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Change or Reorder Saved Networks on the BlackBerry PlayBook

Once you’ve connected to a network, the BlackBerry PlayBook makes it easy to reconnect when you’re in the same electronic neighborhood. If more than one of the saved networks is within reach, the PlayBook [more…]

What You Need to Use the BlackBerry PlayBook

Well, obviously you need a BlackBerry PlayBook. But you won’t be able to do anything with it, at least at first, until you connect to the Internet and configure it for the first time. Here’s a list of [more…]

Get to Know the Inside of Your BlackBerry PlayBook

An area that few BlackBerry PlayBook users will ever see is the inside. Here the clever engineers and designers have managed to squeeze all of the electronic parts that make this plastic case into a computer [more…]

Three Regions of the BlackBerry PlayBook Touchscreen

Consider some metaphorical places on the front touchscreen of the BlackBerry PlayBook when you are looking at the home page. Although the entire screen can display a single image or document page, the [more…]

Set Up WiFi or Cell Connection for Your BlackBerry PlayBook

Although the BlackBerry PlayBook isn’t alive, it does have certain needs that must be dealt with before it can do that thing that it does so well. You can mostly just sit back and respond to questions [more…]

ID Yourself and Upgrade the BlackBerry PlayBook OS

As part of the setup process for your new Blackberry PlayBook, you will need to apply for a BlackBerry ID or apply an existing one to your new PlayBook. [more…]

How to Pair Your BlackBerry PlayBook to a Smartphone

At any time you can pair a BlackBerry smartphone to your BlackBerry PlayBook. This is one of the key differences between this tablet and the others.

The process of pairing uses a utility called BlackBerry [more…]

Attach Your BlackBerry PlayBook to PC or Mac

With all the BlackBerry PlayBook’s wireless capabilities, it is still necessary (and sometimes easier) to connect to a personal or laptop computer with a wire [more…]

Master BlackBerry PlayBook Basic Gestures

You can accomplish just about anything you want on the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet using one or sometimes two fingers. They’re called gestures. The active area for the touchscreen of the BlackBerry PlayBook [more…]

Advanced Gestures to Use on the BlackBerry PlayBook

Some advanced gestures help you get into the innards of the operating system and the exteriority of the apps and utilities of the BlackBerry PlayBook. [more…]

How to Change the BlackBerry PlayBook Keyboard

The basic keyboard for the BlackBerry PlayBook is a recognizable version of the familiar QWERTY device that most of us have learned to master to some degree or another. [more…]

How to Customize a Configured BlackBerry PlayBook

Don’t worry too much about decisions you make in the initial setup of your brand-spanking-new BlackBerry PlayBook. With the exception of downloading the most current OS and agreeing to the user agreement [more…]

About Your BlackBerry PlayBook

The About panel is your BlackBerry PlayBook’s information panel. It actually has five pages; you can get to more data by tapping the down arrow. [more…]

BlackBerry PlayBook Storage & Sharing Options

If you’re looking for some of the reasons the BlackBerry PlayBook is attractive to corporate and enterprise IT managers — the keepers of company secrets — you’ll find some of the answers in the Storage [more…]

General Settings on Your BlackBerry PlayBook

On their BlackBerry PlayBooks, most users won’t want to change the Application Behavior setting from Default; leaving it as is means an application stays active in the background until another application [more…]

Operations Settings for Your BlackBerry PlayBook

Five categories of settings are related to the way you interact with or receive information from your BlackBerry PlayBook tablet: Keyboard, Screen, Sounds, Date & Time, and HDMI. [more…]

Communication with the BlackBerry PlayBook

The BlackBerry PlayBook is all about communication; it really doesn’t serve much purpose without a link of some sort. The basic mode of communication for the PlayBook, in many situations, is a WiFi connection [more…]

Reasons to Use the BlackBerry PlayBook Bridge

If you own both a BlackBerry PlayBook and an up-to-date BlackBerry smartphone, using the BlackBerry Bridge adds a separate level of apps: e-mail, calendar, contacts, Messenger, and more, each enhanced [more…]

Bridge Links the BlackBerry PlayBook with Your Smartphone

Research in Motion, the developers of the BlackBerry PlayBook, has a business plan that emphasizes security and reliability above bells and whistles. Not that its devices don’t eventually reach the point [more…]

How to Add Bridge on a BlackBerry Phone

There are two ways to add BlackBerry Bridge, the connecting software that comes with your Blackberry Playbook, to a BlackBerry smartphone; neither requires heavy lifting and both are free. And there are [more…]

How to Open the Bridge on Your BlackBerry PlayBook

After you have installed BlackBerry Bridge on your smartphone, you can open a link between the phone and your BlackBerry PlayBook. The simplest way to begin is this way: [more…]

Advanced BlackBerry PlayBook Options for Bridge Users

Anyone who has used a BlackBerry smartphone will be quickly at ease when working on a BlackBerry PlayBook linked by the Bridge. All of the basic functions — the calendar, contact book, e-mail, MemoPad, [more…]

How to Attach the Proper File Types on the BlackBerry PlayBook

Security! The designers of the BlackBerry PlayBook must have that stenciled on the front of their computer screens, which is actually a pretty good watchword in these sometimes threatening times. Many [more…]

How to Connect Your BlackBerry PlayBook to WiFi

Using WiFi on your BlackBerry PlayBook begins with setting up the tablet. With the PlayBook configured to work with WiFi, turn on the PlayBook’s WiFi transceiver. You have two ways to do that. [more…]

Advanced BlackBerry PlayBook Options for Secure Networks

The BlackBerry PlayBook may look like an ordinary consumer grade tablet, but it has a wide range of professional-grade security features. The idea is that you can have the convenience of your BlackBerry [more…]

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