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Exchanging Data between Your Pocket PC and Desktop PC

If your Pocket PC and your desktop PC are going to be partners, they need to be able to share your data. You wouldn't want to have to retype everything just because you wanted to use it on both computers [more…]

HotSyncing Your Palm Device with Your Desktop PC

In theory, you could use your Palm device all by itself, with no other computer involved. But if you're only interested in doing things the easiest way possible, then the Palm Desktop programs may be the [more…]

Setting HotSync Options for Palm Mail

After you accumulate a healthy number of items on your Palm device, the HotSync process may slow down quite a bit. At first, a HotSync takes only a few seconds, but after a couple of months, a HotSync [more…]

Adding Contacts Manually on Your Pocket PC

Of all of the methods of adding people to your Pocket PC address book, you'll probably spend the most time adding records manually, which isn't the easiest way to add records, nor is it the quickest. But [more…]

Using Voice Recognition to Manage Your Pocket PC Contacts

You can use voice recognition software on your Pocket PC. A popular software package that's available is Voice LookUpfrom HandHeld Speech ( [more…]

Setting Reminders on Your Pocket PC

Adding things to your busy schedule is only half the battle. You also have to remember to send that anniversary card, make that important phone call, or meet that potential backer for lunch. And, to make [more…]

Getting to Know Your Palm Device

A Palm device is a simple little contraption with almost no moving parts. Sometimes it's hard to believe that it's a computer at all. After all, computers are supposed to have zillions of buttons and lights [more…]

Going Wireless with Your Tablet PC

Although you can connect through a regular phone line or some method of high-speed access to e-mail and fax from your Tablet PC, you may be less familiar with what's involved in making a wireless connection [more…]

Sharing Photos between a Digital Camera and Your Pocket PC

In order to work with digital images on your Pocket PC, you first have to move those images from your digital camera to your Pocket PC. This can be very simple in some cases and very difficult in others [more…]

Archiving Your Palm Data

Your Palm device can hold only a fraction of the information your desktop computer can. To save space on the Palm device, clearing things out regularly is a good idea. The Palm device has a Purge function [more…]

Beaming Items with Your Palm Device

Beaming is a Palm Computing feature that enables you to send information from one Palm device to another by directly pointing the two units at each other. As long as the units are no more than about three [more…]

Upgrading Your Palm

You can upgrade three elements of your Palm device: the operating system (or Palm OS), the memory card, or the desktop program.

You need to know these two essential facts about upgrading your Palm device [more…]

Using Palm Mail

You can use the built-in Palm email program only if you have a desktop mail program with which to synchronize it. You can do many of the same tasks with Palm Mail that you can with your desktop email program [more…]

Backing Up Your Pocket PC Files

Synchronizing your files is a great way to keep your Pocket PC and your desktop PC working together, but there's one big problem with synchronization — it doesn't protect you from losing important data [more…]

Getting to Know the Palm Applications

Palm devices aren't designed to be just cool little computers, although they're definitely cool little computers. They are designed to do useful things for you as soon as you take them out of the box. [more…]

Tracking Your iPAQ Tasks List

Scheduling a specific time for tasks can be a real chore. How do you schedule something that doesn't really have a date associated with it? Still, a few tasks have at least some relationship to your calendar [more…]

Infrared HotSyncing Your Palm to Your Laptop

If you take advantage of IR HotSync, you can HotSync your Palm device to a laptop computer without lugging around a cradle or cable. This feature uses the same infrared [more…]

Taking and Reading Memos on Your Palm Device

If you plan to use the Memo Pad to write down large amounts of information while you're away from your desk, it really pays to understand how to use Graffiti. You can get by in all the other Palm Computing [more…]

Checking Signal Strength on Your Palm Device

As the Palm VII becomes popular, you'll be able to take advantage to wireless features nearly everywhere. In the early going, however, you'll be able to use Palm.Net, the Palm VII service, in only selected [more…]

Adding a New Entry in Your Palm Address Book

Many people have relied on a Little Black Book since even before Casanova. The paper kind served well until the computer came along and enabled you to find one name from a list of thousands faster than [more…]

Tracking Your Tasks on Your Pocket PC

Scheduling a specific time for tasks can be a real chore. How do you schedule something that doesn't really have a date associated with it? Still, a few tasks have at least some relationship to your calendar [more…]

Adding New To-Dos on Your Palm Device

Adding items to the To Do List is as easy as you want to make it. If you want to keep track of short lists of simple projects, you can go a long way with the tools that come with a Palm device. If your [more…]

Recording a Note on Your Pocket PC

In addition to typing, handwriting, and drawing, you have another interesting option for creating a note. You can record a note in your own voice — or someone else's if you can get her to talk into your [more…]

Adding Categories to a To-Do List on Your Palm

People who use Palm devices are often busy people with scads of things to do. If you're usually juggling too many tasks to fit on one little screen, you'll find assigning categories to your tasks useful [more…]

Setting Up Custom Address Book Fields on Your Palm Device

Sometimes you need to keep track of something about the people you know but you don't already have a line (or field) for it on your Address List. For example, if your job involves selling merchandise to [more…]


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