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Read a Book on Your BlackBerry PlayBook

The actual process of reading a book on your BlackBerry PlayBook is about as simple as, well, reading a printed book. The BlackBerry PlayBook comes with the Kobo Books Reader app. [more…]

Reading Menu Options on Your BlackBerry PlayBook

You can read digital books from your BlackBerry PlayBook. When you swipe down from the top bezel of the screen (or tap in the center of the screen) in the Kobo Books Reader app, the following reading menu [more…]

Sources for Reading Material for Your BlackBerry PlayBook

The Kobo Books Reader is intended for use with titles that are downloaded from the Kobo site. That doesn’t, however, mean that this is the only possible source for reading material for your BlackBerry [more…]

How to Hang Wallpaper on Your BlackBerry PlayBook

On your BlackBerry PlayBook, your home page is kind of like your rec room; it’s a place where you hang out while you think about where you want to go next. You can choose to have a subtle, unobtrusive [more…]

Arrange Desktop Icons on Your BlackBerry PlayBook

It doesn’t take long for your clean BlackBerry PlayBook desktop to begin to look like the aftermath of an explosion in a cartoon candy store. The total of basic apps alone is about 40, and most users will [more…]

Place Icons in a Folder on Your BlackBerry PlayBook

Properly arranged folders on your BlackBerry PlayBook are a beautiful thing — a work of organizational art. It also helps you find things in a hurry. The catch-all folder is the one with the appropriate [more…]

Choose a Keyboard for Your BlackBerry PlayBook

The BlackBerry PlayBook, as first delivered, can work with three slightly different keyboard layouts: QWERTY, QWERTZ, or AZERTY. The tablet, as sold in the United States and Canada, comes with the familiar [more…]

Password Protect Your BlackBerry PlayBook

To secure your BlackBerry PlayBook, you need to set a password for access to your PlayBook. Choose a password that’s easy to remember but difficult to guess. And please don’t write it down on a sticky [more…]

Crop Photos without an App on Your BlackBerry PlayBook

It isn’t the same as importing a digital image file into an image editing program — not even close — but if you want to make a quick but imperfect crop of an image taken with the BlackBerry PlayBook camera [more…]

Do a Factory Reset of Your BlackBerry PlayBook

Stop, wait, and think: if you’ve done all there is to do (including calling Research in Motion for their advice), you may have to wipe out your BlackBerry PlayBook’s memory. Think of Hal singing “Daisy [more…]

BlackBerry PlayBook Battery

Most BlackBerry PlayBook users are cordless for much of their time with the tablet because the PlayBook uses a high-tech rechargeable battery. The battery itself isn’t something you should ever expect [more…]

BlackBerry PlayBook Battery Charger

Your BlackBerry PlayBook battery is rechargeable. Research in Motion (RIM) is kind enough to include a charger in the nifty box that comes with the tablet. [more…]

How to Troubleshoot Your BlackBerry PlayBook Battery Charger

The BlackBerry PlayBook charger is a small sealed black box. You can only assume it is working when you plug it into your tablet. (It doesn’t even have an LED light to tell you if it’s working.) [more…]

Get the Most from Your BlackBerry PlayBook Battery

Usually, when you look at the things that use up battery in a computer, you consider things like the hard disk drive, CD/DVD motors, and fans. But the BlackBerry PlayBook has no moving parts. Instead, [more…]

Software Updates for Your BlackBerry PlayBook

You can count on Research in Motion (RIM) to notify you any time there’s an important update to your BlackBerry PlayBook’s OS. But you can also check whether a [more…]

Get Service Help for Your BlackBerry PlayBook

Computers of all sizes — including the tiny BlackBerry PlayBook — come with almost no printed manuals (for which the authors of For Dummies books are thankful) and the advice from the pros is this: If [more…]

Find Out About Your BlackBerry PlayBook

One of the first things you should know how to do is to obtain the whys and wherefores of your BlackBerry PlayBook. To know the basics, consult the About screens [more…]

Generate General Logs for Your BlackBerry PlayBook

The BlackBerry PlayBook is almost a sentient being; it clearly knows what’s going on within and without itself any time it’s powered on. Just check the logs. Nearly every element of the operating system [more…]

How to Troubleshoot Your BlackBerry PlayBook Browser

What should you do if your browser won’t browse? The first thing to do is figure out who is at fault: you, the BlackBerry PlayBook, your Internet connection, or the web page itself. If the PlayBook isn’t [more…]

Troubleshoot the BlackBerry Bridge

The BlackBerry Bridge allows PlayBook users to gain wireless access to material stored on their BlackBerry smartphone. It also allows Internet use via a BlackBerry smartphone data stream. In general, after [more…]

Troubleshoot a Video Chat on Your BlackBerry PlayBook

Conducting a video chat is among the niftier tricks of the BlackBerry PlayBook; two individuals — or two rooms full of people — can talk into the screen and see each others’ faces. It all takes place across [more…]

Troubleshoot WiFi Problems on Your BlackBerry PlayBook

Two types of problems tend to disturb the peaceful pursuit of WiFi communication with your BlackBerry Playbook: problems with establishing an initial connection, and problems maintaining a link when conditions [more…]

WiFi Diagnostics for Your BlackBerry PlayBook

Because of the importance of WiFi to the BlackBerry PlayBook, the operating system includes a very detailed set of diagnostic and testing tools. Here you can find out more than you ever thought you might [more…]

Untangle Internet Tethering for Your BlackBerry PlayBook

Although it sounds like you’re tying down your BlackBerry PlayBook, the act of tethering actually opens it up to use of (in theory) any smartphone’s cellular data stream for access to the Internet. That’s [more…]

Troubleshoot the BlackBerry PlayBook HDMI Output

As spectacular as the high-definition touchscreen of the BlackBerry PlayBook is when you hold it in your hands, it’s absolutely stunning when connected to an HD television or projector. That said, the [more…]

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