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Add Web Pages to the Reading List App on a Microsoft Surface

Have you ever found a fascinating article on the Internet but lacked the time to read it on your Surface immediately? That's where the Reading List app comes into play. Built into Windows 8.1, the Reading [more…]

Listen to Songs on a Flash Drive Connected to a Microsoft Surface

Your Microsoft Surface includes a USB port, which provides a handy way to move files to and from your Surface. If you carry around your favorite songs on a flash drive, it's easy to tell the Surface to [more…]

Delete File History Backups on a Microsoft Surface

A refreshing change from the old days of manual backups, the File History program in Windows 8.1 works automatically. Every five minutes, it backs up any changed files. Those backups help you in several [more…]

10 Popular Apps for Your Surface

The Windows Store offers more than 100,000 apps for your Microsoft Surface, with more apps appearing each week. Here's a look at some of the most popular apps in the Windows Store, and why they deserve [more…]

Microsoft Surface For Dummies Cheat Sheet

No matter which version you're using — Microsoft Surface RT, Surface Pro, Surface 2, or Surface 2 Pro — to get the most out of your device, you'll want to keep your system updated and know how to navigate [more…]

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