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Shop at BlackBerry App World from Your PlayBook

BlackBerry App World is currently the only way to add new apps to your BlackBerry PlayBook. However, it seems likely that other sellers will find ways to get their products onto your tablet, just as they [more…]

My World in BlackBerry App World on Your PlayBook

When shopping for apps on your BlackBerry PlayBook, you have BlackBerry App World, and then you have My World. Well, yourMy World. You can find the details of any apps you’ve purchased or downloaded for [more…]

Advanced App Shopping on Your BlackBerry PlayBook

With the introduction of the BlackBerry PlayBook, BlackBerry App World has expanded its offerings to include apps for the tablet. Some of the products are free, supported by advertising, or given away [more…]

Support for Third-Party Apps on Your BlackBerry PlayBook

Nearly all the apps available at BlackBerry App World, which is available on your PlayBook, are developed and sold by companies other than Research in Motion [more…]

How to Load Music Files on Your BlackBerry PlayBook

The BlackBerry PlayBook is the greatest professional-grade music and video player ever offered. It can match the iPad feature for feature, and it’s coupled with the enhanced security and dependability [more…]

How to Play Music from Your BlackBerry PlayBook

Opening the BlackBerry PlayBook music player and picking a tune is as simple as a tap dance — simpler, actually, since it doesn’t require special shoes or a sense of rhythm. [more…]

How to Create Playlists on Your Blackberry PlayBook

The BlackBerry PlayBook comes with a single empty playlist that can hold your absolute most favorite tracks. If you’d like to have more than one playlist [more…]

Synchronize Music on Your PlayBook with Your Computer

Current versions of BlackBerry Desktop Software, available for free from BlackBerry (or from your cellphone provider if you use a BlackBerry smartphone), allow you to synchronize the media [more…]

Convert Your Own Music for Your PlayBook

You can convert your own collections of CDs to play from your BlackBerry PlayBook. The CDs in your personal library are recorded as digital files, which is a good thing; they will likely last for years [more…]

How to Shop at the BlackBerry PlayBook Music Store

Besides syncing a file that’s on your computer to the storage memory inside your BlackBerry PlayBook, you have another way to add music to your portable tablet: buy it from an online seller. The official [more…]

Safe WiFi and Bluetooth Practices for Your BlackBerry PlayBook

Connecting a BlackBerry PlayBook to the Internet and to e-mail servers using a WiFi network is convenient and relatively quick, and it’s usually inexpensive or free. Communication between a PlayBook and [more…]

Control File-Sharing Security for Your BlackBerry PlayBook

The BlackBerry PlayBook will let you share certain files via USB cable as well as by WiFi wireless connection. In order for either to happen, you have to enable sharing; the safest setting is to turn both [more…]

Be Safe while Suring on Your BlackBerry PlayBook

The BlackBerry PlayBook’s Internet browser has many of the latest security and privacy components that you see on personal or laptop computers. But you do need to consider which settings to use. The safest [more…]

Ultra Security for Your BlackBerry PlayBook

One of the big selling points for the BlackBerry PlayBook is its ability to display Flash scripts, the fancy animations and interactive elements that seem to bring a web page to life. [more…]

Security Certificates for Your BlackBerry PlayBook

You can use security certificates on your BlackBerry PlayBook. Digital certificates, also called security certificates, are encrypted, locked documents that prove your identity as a user, or prove that [more…]

Resuscitate Your BlackBerry PlayBook

The following tips are equal to emergency CPR — something that you may never have to perform on your BlackBerry PlayBook. But just as with humans, it’s a tool you should have ready at all times just in [more…]

Clear the Browser on Your BlackBerry PlayBook

Sometimes you have to clear the browser on your BlackBerry PlayBook. Research in Motion, Google, Microsoft, the United Nations, and your local gardening club are all equally powerless when it comes to [more…]

Geo-Tag Photos with Your PlayBook Camera

You can use the camera in your BlackBerry PlayBook to geo-tag your photos so you know where you were when you took those images. Geo-tagging marks photos with your approximate location on the planet. [more…]

How to Grab a Screen Capture on Your BlackBerry PlayBook

One nice bit of programming, an element of the operating system itself, allows you to capture just about anything you see on the screen of the BlackBerry PlayBook. The capture is treated as if it were [more…]

How to Launch the Pictures App on the BlackBerry PlayBook

The pictures app is one of the utilities that come as part of the basic operating system for the BlackBerry PlayBook. You can load it one of three ways: [more…]

Camera Pictures, Photos, Wallpaper, or All Pictures Folders on Your PlayBook

On your BlackBerry PlayBook, the Camera Pictures, Photos, Wallpaper, or All Pictures folders offer you plenty of options. Here’s what you can do with the Camera Pictures, Photos, Wallpaper, or All Pictures [more…]

Set Up a Video Shoot on Your BlackBerry PlayBook

The video cameras in the BlackBerry PlayBook use the same lenses (and much of the same electronics) as the digital still cameras. Again, the rear-facing camera [more…]

Play and View Videos on Your BlackBerry PlayBook

To watch a video on your BlackBerry PlayBook, go to the Videos folder and select one of the files. Then simply tap the image. The PlayBook comes with a three-minute high-definition video demonstration [more…]

Browse for a Book with Kobo on Your BlackBerry PlayBook

The Kobo store on the BlackBerry PlayBook is essentially the same as the online bookstores for Barnes & Noble, Borders Books, the Apple iBookstore, the Google eBookstore, and others. You can browse the [more…]

Buy Books from Kobo on Your BlackBerry PlayBook

If one part of using the BlackBerry PlayBook has been tested six ways to Sunday, it’s user efficiency and satisfaction in the purchasing process. After all, that’s where the money is; although Research [more…]

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