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Creating a New E-Mail Message on Your Pocket PC

Creating an email message is a very simple process. It's almost the same as writing out a quick note except that you need to add the recipient's address and a subject line to an email message. [more…]

Setting Up Repeating Appointments on Your Palm

You certainly don't want to forget that important weekly meeting of Electronics Shoppers Anonymous. Rather than enter each of those meetings individually, you can set up a repeating appointment in your [more…]

Setting Alarms in Your Palm Calendar

Some of us need lots of reminding. Fortunately, your Palm device is always around to gently pester you into doing what needs to be done — when it needs to be done. It's sort of a like an electronic mother-in-law [more…]

Finding a Contact in Your Palm Address Book

If you took the time to enter a bunch of names into your Palm device, you obviously want to find those names again.

Here's the quickest way to find a name in the Address Book: [more…]

Giving Tablet PC an Earful

The Speech feature of Windows XP for Tablet PC enables you to dictate content for documents, such as letters, e-mails, or spreadsheets. You can also speak commands to your computer and software, such as [more…]

Adding Appointments to the Palm Calendar

You can keep track of a surprising amount of detailed information in the Date Book. Thousands of appointments fit comfortably into the Date Book, along with reminders, notes, and other details. You don't [more…]

Adding an Appointment on Your Pocket PC

To add a new appointment, open your calendar and then tap New on the menu bar. You can also tap-and-hold on a specific date and time for the appointment, and select New Appointment from the pop-up menu [more…]

Changing To-Dos on Your Palm Device

The French have a saying, "Plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose," which means, "The more things change, the more they're the same." The neat thing about changing to-do items is that you basically follow [more…]

Purging Palm To-Dos That You've Done

The reason for keeping a to-do list is to help you get things done. After you've done the things on your list, you have no reason to leave them hanging around. The Purge function automatically deletes [more…]

The Palm Pre Touchscreen Navigation Gestures

Depending on the Pre webOS application that’s open, if any, you navigate the Palm Pre and determine actions by moving your finger(s) in certain ways on and below the Pre screen. For example, you can swipe [more…]

How to Work with Text on the Palm Pre

With the Palm Pre, you can manipulate text as you would in most other applications. For example, you can select text within text fields, cut and copy it, and paste it elsewhere. You can also do some basic [more…]

Palm Pre Keyboard Shortcuts

Using key combinations on your Palm Pre can provide you quick, easy access to common (and some not-so-common) tasks. Here is a list of handy Pre keyboard shortcuts. [more…]

Palm Pre For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Find out how to get up and running with the Palm Pre smartphone, use its touchscreen features, and discover gesture and keyboard shortcuts for various webOS applications, including text messaging, viewing [more…]

BlackBerry Bold Home Screen Shortcuts

BlackBerry Bold applications for e-mail, Web browsing, , personal management, and text messages can be accessed from the Home screen. Pop open an application using the following keyboard shortcuts. When [more…]

Typing Shortcuts for the BlackBerry Bold

BlackBerry Bold typing shortcuts for e-mail, SMS text messages, and personal management can save you time and trouble as you read and enter information. [more…]

BlackBerry Bold Web Browser Shortcuts

BlackBerry Bold's keyboard makes Internet surfing and Web browsing faster and more convenient. This table lists the actions you can take with the press of a key. [more…]

BlackBerry Bold Message List Shortcuts

BlackBerry Bold's keyboard accesses e-mail, Web browsing, voice mail, and SMS text message application options while you read the message list. These tables list the actions and keys that sort, filter, [more…]

BlackBerry Bold For Dummies Cheat Sheet

The BlackBerry Bold keyboard accesses the e-mail, Internet browsing, and text message features of this powerful smartphone to keep you connected and organized. These shortcuts guide you through the options [more…]

BlackBerry Curve: Calendar Shortcuts

When using the BlackBerry Curve Calendar application, take advantage of the following keyboard shortcuts. Get to the BlackBerry Curve Calendar application by selecting the Calendar icon from the Home screen [more…]

BlackBerry Curve: Home Screen Shortcuts

Using your Blackberry Curve is so much faster when you know the shortcuts. When you’re at the BlackBerry Curve Home screen, use these keyboard shortcuts to quickly pop open an application. [more…]

BlackBerry Curve: Typing Shortcuts

Speed up your typing on the BlackBerry Curve with these handy shortcuts. The typing shortcuts on your BlackBerry Curve are especially helpful when viewing an e-mail or a Web page or replying to an e-mail [more…]

BlackBerry Curve: Browser Shortcuts

Make Web browsing on your BlackBerry Curve faster and easier with the following keyboard shortcuts. These shortcuts are available whenever you use the BlackBerry Browser application on your BlackBerry [more…]

BlackBerry Curve: Message Application Shortcuts

When your BlackBerry Curve is in the Message List, you can use the following Message application keyboard shortcuts. To get to the BlackBerry Curve Message application, select the Messages icon from the [more…]

BlackBerry Curve For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Your BlackBerry Curve can improve productivity and change your life while on the go. Knowing all sorts of shortcuts for the BlackBerry Curve boosts efficiency even further. Discover how to navigate the [more…]

Conserve Battery Life on Your Smartphones and Laptops

Smartphones and laptops can give you near-instantaneous access to the Internet no matter where you are, but all that accessibility means nothing if your battery is dead. If you're ultimately concerned [more…]


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