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Microsoft Surface

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Music on a Surface through the Xbox Music Pass

When you first open the Music app on a new Surface, you won’t find much but an empty shelf. After all, you haven’t had time to copy any music onto it yet. [more…]

Customize Surface Apps to Meet Your Needs

Microsoft’s built-in apps on the Surface come preset to cater to the widest audience. But once they’re living on your Surface, take some time to make them cater to your own needs, instead. Tell the Weather [more…]

How to Install and Use SkyDrive for Windows on Your Surface

For the easiest access to SkyDrive, install Microsoft’s SkyDrive for Windows program on your Surface with Windows 8 Pro tablet and your desktop PC. To keep things simple, SkyDrive for Windows places a [more…]

Manage Files with the SkyDrive App on Your Surface

After you’ve stocked SkyDrive with files, you can access those files quickly and easily from your Surface with the SkyDrive app. If you can’t find the app, download it for free from the Windows Store. [more…]

Microsoft Surface: Turn Your Desktop Computer into a Cloud

All Surface tablets include an app to access Microsoft’s brand of cloud, called SkyDrive. When you finish installing SkyDrive for Windows on your desktop, the program leaves you looking at a checkbox next [more…]

Mini Cheat Sheet for Apps on Your Surface

The Start screen on your Surface tablet serves up a smorgasbord of apps, each built to handle a specific task. But no matter how much the apps differ, every app shares the same basic commands. These tips [more…]

Quick Guide to the Apps on Your Surface

Your Surface comes with more than a dozen built-in apps. Most of them live right on the Start screen for easy access. Others aren’t listed on the Start screen, but hide in the Start screen’s All apps area [more…]

How to Download New Surface Apps from the Windows Store

Your Surface comes with plenty of built-in apps, but sooner or later, those won’t be enough. When you need to beef up your Surface with more features, there’s an app for that: It’s called the Windows Store [more…]

Uninstall or Change Apps on Your Surface

Before you can uninstall or change an app on your Surface, you need to select its tile on the Start screen. Oddly enough, selecting an app’s Start screen tile is a task rarely stumbled upon on your own [more…]

Tips for Installing Desktop Programs on Your Surface

Surface with Windows 8 Pro tablets include a fully functional desktop, just like the one found on desktop PCs. But because Surface tablets don’t come with disk drives, how do you install a desktop program [more…]

The Start Screen’s Internet Explorer App on Your Surface

Your Windows Surface tablet includes two web browsers. The Start screen’s nimble browser works easily with your fingers. The old-school browser on the Desktop app provides extra power, by contrast, but [more…]

How to Browse in Private on Your Surface

The Internet Explorer app in your Surface tablet gives you a way to browse the Internet privately. Most websites leave lasting impressions long after they’ve left your eyes. Days or months later, the sites’ [more…]

Navigate the Web on Your Surface

The Start screen’s version of Internet Explorer on your Surface tabled is designed specifically for your fingers, so it works quite well with touch controls. When browsing a website, you can easily do [more…]

Tips for Visiting Websites on Your Surface

You don’t always have to open Internet Explorer on your Surface to begin browsing. If you spot a web link inside a piece of e-mail, for example, tap the link. The Start screen’s Internet Explorer app appears [more…]

Manage Several Sites in Tabs on the Surface Browser

It’s not obvious, but the Start screen’s version of Internet Explorer on your Surface tablet often keeps several sites open at the same time. For example, you may be viewing a website, and then switch [more…]

Share Sites and Their Information on Your Surface

When you are browsing the web on your Surface PC, eventually, you stumble upon something worth sharing with friends. It may be an entire web page; it may be just a recipe’s ingredients and instructions [more…]

Tips for Downloading Files on Your Surface

The Start screen’s Internet Explorer app on your Surface tablet can download files, just like its full-sized cousin on the desktop. To download a file from a website, tap the website’s download button. [more…]

Turn on Flip Ahead on Your Surface Tablet

Windows 8’s Start screen apps on your Surface tablet usually move their pages across the screen horizontally. That lets you swipe your finger in from right to left to move to the next page, much like you [more…]

Use the Desktop Browser on Your Surface

The desktop browser on your Surface tablet works much like the one in earlier Windows versions. In fact, it’s almost identical to the one in Windows 7. On your Surface, you may find yourself opening it [more…]

Add Your Social Accounts to Windows 8 on Your Surface

Before you can run Windows 8’s core apps on your Surface tablet—Mail, People, Calendar, and Messaging—you need a Microsoft account. Without a Microsoft account, the apps simply display a notice with the [more…]

Send and Receive E-Mail on Your Surface

The Windows 8’s Mail app on the Surface tablet does a no-frills job of sending and receiving e-mail. It’s free, pre-installed, includes a spell checker, and, if you’ve added your social accounts, it’s [more…]

Switch between the Surface Mail App’s Accounts, Folders, and E-Mail

On your Microsoft Surface tablet, a tap on the Mail app’s Start screen tile brings the Mail app to the screen. Even if the app’s already running in the background, a tap on its tile brings it front and [more…]

How to Change a Mail Account’s Settings on Your Surface

You may need to change the settings of the Mail app on your Surface tablet. Most e-mail accounts let you change how they handle your mail. For example, most accounts contain hundreds if not thousands of [more…]

Compose and Send an E-Mail on Your Surface

Windows 8’s Mail app on your Surface does a no-frills job of sending and receiving e-mail. It’s free, pre-installed, and includes a spell checker. To write, spellcheck, and send an e-mail from your Surface’s [more…]

How to Read an E-Mail on Your Surface

Every time your Surface finds itself connected with the Internet, it automatically grabs any new e-mails it can find. Proud of its background work, the Mail app’s Start screen tile updates itself, listing [more…]


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