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Change Your Sign-In Account on Your Surface

You may want to change the account you use to log in on your Surface. For example, you may want to log in with the same account you use for your Xbox, or you may want to switch to a newly remembered Microsoft [more…]

Customize Your Surface through PC Settings

When tweaking an app on your Surface doesn’t do the trick, call in the big guns. The Start screen’s control panel, called the PC Settings screen, lets you tweak different parts of your Surface in surprising [more…]

How to Back Up Your Surface

Your Surface does a remarkable job of backing itself up. For example, your Microsoft account remembers how you personalize your Surface, as well as the settings you change. It also remembers your e-mail [more…]

How to Fix Problem Apps on Your Surface

Sometimes Surface apps don’t work correctly. They crash when you press a button, for example. Or they freeze on the screen. When an app doesn’t seem to be working correctly anymore, this trick usually [more…]

How to Refresh Your Surface

When your Surface isn’t working correctly, you can tell it to reinstall its operating system but leave your files on your tablet. Refreshing your Surface is a quick fix because you can easily reinstall [more…]

How to Reset Your Surface

This last-resort option wipes your Surface completely clean, removing everything. When it wakes back up, your Surface behaves like it was just removed from its shiny new box. Although it’s a drastic measure [more…]

How to Take Notes with OneNote on Your Surface

On your Surface, you will find a computerized three-ring tabbed binder, Microsoft’s OneNote. It’s not picky, letting you add notes in any form: typed by hand, copied from websites, recorded as audio, captured [more…]

Print Your Document in Office on Your Surface

You can print any finished work from your Surface, provided you have a printer available and you have connected your Surface to that printer. After you’ve finished and saved your document, follow these [more…]

How to Open a Document on Your Surface with Office 2013

Whether you want to create a new document, open an existing one, or start working from a template on your Surface, follow these steps to open a document in Word, Excel, or PowerPoint: [more…]

How to Save Your Work on Your Surface

Even on the Surface, it’s a good idea to save and save often. Losing work is a common technological frustration. As soon as you begin creating your document, [more…]

10 Tips and Tricks for Your Surface

With the Surface, the hard part is limiting to only tentips. After paring down the list from 20, here are 10 essential tips ’n’ tricks to get more out of your Surface. [more…]

Make the Surface Desktop Icons Larger

Although the Desktop app on your Surface looks like a normal Windows desktop, don’t forget it’s just an app. And, as with all other apps, you still have the Charms bar at your disposal, making it easy [more…]

Manage Files and Folders on Your Surface

You may find yourself faced with a slightly new way of managing files on your Surface. In older versions of Windows, a program named Windows Explorer lets you view your computer’s files and storage spaces [more…]

Select Files and Folders on Surface

To select several items, hold down the Ctrl key on your Surface’s keyboard while clicking items with the trackpad’s mouse pointer or a mouse. Simple. Selecting items or groups of desktop items with your [more…]

Copy or Move Files and Folders on the Surface

Selecting items on your Surface with your fingers can be time-consuming. But after you’ve selected the items, it’s easy to copy or move them to a new location by following these steps: [more…]

Launch Desktop Programs on the Surface

Although the Desktop app on your Surface may seem like a self-contained world, it isn’t. The Desktop app tosses you back onto the Start screen on several occasions, most noticeably when you want to load [more…]

Master Basic Window Mechanics on Your Surface

The key to maneuvering windows on the desktop of your Surface with your finger is to simply think of your finger as a mouse pointer. Then follow these easy rules: [more…]

Snap an App Alongside the Surface Desktop

The Windows Start screen and Desktop app live in very separate worlds on your Surface. The Start screen is “modern,” whereas the Desktop app is “traditional.” They look and behave nothing alike, and, for [more…]

Microsoft Surface: Changes in Windows 8.1 Update 1

Early in 2014, Microsoft released Windows 8.1 Update 1, which automatically installs itself on your Surface through Windows Update. Unofficially referred to as the [more…]

How to Upgrade to Windows Media Center on Your Surface

The Windows Desktop app doesn’t offer much to owners of the Surface RT and Surface 2. But on the Surface Pro and Surface Pro 2, the desktop is a fully functioning version of Windows 8.1 Pro. That’s right [more…]

How to Work from a Template on Your Surface

In days of old, before the appearance of the Surface, people often started from scratch with a sheet of paper. Yet that paper could probably be called a [more…]

How to Add E-Mail Accounts to Outlook on Your Surface

If you think that the Start screen’s Mail, People, and Calendar apps on your Surface don’t have enough features, Outlook might be a welcome replacement. Whereas the Start screen’s app offers a skeletal [more…]

How to Change Your Surface’s App Settings

Your Surface’s apps almost always hide their menus. That’s fine when the app behaves correctly. But if you want to change one of your apps, Windows offers several ways to tweak it — if you know where to [more…]

Microsoft Surface: PCs and Devices Screen

By far the most crowded entry in the Surface’s PC Settings, the PCs and Devices category deals mostly with physical items: your Surface, its display, and connected gadgets like mice or keyboards. [more…]

Microsoft Surface Accounts Options

Chances are good that you’ll visit the Accounts category on your Surface for one reason: to take a new selfie and use your smiling mug as a new User Account photo in the upper-right corner of your Start [more…]


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