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Microsoft Surface

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Send and Receive Files through Your Surface E-Mail App

Windows 8’s Mail app on your Surface does a no-frills job of sending and receiving e-mail. Files, referred to as attachments by computer linguists, can be tucked inside an e-mail message. You can send [more…]

How to Send an E-Mail Attachment on Your Surface

Sending a file through the Mail app on your Surface tablet works just the opposite of saving an attached file: Instead of finding a file in an e-mail and saving it into a folder or library, you’re finding [more…]

Overview of the Surface People App

Open the People app on your Surface with a tap on its Start screen tile, and the People app appears, listing every friend grabbed from your online social networks. And, in keeping with the latest computing [more…]

How to Add Contacts to Your Surface People App

The People app on your Surface tablet updates itself automatically, adding and dropping people as they enter or leave your social networks. When somebody doesn’t appear in your People app, you can add [more…]

How to Delete or Edit Contacts on Your Surface People App

As our social and professional relationships change, the People app on the Surface tablet automatically takes care of the paperwork. When somebody unfriends you on Facebook, they simply drift off your [more…]

Manage Appointments in the Surface Calendar App

If you manage your appointments on Google’s online Calendar or one of Microsoft’s accounts, you’re in luck: the Surface Calendar app harvests that information automatically, just like the People app. The [more…]

How to Use the Surface Messaging App

Windows 8’s friendly Messaging app on your Surface lets you type back and forth with any contact listed in your People app. It even handles the mechanics of facilitating inter-program banter: Your friend [more…]

How to Take Photos or Videos on Your Surface

Your Surface displays photos much better than it can capture them. But if you’re struck with a Kodak moment and your Surface is the only camera you have handy, follow these steps to snap a photo or movie [more…]

How to View Photos on Your Surface

The Photos app on your Microsoft Surface, just like the People app, makes the rounds of your social networks, picking up any photos it can find. Open the Photos app with a tap of its Start screen tile, [more…]

How to Share or Print Photos with Your Surface

The Photos app on your Microsoft Surface tablet lets you share or print photos. The Surface really shines when displaying photos. Follow these steps to share or print your photos: [more…]

How to Watch Movies on Your Surface

More a shopping mall than an app, Microsoft designed the Video app on the Surface to pull you into its two storefronts: The Movies Store entices you buy or rent movies, and the Television Store sets the [more…]

How to Listen to Your Own Music on Your Surface

Whereas the Xbox Music Pass thrives on stipulations, the Music app’s other side sets very few rules. You can play music stored on your Surface, its memory card, or on other networked computers. You can [more…]

How to Change the Browser Settings on Your Surface

The Start screen browser on your Surface, like nearly all apps, lets you tweak its settings to meet your particular needs. And, just as with all apps, opening the settings area begins with a trip to the [more…]

Add Web Pages to the Reading List App on a Microsoft Surface

Have you ever found a fascinating article on the Internet but lacked the time to read it on your Surface immediately? That's where the Reading List app comes into play. Built into Windows 8.1, the Reading [more…]

Listen to Songs on a Flash Drive Connected to a Microsoft Surface

Your Microsoft Surface includes a USB port, which provides a handy way to move files to and from your Surface. If you carry around your favorite songs on a flash drive, it's easy to tell the Surface to [more…]

Delete File History Backups on a Microsoft Surface

A refreshing change from the old days of manual backups, the File History program in Windows 8.1 works automatically. Every five minutes, it backs up any changed files. Those backups help you in several [more…]

10 Popular Apps for Your Surface

The Windows Store offers more than 100,000 apps for your Microsoft Surface, with more apps appearing each week. Here's a look at some of the most popular apps in the Windows Store, and why they deserve [more…]

Keep Your Surface Current via Windows Update

Your Microsoft Surface automatically downloads waiting updates from Windows Update, but it doesn't always install them until you restart your Surface. To be on the safe side, follow these steps to download [more…]

Navigate Your Surface with the Windows 8 Charms Bar

The Charms bar, an icon-filled strip that appears along the screen's right edge, works throughout your Microsoft Surface, from the Start screen to the desktop. [more…]

Microsoft Surface For Dummies Cheat Sheet

No matter which version you're using — Microsoft Surface RT, Surface Pro, Surface 2, or Surface 2 Pro — to get the most out of your device, you'll want to keep your system updated and know how to navigate [more…]


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