Samsung Galaxy Tab Tips, Maintenance & Troubleshooting

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How to Back Up Stuff on a Samsung Galaxy Tab

A backup is a safety copy of information. For your Galaxy Tab, the backup copy includes contact information, music, photos, video, and apps you’ve installed, plus any settings you’ve made to customize [more…]

How to Monitor the Battery Status on a Samsung Galaxy Tab

You can find information about the Galaxy Tab’s battery status at the bottom right of the screen, in the status area, next to the time. [more…]

How to Determine What is Using Battery Power on a Galaxy Tab

Perhaps the most important item you can monitor and maintain on your Galaxy Tab is its battery. The battery supplies the necessary electrical juice by which the device operates. Without battery power, [more…]

How to Extend the Life of Your Galaxy Tab Battery

A surefire way to make a battery last a good long time is to never turn on the Galaxy Tab in the first place. That’s kind of impractical, so rather than let you use your Galaxy Tab as an expensive paperweight [more…]

How to Fix Typical Problems on a Samsung Galaxy Tab

For the most part, the Samsung Galaxy Tab is a very reliable and trouble-free device. But now and then, you may encounter a bit of a problem. Here are some typical problems you may encounter on the Samsung [more…]

Samsung Galaxy Tab: Fix an App that Suddenly Stops

Sometimes, apps that misbehave let you know. You see a warning on the Galaxy Tab screen announcing the app’s stubborn disposition. When that happens, touch the Force Close button to shut down the errant [more…]

How to Reset the Samsung Galaxy Tab to Factory Settings

When the Galaxy Tab acts up and you’ve tried everything possible to fix it without success, you can do the drastic thing and reset all Galaxy Tab software, essentially returning it to the state it was [more…]

How to Get Support for the Samsung Galaxy Tab

You can use two sources for support for your Galaxy Tab. For cellular Tabs, the first source of support is your cellular provider. The second source, or only source if you have a Wi-Fi Tab, is Samsung. [more…]

What Do I Do with My Galaxy Tab when….?

Usually your Samsung Galaxy Tab will just keep on keepin’ on without a hitch. But now and then, it can stop working — sometimes for no apparent reason. These are some quick hints for the annoying things [more…]

How to Stop Unneeded Services on the Samsung Galaxy Tab

Some things may be going on in your Galaxy Tab that you don’t need or even suspect. These activities include the monitoring of information, apps that update, or tiny programs that check on the device’s [more…]

How to Add Settings Shortcuts to the Galaxy Tab Home Screen

Unlike Android cell phones, the Galaxy Tab seems to lack a handy way to get to the Settings app screen. It’s not that you need to get there often, but having a speedy way to do so can really help, especially [more…]

How to Create a Contact Screen Shortcut on the Galaxy Tab

The people you contact most often are deserving of their own contact shortcuts on the Galaxy Tab Home screen. You just don’t realize how useful such a thing is until you have one. [more…]

Applications to Help You Find a Lost Galaxy Tab

Someday you may lose your Samsung Galaxy Tab. It might be for a panic-filled few seconds, or it might be for forever. The hardware solution is to weld a heavy object to the Tab, such as a bowling ball [more…]

Ten Things to Remember about Using the Galaxy Tab

For your Samsung Galaxy Tab, there are some things that are definitely worth remembering. Out of the long, long list, here are ten of the best ones. [more…]

Avoid Android Viruses on Your Samsung Galaxy Tab

How can you tell which apps are legitimate and which might be viruses or evil apps that do odd things to your phone? Well, you can’t. In fact, most people can’t, because most evil apps don’t advertise [more…]

10 Steps to Maintaining the Galaxy Tablet 4 NOOK

You are now a guardian of the Galaxy. This exalted role, straight out of the pages of superhero comics, comes with some awesome and heavy responsibilities. [more…]

10 Galaxy Tab 4 NOOK Tips and Tricks

You may run into some bumps along the way with your Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 NOOK. The following list of tips and tricks should smooth your way. [more…]

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