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How to Get Your Information onto Your PlayBook

The BlackBerry PlayBook can communicate the following ways: the basic model includes a WiFi transmitter and receiver that can connect to the web through a public or private router. That basic model also [more…]

BlackBerry Messenger for Your PlayBook

BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) is Research in Motion’s very own version of an instant messaging service. BBM allows any two BlackBerry users who have a data plan on their phone to communicate with each other [more…]

How to Find the PIN for Your BlackBerry PlayBook

Every BlackBerry device, smartphone and PlayBook alike, has its very own electronic identification issued by the mothership back at Research in Motion [more…]

How to Start a BlackBerry Messenger Session

With the BlackBerry PlayBook, BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) is available as a component of the BlackBerry Bridge; when you wirelessly connect your tablet to a BlackBerry smartphone, you can send and receive [more…]

Your Contacts Database on Your BlackBerry PlayBook

The Contacts on your BlackBerry PlayBook (and smartphone) database helps tie together all of the elements of the personal information apps. To help organize your contacts, you can assign them to one or [more…]

How to Use the Calendar with Your BlackBerry Playbook

Like nearly all of the various standard apps on the BlackBerry PlayBook, the calendar is simple and to the point. At its most basic level, you navigate to a date, click a time slot, and then add the details [more…]

Components of Documents To Go for the BlackBerry PlayBook

Documents To Go is one of the truly amazing features of recent-model BlackBerry smartphones. The ability to download and use this app brought the essential functionality of Microsoft Word and Microsoft [more…]

Create Documents with Word To Go on Your BlackBerry PlayBook

Once you get underway with using Word To Go in your BlackBerry PlayBook, you will find it remarkably familiar to its big brother, Microsoft Word. The bottom half of the screen shows the keyboard. The upper [more…]

Edit a Word Document in Word To Go

To change or add to an existing Word document, open the doc in Word To Go on your BlackBerry PlayBook. You can choose a recent document or tap Browse to search your BlackBerry PlayBook [more…]

How to Use Sheet To Go on the BlackBerry PlayBook

The BlackBerry PlayBook’s spreadsheet app (with an unfortunate name that sounds like the description of a wanderer in search of a bed) works with XLS or XLSX files, and has most full spreadsheet functionality [more…]

Slideshow To Go on Your BlackBerry PlayBook

Slideshow To Go for your BlackBerry PlayBook manages to do two things at the same time: it both impresses and disappoints. These features are exciting: [more…]

Clock and Timer Suite Apps for Your BlackBerry Playbook

The multi-faced clock and timer suite is one of the apps on your BlackBerry PlayBook dedicated to helping someone with limited time make the most of limited money. [more…]

The Calculator App on the BlackBerry PlayBook

A simple but very elegant BlackBerry PlayBook tool is the built-in calculator, which can help you balance your checkbook, figure the tip for dinner, perform complex scientific math, or convert from just [more…]

Unit Converter Calculator App on the BlackBerry PlayBook

You can perform simple conversions with the Unit Converter calculator on the BlackBerry PlayBook, like figuring out that 100 km/hr is not quite as fast as it sounds, equaling only 62.137 mph or a mere [more…]

Tip Calculator App on the BlackBerry PlayBook

Although you could do the same math using the standard calculator, the tip app for your BlackBerry PlayBook adds a few extra wrinkles. To figure a tip, do the following: [more…]

File Share on Your BlackBerry PlayBook Using WiFi

You can share files back and forth between your BlackBerry PlayBook and a WiFi equipped personal or laptop computer. Although it can be made to work, it is a rather complex process. [more…]

Manage a Bluetooth Session on Your BlackBerry PlayBook

Once you give permission for a particular pairing between devices, your BlackBerry PlayBook tracks that agreement and, usually, automatically connect to that device anytime it is within range. [more…]

Bluetooth Profiles Supported by the BlackBerry PlayBook

The BlackBerry PlayBook works with most of the common profiles employed by Bluetooth devices. To find out if your tablet supports a specific Bluetooth enabled device, find out what profiles it uses. The [more…]

Make Calls from Your BlackBerry PlayBook with Comwave’s ePhone App

One of the first significant communications tools offered by a third-party company for the BlackBerry PlayBook extends the intriguing world of Voice Over Internet [more…]

Explore the BlackBerry PlayBook Browser

When a web page is viewed in landscape mode on the Blackberry PlayBook, only about 15 percent of the screen displays the address bar and a simple set of browsing tools, and if you don’t want to give even [more…]

Change Browser Options on the BlackBerry PlayBook

As any user of the World Wide Web can attest, it’s sometimes a bit of the Wild Wild West out there. Research in Motion has come to the rescue with some useful security and privacy features for the BlackBerry [more…]

Choose a Communication Link for Your BlackBerry PlayBook

The BlackBerry PlayBook can connect to the Internet four different ways. The makers of the tablet didn’t do this to confuse you; they did it to offer options for different working conditions. [more…]

Extend the Reach of the BlackBerry PlayBook Browser

The browser included in the svelte little BlackBerry PlayBook is a heavy-duty full-featured utility. It includes many of the advanced features recently introduced into browsers for personal computers. [more…]

BlackBerry Internet Service for Your BlackBerry PlayBook

Think of BlackBerry Internet Service (BIS) as very similar to the ISP (the Internet service provider) that brings the web to your personal computer, except that BIS is specific to the BlackBerry world. [more…]

BlackBerry Enterprise Server for Your BlackBerry PlayBook

BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES) for your PlayBook is usually an extension of a corporate intranet (the private network maintained within a company or institution). The manager of a closed intranet can [more…]


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