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The Palm Pre Touchscreen Navigation Gestures

Depending on the Pre webOS application that’s open, if any, you navigate the Palm Pre and determine actions by moving your finger(s) in certain ways on and below the Pre screen. For example, you can swipe [more…]

How to Work with Text on the Palm Pre

With the Palm Pre, you can manipulate text as you would in most other applications. For example, you can select text within text fields, cut and copy it, and paste it elsewhere. You can also do some basic [more…]

Palm Pre Keyboard Shortcuts

Using key combinations on your Palm Pre can provide you quick, easy access to common (and some not-so-common) tasks. Here is a list of handy Pre keyboard shortcuts. [more…]

Palm Pre For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Find out how to get up and running with the Palm Pre smartphone, use its touchscreen features, and discover gesture and keyboard shortcuts for various webOS applications, including text messaging, viewing [more…]

How to Create E-Book Files with Mobipocket

Mobipocket is a free e-reader program that lets you read, annotate, and create e-books from your PC or from your smartphone or mobile device. The application is available for many smartphone platforms, [more…]

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