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How to Organize the Start Screen of Your Surface

Windows doesn’t bother to organize your Surface Start screen. When you download new apps from the Windows Store, they don’t appear on the Start screen. No, they’re tossed onto the All Apps area, which [more…]

How to Browse Files from the Surface Start Screen

Eventually, you’ll need to browse through some files with your Surface. For example, you may need to grab some files off of that flash drive you just inserted into the USB port. Or perhaps you want to [more…]

Use the Start Screen of Your Surface with a Mouse and Keyboard

If you plan on using the Desktop app to crank out some serious work, you’ll want to attach your Surface’s keyboard or plug in a mouse and keyboard. The mouse and keyboard feel right at home on the desktop [more…]

Tips for Using the Trackpad on Your Surface Keyboard

Both the Touch and the Type Cover keyboards for the Surface include a trackpad below the keys. Chances are good that you won’t use it much: It’s usually easier to touch the screen to do what you want. [more…]

Type on the Onscreen Keyboard on Your Surface

Your Surface isn’t really complete without a Touch or Type Cover keyboard. Combined with the Surface’s built-in kickstand, a keyboard cover transforms your Surface into a desktop PC whenever you sit down [more…]

Tips for Editing Text on Your Surface’s Onscreen Keyboard

Without the pinpoint precision of a mouse pointer, editing a few lines of text on your Surface seems insurmountable. How do you place the cursor in the exact location necessary to excise the unwanted text [more…]

How to Draw and Write with a Stylus on Your Surface

People today think of tablets, such as the Surface, as easy ways to watch movies, read books, or browse websites. Yet, all of Microsoft’s pioneering “digital notepad” work isn’t lost. Your Surface still [more…]

How to Connect Your Surface to the Internet

Windows lives and breathes through the Internet, and if you’re Surface isn’t connected, your programs will start to complain. Some Internet-starved programs send scolding messages like “You’re Not Connected [more…]

How to Connect Your Surface to Networked PCs

Your Surface’s hard drive may always seem too small, at least by desktop PC standards. Because you probably can’t fit all of your information onto your Surface, keep an eye out for other places to stash [more…]

How to Connect Your Surface to a Printer

Surface Pro and Surface Pro 2 tablets can connect with just about any printer that works with your desktop PC. Surface RT and Surface 2 tablets, by contrast, are much pickier about their printers. They [more…]

How to Connect Bluetooth Accessories to Your Surface

When you’re running out of room to plug in USB accessories to your Surface, Bluetooth is your friend. Bluetooth works much like Wi-Fi, but it specializes in connecting gadgets that live just a few feet [more…]

Connect a Digital Camera to Your Surface and Import Photos

Nobody likes viewing photos on a camera’s tiny screen. Thankfully, Windows makes it easy to import your camera’s photos onto your Surface, where they shine on the big screen. And you can do it all from [more…]

What Can’t the Microsoft Surface 2 Handle?

Because the Microsoft Surface 2 runs Windows 8.1 RT instead of Windows 8.1, it brings some unique compromises. Those compromises will be deal breakers for some people. Other people will say, “Who needs [more…]

How Do I Know Which Microsoft Surface Model I Have?

Not sure which Microsoft Surface model you’re viewing? You can find out by lifting the kickstand on the back of the tablet and peeking underneath. There, you see the word [more…]

How to Download Software Updates on Your Surface

No doubt, your new Surface has updates waiting for it, probably upon starting it for the first time. Some of the software fixes the latest bugs; others add features. If you’ve been able to connect to the [more…]

How to Set Up the Free OneDrive and Skype Accounts on Your Surface

Unlike the first generation Surface RT and Surface Pro, the new Surface 2 and Surface Pro 2 models come with two perks: a free 200GB OneDrive account for two years and both Unlimited World and Skype WiFi [more…]

How are the Type Cover 2 and Touch Cover 2 Keyboards Different from the Old Surface Keyboards?

With the arrival of the Surface 2 and Surface Pro 2, Microsoft released updated snap-on keyboards: the Type Cover 2 and Touch Cover 2. For the most part, they’re identical to their counterparts, the Type [more…]

How to Type on the Surface with the Touch Cover Keyboard

The Touch Cover keyboard cover on your Surface lacks mechanical keys. But its pressure-sensitive keys work surprisingly well. A mere touch won’t trigger the keys, so you can rest your fingers on the keys [more…]

How to Type Special Characters and Emoticons on Your Surface’s Onscreen Keyboard

The onscreen keyboard on your Surface gives you lots of versatility to communicate your message. You can use it to type special characters and even emoticons to add a unique quality to your message or [more…]

How to Use Predictive Typing on Your Surface

As you type in some apps on your Surface, Windows watches over your shoulder and tries to predict your next word. If Windows feels particularly prescient, it lists words beneath your cursor. [more…]

Switch between Your Surface’s Four Different Onscreen Keyboards

The Surface’s onscreen keyboard can morph into several keyboards, other than the keyboard that is usually displayed. To switch to a different keyboard, press the Switch Keyboards button in the onscreen [more…]

Tips for Controlling the Touchscreen of Your Surface

Controlling a touchscreen sounds easy enough. You just touch it, right? Complicating matters, though, is that your Surface’s screen lets you touch it in [more…]

Connect Your Surface to a Monitor, HDTV, or Digital Projector

The screen on your Surface is larger than an iPad, but it’s probably smaller than your desktop PC’s monitor. That doesn’t mean you’re stuck with your Surface’s small screen, though. Your Surface includes [more…]

4 Ways to Use an Attached Monitor with Your Surface

After you’ve connected your Surface to a monitor with the right cable, you need to tell your Surface exactly how to send its image. Windows offers you four options, and you can see them by following these [more…]

3 Ways to Add Portable Storage to Your Surface

Your Surface’s drive is speedy but tiny, especially when compared to today’s desktop PCs, which usually include more than 300GB of storage space. Because apps can be installed only on your Surface’s internal [more…]


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