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Send and Receive E-Mail on Your Surface

The Mail app does a no-frills job of sending and receiving e-mail on your Surface. It’s free, pre-installed, includes a spell checker, and, it’s already filled with the e-mail addresses of your friends [more…]

Switch between the Surface Mail App’s Accounts, Folders, and E-Mail

A tap on the Mail app’s Start screen tile brings the Surface’s Mail app to the screen. Even if the Mail app is already running in the background, a tap on its Start screen tile brings it front and center [more…]

How to Change a Mail Account’s Settings on Your Surface

Most e-mail accounts in the Mail app on your Surface let you customize how they handle your mail. For example, most accounts contain hundreds if not thousands of e-mails. That’s a [more…]

Compose and Send an E-Mail on Your Surface

Composing and sending an e-mail on your Surface is easy. To write, spellcheck, and send an e-mail from your Surface’s Mail app to a friend’s Inbox, follow these easy steps: [more…]

How to Read an E-Mail on Your Surface

Every time your Surface finds itself connected with the Internet, it automatically grabs any new e-mails it can find. Proud of its background work, the Mail app’s Start screen tile updates itself, listing [more…]

How to Send an E-Mail Attachment on Your Surface

Sending a file through the Mail app on your Surface works just the opposite of saving an attached file. Instead of finding a place to save an e-mailed file, you’re finding a file on your Surface and saving [more…]

Overview of the Surface People App

Once you link the People app with your online social networks on your Surface, your People app then stocks itself with your favorite people from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other networks. [more…]

How to Add Contacts to Your Surface People App

You may need to add a contact to the People App on your Surface. When somebody doesn’t appear in your People app, you can add her in either of two ways: [more…]

How to Delete or Edit Contacts on Your Surface People App

As our social and professional relationships change, the People app on your Surface automatically takes care of the paperwork. When somebody unfriends you on Facebook, they simply drift off your People [more…]

Manage Appointments in the Surface Calendar App

If you manage appointments on your Surface through, you’re in luck: The Windows 8.1 Calendar app harvests that information automatically, just as it does with the People app. The Calendar app [more…]

How to Take Photos or Videos on Your Surface

Your Surface displays photos much better than it can capture them. Most Surface models include a miserly 1.2-megapixel cameras. Only the Surface 2 ups the game slightly to a 5-megapixel rear camera. By [more…]

How to View Photos on Your Surface

As soon as you add a few photos to your Surface, the Photos app begins displaying them even without being told. That’s because the Photos tile on the Start screen is a [more…]

How to Share or Print Photos with Your Surface

Photos and videos aren’t much fun when they sit alone on your Surface. No, your cat photos are more fun when your friends can see your beloved feline, as well. The Photos app lets you share or print photos [more…]

How to Listen to Your Own Music on Your Surface

The Music app on your Surface would make a poor student because it rarely finishes a task to completion. For example, when first loaded, the app searches your Surface’s Music folder to add your music. [more…]

How to Set Your Home Page in the Desktop’s Browser on your Surface

Many of the settings made in one browser on the Surface apply to the other browser, as well. For example, you can set your home page — the page your browser shows upon opening — in the Desktop’s browser [more…]

What is Skype WiFi on the Microsoft Surface?

No doubt about it, Microsoft creates confusion with its product names. When one of its products takes off, like the Surface, Microsoft stamps that product’s name on its other, less-successful, products [more…]

How to Add a Friend to Skype on Your Surface

If you’re opening Skype on your Surface for the first time, you see only one contact: the testing robot. And, unfortunately, adding friends to Skype is one of its weak links: The Skype program currently [more…]

How to Call a Friend with the Surface Skype App

The Skype app lets you talk with friends on your Surface for free, provided you’re communicating entirely through the Internet. That lets you communicate three ways: sending text messages, chatting by [more…]

How to Receive a Skype Call on Your Surface

Receiving a Skype call on your Surface is easier than making one because you don’t need to do any of the work. When somebody contacts you through Skype, a tile appears in the top-right corner of your currently [more…]

How to Call a Landline with the Surface Skye App

The Skype app lets you make free voice calls from your Surface to another Surface, PC, or almost any other type of computer gadget. But if you want to call a [more…]

Why Are My Surface’s Photos Stored on OneDrive?

In the past, the photos on your Surface always stayed inside your camera until you removed them. For many years, that same logic held true when you took pictures with your cell phone or even with your [more…]

How to Change the Metadata Settings on the Surface’s Music App

Music players, including the Music app on your Surface, rarely look at your songs’ filenames. Instead, players read each file’s metadata — information stored inside the files that contains the name of [more…]

How to Add Your Own Music to Your Surface with the Music App

To start listening to your own music on the Surface, tap the Collection button from the Music app’s right edge. The Music app takes a quick dive into the Music library on your Surface, and displays these [more…]

How to Listen to the Radio on Your Surface

Even an empty Surface can dish out just about any song you want to hear. Those songs come from an Xbox Music Pass, a service Microsoft entices you with when you open the Music app. [more…]

How to Explore and Buy Music on Your Surface

On your Surface, the Music app’s Explore area lets you browse through the music bins for music to add to your own collection. Much like shopping for music on [more…]


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