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Microsoft Surface

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How to Create a Microsoft Surface RT Recovery Drive

Because the Surface RT cannot run traditional Windows desktop programs, it's critical that you create a recovery drive— a USB 4GB (or larger) flash drive containing all the files Windows RT needs to run [more…]

Why Should You Buy a Microsoft Surface?

Most computer manufacturers create Windows tablets as cheaply as possible. By coming up with the lowest price tag, they hope to undercut their competitors. Instead of taking this same road to the bottom [more…]

Decide Between the Two Microsoft Surface Tablets

Microsoft sells two types of Surface tablets: Windows 8 Pro tablets and Windows RT tablets. The two models look and behave almost identically. Both share many features: [more…]

Unbox Your Microsoft Surface Computer

The Surface comes artfully packed in a black box. Look closely at the top-right corner, and you can see a white box protruding from inside. It’s either an artful display of design creativeness or a waste [more…]

Three Quick Steps to Charge the Battery of Your Surface

The Surface’s bundled charger is lightweight, smaller, and flatter than many adapters, making it easy to carry. In the North American version, the outlet’s prongs make nice little clicks as they fold in [more…]

Turn On Your Surface for the First Time

After prying off all the cardboard, peeling off the plastic wrappers, and charging your Surface, the fun begins. Follow these steps to turn on your Surface for the first time: [more…]

How to Set Up User Accounts On Your Surface

Unlike competing tablets, your Microsoft Surface lets you create accounts for different users. That lets several people use the same Surface, with all of their information being kept separate from each [more…]

How to Open Apps in Microsoft Surface

The Start screen of your Microsoft Surface heralds a new way of working with Windows and its ecosystem of small, inexpensive apps rather than large, expensive desktop programs. [more…]

Tips for Closing and Switching between Apps in Microsoft Surface

Windows 8 on your Surface tablet does not expect you to close your apps or programs. Older versions of Windows always wanted you to close unneeded programs: You’d click on the little X in the program’s [more…]

How to Organize the Start Screen of Your Surface

Windows 8 does not organize the Start screen of your Surface tablet. As you add apps from the Windows Store, the Start screen tosses them onto its far right edge, where they’re completely out of sight. [more…]

How to Choose Files with the File Picker on Your Surface

When you need to select a file from within a Start screen app on your Microsoft Surface tablet, such as opening a photo to view in the Photos app, you’ll use the File Picker. File Picker is not much of [more…]

Tips for Controlling the Touchscreen of Your Surface

The Microsoft Surface touchscreen technology lets you touch it in seven different ways. Each type of touch does something very different. Although these may sound complicated when reading them, envision [more…]

The Microsoft Surface Touch and Type Keyboard Covers

Part of the Surface’s attraction comes from its two keyboard covers. Thin and lightweight, they click onto the Surface with magnets. The connectors also let the keyboards draw power from the Surface, so [more…]

Type on the Onscreen Keyboard on Your Surface

There’s a free keyboard built into every Surface: the onscreen keyboard, also called the virtual or glass keyboard. (Microsoft’s menus sometimes refer to the onscreen keyboard as the Touch keyboard, not [more…]

Switch between Your Surface’s Four Different Onscreen Keyboards

The free onscreen keyboard built into every Microsoft Surface tablet PC, also called the virtual or glass keyboard, normally looks like the one shown here. But the onscreen keyboard can morph into other [more…]

Tips for Editing Text on Your Surface’s Onscreen Keyboard

Editing a few lines of text on your Surface’s onscreen keyboard can be tricky. Without the pinpoint precision of a mouse pointer, how do you place the cursor in the exact location necessary to excise the [more…]

How to Write with a Stylus on Your Surface

Your Microsoft Surface tablet accepts your handwriting when you draw on it with a stylus—a specially designed, plastic-tipped pen.

Because both models of Surface accept a stylus, you can write by hand anywhere [more…]

How to Connect Your Surface to the Internet

All Surface tablets can connect to the Internet wirelessly—they already contain a built-in wireless network adapter. To connect, you and your Surface need only be within range of a wireless network. [more…]

How to Connect Your Surface to Networked PCs

Your Surface’s hard drive may always seem too small, at least by desktop PC standards. Because you probably can’t fit all of your information onto your Surface, keep an eye out for other places to stash [more…]

How to Change Your Surface’s Wi-Fi Connection’s Settings

Windows 8 offers many handy ways to change or keep track of your Wi-Fi network’s settings on your Surface. However, it’s difficult to find the right switches until you follow these steps: [more…]

How to Connect Your Surface to a Printer

Microsoft Surface tablets running Windows 8 Pro can connect with just about any printer that works with your desktop PC. Surface tablets with Windows RT, by contrast, are pickier about their printers. [more…]

How to Connect Bluetooth Accessories to Your Surface

When you’re running out of room to plug in USB accessories to your Microsoft Surface tablet, Bluetooth is your friend. Bluetooth works much like Wi-Fi, but it specializes in connecting gadgets that live [more…]

Connect a Digital Camera to Your Surface and Import Photos

Windows makes it easy to import your camera’s photos onto your Surface, where they shine on the big screen. And you can do it all from the Start screen, making it an easy task to perform while in the field [more…]

Connect Your Surface to a Monitor, HDTV, or Digital Projector

The screen on your Surface is larger than an iPad, but it’s probably smaller than your desktop PC’s monitor. That doesn’t mean you’re stuck with your Surface’s small screen, though. Your Surface includes [more…]

Four Ways to Use an Attached Monitor with Your Surface

After you’ve connected your Surface to a monitor with the right cable, you need to tell your Surface exactly how to send its image. Windows offers you four options, and you can see them by following these [more…]


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