition)

Having basic electronics info with you at your electronics workbench in the UK can be invaluable. Tear out and pin up these calculations, values, symbols, abbreviations, measurements and markings, and [more…]

Get Free Games with Sony's PSPgo Rewards Plan - Europe Only

If you're living in Europe and switching from a PSP (PlayStation Portable) to a PSPgo, then Sony's PSPgo Rewards plan can help with a bump in the transition. [more…]

How to Make Space on Your Portable Media Player

What do you do when your portable media player runs out of space? You may never reach the outer limits of your media player if you have a huge hard drive and rip your music at the default settings of your [more…]

Popular GPS Manufacturers

When you can download a GPS app to your phone, you know GPS has gone global in more than just name (GPS = global positioning system. Get it?). To help you explore some of the GPS makers out there, the [more…]

Must-Have Features for a Handheld GPS

If you're happiest in the great outdoors, a handheld GPS device may make you even happier. Use a GPS unit to help with your personal navigation needs whether you're boating, hiking, geocaching, or doing [more…]

How GPS Modes Affect Accuracy

The accuracy of your GPS unit can vary depending on whether you set the mode to make use of differential GPS (DGPS), which augments satellite information with ground-based signals; a wide area augmentation [more…]

GPS For Dummies Cheat Sheet

If you're really good at getting lost, a GPS device can be your best co-pilot. And even if you're good with directions but just want to know where you are at all times, a GPS unit can offer accurate information [more…]

How to Read Capacitor Value Markings

When you’re building circuits with capacitors, you’ll need to learn to read the value markings, which not only designate values but other parameters as well. [more…]

Drill Sizes Commonly Used in Electronics

Building circuits and other electronics requires a small electric drill, cordless or not. Invest in a small bench-mount drill press if you're installing circuits in project boxes and cabinets so it looks [more…]

Metric System Unit Prefixes

For building circuits or other electronics, a system of prefixes is used to make managing and reading metric easier. Use this chart to learn the metric prefix, its symbol, and the decimal value. [more…]

Voltage Conversions

Here are some handy mathematical formulas to help you figure out what those waveforms mean, and how to convert them to other measurements, when you're measuring voltage in your batteries or other electronic [more…]


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